2012 Taiko World Cup (11th Feb ~ 1st Apr)

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TWC Streaming: #1 / #2
Schedule is in this post and Map list is in the next post.


--> 2012 TWC Statistics <--
Official Announcement of peppy about the Results


Tournament Instructions
The 1st round of the tournament is group robin-round stage. There are 6 groups and each groups have 4 teams. Your team will play every other teams once, and the team achieved #1 or #2 in their group and 4 best #3 teams will be ascended to the next round. (Total 16 teams will be ascended.) Ranking of teams will be decided by certain standards:
 1. More matches won.
 2. Have bigger {(the number of games won) - (the number of games defeated)}.
 3. Have bigger ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
 4. Winner of the rematch.

Other rounds are Knock-out stage. If your team wins the match, your team will be ascended to the next round immediately. but if you lose your match, your team will be knocked out from the tournament.
Usually your team has one match per a week.

Match Instructions
1. One of referees will make the room about 15 minutes before the time. All players should arrive the room in right time.
 1-1. The room will be locked. The password will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
 1-3. Referee should post multiplayer history in this thread after the match ends.
2. The team that mentioned first in the timetable will be Blue team. Referee will be Blue team, too.
 2-1. Referee should not touch anything that can affect score.
3. If everythings are ready for the matches, referee will give host to the capatin of blue team.
4. Captain of the blue team selects the map from the maps that are announced for the round, then starts the game.
 4-1. How to select which team will choose the map first can be changed by referee if both captains agree.
5. When the game ends, referee will save screencshot for the result screen, and post it to this thread when the match ends.
6. Captain of the blue team will give host to captain of the red team and the rest is same as 4 and 5.
 6-1. In final game, referee will become host and select the map to play.
7. Repeat 4~6 until winner is decided.
8. In Group stage, the team wins 3 games first will win the match. In Knock-out stage, the team need to win 4 games.
 8-1. From semi-final round, you have to win 5 games first.

Group A: Macau / Germany B: / Hong Kong A / Poland
Group B: Canada / Hong Kong B / Japan B / Taiwan A
Group C: Chile / France / Philippines / United States B
Group D: Austria / Italy-Netherlands / Korea A / Spain
Group E: Brazil / Germany A: / Japan A / Taiwan B
Group F: China / Malaysia / Korea B / United States A


IMPORTANT: If you want to change the time, contact to the captain of the opponent team and make agreement between both captains first, then notify anongos, who is match scheduler of this tournament. (Update in this thread might have some time lag, but if your new schedule got approved by anongos, new schedule is already accepted so don't need to worry too much.)

 Standard Time Zones of The World (Don't forget to apply Daylight Saving Time!)

Previous schedules
Round 1-1

Round 1-2

Round 1-3

Round 1-4

Round 2 (Round of 16)

Round 3(Quarter-final)

Round 4(Semi-final)

Round 5(final)

