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Artist - Title: TheFatRat - MAYDAY (Nightcore Mix)
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4K
Preferred Diff: Mayday
Extra Info: mayday diff focusing on jacks, Hard on trills
the part I most struggle with when playing: the last kiai

yes hello

no rules so I'll just post link and a bit of info
SV and jack marathon
if you still want SS I'll send it later, kind of rusty right now
hello Oscyy~

Metadata: xi - Last Resort
Type: H4M
Keys: 7K
Diff: all diffs pref, but any of course will be helpful
Extra: This is a hybrid set, I have no relation to mania but I can offer my hypes to you regardless. I communicate with the mania GD'ers well so I can run this operation smoothly.
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Its already 24 hours so i think i should close this

Accepted list
  1. -MysticEyes
  2. Janko
  3. BringoBrango (and no i dont need the ss, i've stated already the rules on 1st post doesnt apply on this case
  4. Kroytz
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Reopen, no rule (well ofc has to be mania), ill pick what i like
oscar is back o.o

7k diff pls , or 4k if you would like :'3

thanks in advance~
Ujimatsu Chiya

Artist - Title: Miki Sayaka vs. Miki Sayaka (fw. Miki Sayaka) - squartatrice

Mod type: NM

Your mod (if M4M):


Preferred Diff:Extra

Extra Info: feel free to mod pls. :>

Artist - Title: Brandy - Cross Time!!

Mod type: NM

Keymode: 4k

Preferred Diff:any diff Ok

Thanks in advance!

Artist - Title: ASCA - RESISTER (TV Size)
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4K
Preferred Diff: Any
Extra Info: multiple bpm smh

Daeng Simatta
Halo Uwu

NM/M4M request

Artist - Title: ClariS - SHIORI (Tv Size)
Lenght: 1:28
Map Link:

salam uwu owo :V

Artist - Title: BATTEN SHOWJO TAI - Yoka Yoka Dance (TV size)
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4k
Preferred Diff: Top diff (though there are only 3 in total)
Extra Info: Drain: 0:59; Hybrid

Oh, hello o/

Artist - Title: Laur - Absolute Domination
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4K
Preferred Diff: Probably MAXIMUM, since it's the highest difficulty and probably also the one with the problems. Every other map should be fine.
Extra Info: Hope you don't mind 218BPM jumpstreams :')
Artist - Title: SoraMafuUraSaka - Role-Playing Game
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4k
Preferred Diff: game start!
Extra Info: -

tengkyu >w<
Hoi o/

Artist - Title: P*Light - SAtAN
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4K
Preferred Diff: Exhaust but anyone is fine
Extra Info: 300 bpm map & 6 diffs
bima fajar
Artist - Title: Nobuo Uematsu - Ending
Mod type: NM
Keymode: 4K
Preferred Diff: HD
Extra Info: Slow Map
[Nakano Miku]

Artist - Title: Nakanoke no Itsutsugo - Gotoubun no Kimochi (TV Size)

Mod type: NM

Keymode: 4k

Preferred Diff: Hard or Insane. any one

Extra Info: BPM 175 length is 1:28 anime song

Thank you
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Oh no, way too much already
CLOSED, will take a look at all and decide what will i do to them

edit 1: I just checked all the map (yes only 1 or 2 top diffs because i cant do lower diffs) and based on what i see, i decide whether ill mod it or not. so here we go

  1. Kabi : cowowowowowowowowowowowol map will mod first

  2. eINess : its 17VA so idk if i can make it any better, besides i never understang about the layering all of his maps, for the rest of the diff i think i can throw some suggestion

  3. ababab036 : tbh pretty solid map, idk if i can make it any better. However i might mod this if i feel like it

  4. Achsan : pretty good map, but im not interested in modding it, mainly because of the song, doesnt have much stuff to offer (at least for my lil brain) but you guys already doing a great job mapping it so i'll just leave it be

  5. VianK : tbh not one of your best map that you made, i've seen better ones from you. Found pretty much inconsistency about ln usage in this one. I dont think i'll throw something there. If i have some time and mood to look more closer i might do it some time soon, but its pretty low priority

  6. Amiichii : not kind of map that i like, nor the song. Layering is solid (i guess), but in my mind its pretty boring. The structure itself is questionable because this map mostly consists of 1/2 snap and sometimes with a simple holds which is not that hard and then suddenly a long jumptrill coming out from snare roll. I might give some suggestions some times later

  7. Daengsimatta : same with above mostly, might throw suggestions aswell maybe

  8. seselis : also same with above, but at least the structure is a bit better, not that spiky. I guess ill be back to this aswell

  9. Ziel : good map, i pretty like this one and still this map can be improved (yeah i have something to suggest already in my mind). The song have so much stuff to offer. Going to mod this asap

  10. angki : not the song that i like, not the map that i like, tbh pretty boring so i guess i dont want to mod this one sorry

  11. byDarking : dirty pp map, i really dont like the long jumptrill that makes it 6* (yes it dont deserve a 6* rating), overall have a bad structure. I should throw some suggestions at it later

  12. bima fajar : multi bpm song, still have the timing issues. Its not my thing so i cant mod this

  13. Nakano miku : structure is a bit spiky, but since it has some 1/4 snap variations kinda fine i guess, have pretty much ln hold inconsistency, not the kind of song that i like, i think i wont mod this one

Artist - Title: Pa's Lam System - If

Mod type: NM

Your mod (if M4M):

Keymode: 4k

Preferred Diff: HEAVENLY

Extra Info: Keep on +5* this diff
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