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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 5:48:17 PM

Artist: M2U
Title: Gypsy Tronic
Source: O2jam Analog
BPM: 250
Filesize: 4441kb
Play Time: 02:24
Difficulties Available:
  1. Procarbazine (6.14 stars, 764 notes)

Download: M2U - Gypsy Tronic
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
God hanzer is back :D
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

So glad you havent forsaken us :) and still pulling off this crazy shit which blows my mind
02:24 HanzeR: hey mr. axarious, i just finished a map and i was wondering if i could bother you to test it xD
02:24 *Axarious is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1447537 M2U - Gypsy Tronic [Procarbazine]]
02:24 Axarious: ?
02:24 HanzeR: yessir
02:24 HanzeR: hha, you have?
02:24 Axarious: okie
02:25 Axarious: i looked in editor when i wasn't at home
02:25 HanzeR: yay! ^^
02:27 HanzeR: jeeze you made it look easy haha
02:27 HanzeR: thats definitly the best play ive seen so far
02:27 Axarious: ;o
02:28 Axarious: quite tricky
02:28 HanzeR: yeah there are some parts that probably need to be adjusted :x
02:28 Axarious: should i point some things out? o;
02:28 HanzeR: i havent really seen someone play it that well so i can look at your replay to help find them
02:28 HanzeR: yeah that would be great!
02:30 Axarious: 01:01:050 (4,5,6,7) -
02:30 Axarious: 7 feels a bit awkward to hit
02:30 HanzeR: i can see that
02:31 HanzeR: yeah ill adjust that pattern
02:31 Axarious: 00:53:970 (6,1,2,3,4,5) -
02:31 Axarious: i really liked this here
02:32 Axarious: but then it gets kinda bland here 01:01:650 (1,2,3,4,5) -
02:32 Axarious: and there's no note on the blue tick 01:01:830 -
02:32 Axarious: in comparison to the first set
02:32 HanzeR: ooh youre right
02:32 HanzeR: thats totally a mistake /.\
02:33 Axarious: 01:07:050 (2,1) - spooky, i can imagine sliderbreaking here
02:34 HanzeR: aha totally
02:34 HanzeR: i could just cut the reverse by 1
02:34 Axarious: yea i think that would work
02:34 Axarious: i think it's more beautiful if you leave as is \o/
02:34 HanzeR: i think that actually fits the song better when i slow it down xD
02:35 HanzeR: haha
02:35 Axarious: 01:17:250 (7,1,2) - this felt a little awkward
02:35 Axarious: passive on the slider 01:17:490 -
02:35 Axarious: but then becomes three clicks for 01:17:970 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) -
02:36 HanzeR: icic
02:36 HanzeR: i should change that too
02:36 Axarious: otherwise it feels like http://cdn.shigetora.pw/i/hczeezf.png
02:36 HanzeR: i got stuck thinking about the pattern and not the song /.\
02:37 HanzeR: yeah the jump doesnt amke sense
02:38 HanzeR: just changed it, thanks ^^
02:38 Axarious: 01:21:450 (1) -
02:38 Axarious: hm
02:39 HanzeR: lol thats probably illegal /.\
02:39 Axarious: it's readable
02:39 Axarious: but it felt weird as a pause
02:39 Axarious: no click 01:21:570 - here
02:39 Axarious: 01:22:890 (1,2,3,1,2,1) - and this is evil haha
02:40 HanzeR: xD
02:40 HanzeR: yeah ill change that tooo
02:40 Axarious: 01:28:530 (2,3) - not a big deal but i think this is illegal too
02:41 HanzeR: oh that would be disappointing
02:41 Axarious: i'm not entirely sure, maybe get someone who knows more about ranking criteria to look at it haha
02:41 HanzeR: i think ill keep those until someone tells me i have to change them xd
02:41 Axarious: yeye
02:43 Axarious: 01:32:010 (2,3,4) - this might've seemed a little slow
02:43 HanzeR: mhm
02:43 Axarious: 01:35:490 (5,6,7) - same with this one
02:44 Axarious: i think it's okay to keep tho, should get a second opinion
02:44 HanzeR: yeah it wouldnt be too hard to adjust
02:44 Axarious: 01:43:170 (4,5,6,7) - this time gap felt a little weird
02:45 HanzeR: orz there was a slider there but i removed it to try and make it fit 00:25:890 (1) - this section more
02:45 HanzeR: but yeah i literally just deleted the slider haha
02:45 Axarious: oh haha
02:46 HanzeR: i think it played better with the slider but i wasnt sure xD
02:46 HanzeR: so ill change it back now ^^