Registration (~3th Feb. UTC)
1. Minimum 3 players per one team. You can add 1 back-up player, so maximum number of the player in one team is 4.
 1-1. You don't need to specify which player is back-up.
2. The team should include a captain for managing the team and the players.
3. Basically a team represents a nation. That means you should make a team with players from same country.
4. If your country lacks Taiko players sufficient to participate this, you can make a binational team.
 4-1. Binational team includes 2 players from a certain country and 2 players from an another country.
 4-2. Making a binational team can be restricted due to time difference between members of binational team.
5. Due to so many Taiko players are from certain countries, more than one team per country is available.
6. Captain should forum-PM to Tournament manager to make a team.
 6-1. Captain can make a team first, then add some players for it.
 6-2. One team should include at least 3 players until the registration is closed. If it's not, the team will be disbanded.
 6-3. Captain can add a player if there are 3 players in the team until the first match of the tournament starts.
7. Staff can't participate tournament as a player.
8. These rules can be modified without noticing.
1. The maps for certain round will be announced by staff. Only those maps can be used in the round.
 1-1. There will be some maps that can be used only for the final games.
2. One of the staff will be referee for the match.
 2-1. Referee should post records of the match in this thread.
 2-2. If the referee is absent, staffs who is present should take over his/her job temporarily.
  2-2-1. If no staff is present, the match will be postponed.
3. Players should follow instructions and decisions of referee when the match is on-going, except some cases mentioned in the rules.
4. The matches will be played in locked room created by referee. Setting will be Taiko, Team Vs, score for win condition.
5. The team with higher total score will win the game.
 4-1. Score of failed player will be added to total score too.
6. The team that will win 3 games first will win the match in Group stage. You will have to win 4 games first in Knock-out stage.
 5-1. In Semi-final and final round, The team should win 5 games first to win the match.
7. 'No Video' mod is available. No other mod is allowed unless there is notice about this.
8. Captain or his/her deputy must be present in the match.
9. In each game, two captains will choose the map to play alternately.
 9-1. In the final game with draw(2:2, 3:3 or 4:4), referee will choose the map to play.
 9-2. Maps cannot be used more than 1 time in the same match unless the game was nullified.
10. If the game ends in a draw, the game will be nullified.
11. If one of players gets disconnected in the first 2/3 of the map, the game will be nulified.
 11-1. Intro and outro won't be count as play time.
 11-2. If two players get disconnected, the game will be nulified.
 11-3. If disconnection happens right before the game starts, the game will be nulified.
 11-4. If nullification of games due to disconnection happens by one team more than 2 times, the opponent team will win by default.
  11-4-1. In semi-final and final round, more than 3 times of disconnection are needed.
  11-4-2. Referee can refuse winning by default due to disconnection if other relevant measures can be done.
 11-5. If the time when a player got disconnected is vague, referee will decide whether to nulify or not.
 11-6. If disconnected player doesn't return within 15 minutes, the team including disconnected player will be lose by default.
 11-7. If the referee gets disconnection, the game will continue, captain of red team should post record for the game.
 11-8. If server is too unstable to continue the match, referee can postphone the match.
 11-9. If the disconnection is considered as intentional by referee, referee can announce victory of the opponent team.
12. If less than 3 players arrived until the time that the match should start, the match can be postponed maximum 20 minutes.
 12-1. Referee can take some relevant measures if one of two teams lacks players after waiting for 20 minutes.
  12-1-1. Relevant measures include rescheduling the match, declaring winning by default of the opponent team, etc.
 12-2. Referee can postphone the match if bancho is too unstable to play.
13. During the match, substitution of players is allowed. Permission of the referee is needed.
 13-1. Maximum one substitution is allowed in Group stage, maximum two substitution is allowed in Knock-out stage.
14. Lags can't be a reason for nulification of game.
15. In Group stage, 'Win by default' will be considered as win by 3:0, +1.0 score differece ratio.
16. 2 vs 2 match is available only in the Group stage if no more than 2 players in one of two teams can be ready for the match.
 16-1. Captains of both teams should agree and permission of tournament manager is needed.
 16-2. The manager can ban a team if the team abuses 2 vs 2 match.
17. If there's any unexpected incidence that needs decision of staff and isn't specified in this rule during the match, referee will judge.
 17-1. The manager can revoke decisions which is made by referees later.
18. The manager can ban a player or a team from the tournament if the player or the team is considered as disturbing the tournament.
 18-1. Banned player won't be allowed to participate the next Taiko tournament.
  18-1-1. This can be revoked by manager.
19. Complaints about maps for previous matches won't be accepted.
20. If the manager is absent when decisions from the manager are needed, vice-manager will take over the job temporarily.
21. This rules can be modified without noticing.
- Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes are sponsered by peppy.
1st Place: 3 months of supporter tag, and a nice Profile Badge for each players!
2nd Place: 2 months of supporter tag.
3rd Place: 1 month of supporter tag.
Special prize: 1 month of supporter tag. (Other than above prizes, this prize is sponsered by the manager. All players will vote for the team which showed best gameplay, attitude, spirit of fair play, etc., and the team with the most votes will win the prize. Of course players can't vote for his/her own team. This prize won't be given to winners of 1st~3rd place of the tournament.) (Result)

- Sorted by alphabetic order. Underline means captain.
Austria: M A R I O, Necro Neko, Hawkii, TheNutritiousGuy
Brazil: fabriciorby, Hyguys, [Luanny PhNyx], JhowM
Canada: xcherry, Crystalloid, orangespanky, Super_Banana
Chile: Kurisuchianu, Letz_shake, Verdisphena, Touche
China: HM495, baka_baka_Koishi, narcissu2012, small-qiang
France: Nashmun, Dagonpater, Didou, Omegaflo
Germany A: OnosakiHito, DarkDunskin, LittleMagic, RockeDon
Germany B: Locher, Slih, Xayphon, Brokenarrow
Hong Kong A: aabc271, KanaRin, kanpakyin, XeBi320
Hong Kong B: 7odoa, sakurasuzaku, jiujiu123, rturuurud
Italy-Netherlands: NeoRainier, Pheon, happy30, Jak64
Japan A: pota-row, TTTL, NeGaTiVeMinD, asuke916
Japan B: asgardv, shifon[0312], Lye, tamutamu
Korea A: Remilia-Scarlet, Mapper 31, KDS, Riboflavin
Korea B: [Shalon], OFC_youngdow, EkiBen, iketa
Macau: L y n n i e, tuidaololi, benisakura, ________yL
Malaysia: HeatKai, Taiko_Maniac1811, x3Jerry, mekadon
Philippines: AngelusMist, [Zero_One], Zekira, blacksymbian
Poland: Acrith, 1miko1, DarkStoorM, flyleaf95
Spain: CARRI, charly kempachi, MYRKUL
Taiwan A: doraewon1, ISHIDAMITSUNARI, zx_baka_0502442, mliencheng
Taiwan B: jih7491, 610522, Tomoka Rin, kg2161012
United States A: MMzz, Sander-Don, OzzyOzrock
United States B: Makar8000, Backfire, KYOUI, Love

