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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 21 November 2017 at 18:52:44

Artist: MOD music
Title: In the Eyes
Source: Need For Madness Revised & Recharged
Tags: Need For Madness Revised Recharged MOD music In Eyes Funk Deep-Bass
BPM: 103.57
Filesize: 5642kb
Play Time: 03:33
Difficulties Available:
  1. The Eye (AR7) (3.3 stars, 528 notes)
  2. The Eye (3.3 stars, 528 notes)

Download: MOD music - In the Eyes
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
First of all, This map is designed as a similar 2008~2010 map. Due to the music and the game is comes from being a old poly-graphics game.
The game, Need for Madness, is a racing/wasting game with the objective being to select a car and a stage you want to play. There, you have two options to complete the selected stage; (1) to complete the track layed out in the stage or (2) waste all the other cars racing in the stage before they complete the stage. In the Eyes, came for a modded game called revised and recharge which contain more broken cars, stages, setting and designs.
The music came from a website called Mod Archive which is a free game music site in which to download bit or whole song people have uploaded (which may not be their orignial works that why I put MOD Music as the creator) in which you can put in the game or use. It is legal to have so I shouldn't be in danger or copyright songs
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