Tournament manager: lepidopodus
Vice-manager: wmfchris
Mapset organizer: Loctav
Match Scheduler: anongos
Streamer: Kirisaki_Hayashi / matthewhln
Referee: Gonzvlo / Numbers 596108 / Odaril (Not in a specific order)

Penalties: #1

Yo yo. This is Loctav, bringing you the mapsets of the
#2 Taiko World Cup 2012.

Please keep in mind to redownload all maps (especially the NRNA maps). Edited maps are marked as (TWC ver.).
If they are ranked, keep them updated.

Italic written maps are linked external.

For the first selections, your each team's captain selected maps out of the "selectable maps" part by turns.
If a tiebreaking situation occured, the referee was forced to select the TIEBREAKER map.
Only permitted were the difficulty that are listed up here.

For easier access, you may also download the mappack at the end of each list

Maplists of the TWC 2012:

(always sorted alphabetically by artist)

Thanks to every participant for this awesome and outstanding tournament!
wow man, now we have a banner for our signatures AND a big Banner for the actual thread.

Locher wrote:

Other than that, wow, we are definitely helding the 2nd taiko world cup earlier than expected!
OnosakiHito, what's with that text..? Pretty derpy, just sayin'


LunaticMara wrote:

OnosakiHito, what's with that text..? Pretty derpy, just sayin'
I don't understand, sorry.

OnosakiHito wrote:

LunaticMara wrote:

OnosakiHito, what's with that text..? Pretty derpy, just sayin'
I don't understand, sorry.
It looks strange, with black spots

Did you set antialiasing off?

Fixed userbar is fixed.
So many pro ><

lepidopodus wrote:

Tournament: Jan.~ Feb. 2012
A major reason to why I won't participate, I'll have a huge amount of long tests (to prepare an exam 4 months later)

Well, Staff status is more than interesting but ...

Tournament manager and Vice-Manager : I won't, simple.
Match scheduler: Interesting, but at crazy times I can't even tell them.
Mapset organizer: If I ever ask for this, I'll be blamed.
Streamer: I just can't.
Referee: Actually the most interesting status along with Scheduler but it has risks with my computer, it might stop working after a match.

Well, I'd like to be Referee atm, but let's see after :V

I'll try to make a profile badge (Without the WInner typo orz)
Hopefully we get more teams this year, would be nice to have an even amount of teams.

Another thing I would like to add, just an opinon about the "Backup players"
Something like this happened last year with UKTT v.s. Taiwan, Taiwan had thier backup player in the multi room and we were about to play, then one of the main members came online and they swapped, then swapped those two, two more times because they couldn't make up their mind, It just kinda irritated me, (Not saying it's the reason we lost, there are plenty of excuses for that lol.)
But the players that come in the room FIRST need to stay, no last minute swaps or anything, just a big time waster and complicator.

Also, match times need to be seriously figured out, I don't want to wake up at 6am on a weekend to get ready for a match at 7am this year.
@^ Same goes for me, as I can't go to my PC after 9pm and before 7am (utc+1)
So for referee if I am in a match when I shouldn't go to my PC, I'm dead
similar case for referees and streamers.

Lepi and matthewhln last year need to woke up in 3AM to make streaming and then suddenly the match cancelled

so we can only hope that the map schdule can be better this year. Well, sometimes the timezone problem really cause a lot of problems. orz
@^ Actually we need players from different timezones like this :

One for UTC -9 ~ UTC - 7, one for UTC - 8 ~ UTC - 5, one for UTC - 6 ~ UTC - 3, and so on until UTC + 9.
This would be kind of hard.
Know people are prefered. But most of the known people want to participate in the TWC or have no interest.
And to have over 10 people in the staff is maybe a bit too much? lol
Topic Starter
This was kinda expected since sometimes time difference between players like 12 hours or something, which is really difficult to schedule a nice time to both teams, especially Asian team VS American team. (Yeah, that's what Gezo said.)

Hey I didn't woke up 3 AM, I just kept awake until that time, lol. I remember that I once kept awake until 4 AM to manage a match...

I'm still waiting for staff applications, that is why I didn't tell anything to applicants yet.

Hmm, even a referee sometimes need to make a decision so some well-known guys is prefered, but seems they don't want to be a staff or something...
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