02:46 Axarious: oh going back 00:36:150 (4) -
02:46 Axarious: this sounded really weird when playing
02:48 HanzeR: oh
02:48 HanzeR: thats definitiely a mistake x_x
02:49 HanzeR: sorry this is like the first time ive mapped anything in a year xD
02:49 Axarious: glad to see you still mapping \o/
02:50 Axarious: breath of fresh air to see maps like yours :)
02:50 HanzeR: oh thanks :3 that means a lot <3
02:50 HanzeR: im a big fan of yours /.\
02:50 Axarious: ><
02:51 Axarious: as for 02:09:570 -
02:51 Axarious: i think silencing sliderends would be good here
02:51 HanzeR: yeah that would totally fit
02:51 Axarious: like in nold's technonationalism
02:52 Axarious: 02:15:090 (1,2,1,2) - this is a difficult combo
02:52 HanzeR: hmm yeah i was thinking of the overlaps in the other ranked map of this song
02:53 HanzeR: the flow changes fit the song but maybe its too extreme there
02:53 Axarious: i think it would work if these weren't stacked 02:15:210 (2,1) -
02:54 HanzeR: yeah i just found a neat way to change it
02:54 HanzeR: i think it plays a lot better
02:54 Axarious: mm okie
02:54 HanzeR: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9379331
02:54 Axarious: holy the 4,1
02:55 Axarious: 02:15:690 (4,1) -
02:55 HanzeR: lol where?
02:55 Axarious: in your screenshot haha
02:56 HanzeR: you think its too mean xD
02:56 Axarious: yea
02:56 Axarious: haha
02:57 HanzeR: hmm ill have to test it more
02:57 HanzeR: i can play it really well but maybe thats just because i expect it xD
02:57 Axarious: haha
02:57 Axarious: 02:21:090 (1,2) -
02:57 Axarious: the circles underneath are a little hard to see
02:57 HanzeR: 4sure
02:57 Axarious: same with 01:25:530 (2,3) -
02:57 HanzeR: and now i see some are stacked really poorly too /.\
02:58 Axarious: hehe don't need perfect stacks :^
02:59 HanzeR: would stacking it under the slider head help
02:59 HanzeR: it might give more time to read then
02:59 HanzeR: for these 02:21:450 (1) -
03:00 Axarious: i think the slider tail is so close it's hard to tell
03:00 HanzeR: yeah ill have to think about that a bit
03:00 Axarious: and then the rhythm feels awkward without movement there
03:00 HanzeR: i like the aesthetic but it is weird to play
03:01 Axarious: 02:18:090 (5) - i think this is 1/4 not 1/6 here
03:02 Axarious: and this might be 1/6? 02:17:130 (4) -
03:02 Axarious: same with 02:20:490 (2) -
03:02 Axarious: but i'm not too positive
03:02 HanzeR: youre right about the first one xD
03:03 HanzeR: and the second one
03:03 HanzeR: i think the third one i count 4 notes
03:03 HanzeR: but its hard to tell with the grace note
03:04 Axarious: mm
03:04 Axarious: o 00:43:890 (1,2,3) -
03:07 Axarious: i think that's the last thing
03:07 HanzeR: you think 1,2 is hard to read?
03:07 Axarious: uh maybe not hard to read
03:08 Axarious: i think this rhythm http://cdn.shigetora.pw/i/aufggtj.png would be better
03:09 HanzeR: yah could totally do that
03:10 HanzeR: thanks so much for taking the time to do this <3
03:10 HanzeR: was incredibly helpful
03:10 HanzeR: post in the thread i can save this log and giev you kds :3
03:10 Axarious: okie \o/
14:47 *HanzeR is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1447537 M2U - Gypsy Tronic]
14:47 HanzeR: yaaaay
14:48 Liiraye: m2u!!!!
14:48 Liiraye: wow so many favorites
14:48 Liiraye: dahell
14:48 HanzeR: jaja
14:48 HanzeR: this song is so addicting
14:48 HanzeR: a lot of people like it for some reason xd
14:48 Liiraye: aaaaa
14:49 Liiraye: i love it
14:52 HanzeR: aha
14:52 HanzeR: its kinda silly xD
14:53 Liiraye: hahaha
14:53 Liiraye: o god
14:53 HanzeR: nicee
14:53 Liiraye: fun af
14:53 Liiraye: but
14:53 Liiraye: fuck I can't play this hard
14:53 HanzeR: ahaaaa
14:53 Liiraye: I wish I could
14:53 HanzeR: yeah
14:53 HanzeR: 6.14 stars is deceptive xD
14:53 Liiraye: 9*
14:53 Liiraye: :'D
14:53 HanzeR: i cant play it either xD
14:53 Liiraye: but I really love the jerky movements
14:54 Liiraye: thats like my favorite aspect of the game
14:54 Liiraye: the sort of hops
14:54 Liiraye: you have to make
14:54 HanzeR: haha yeah
14:54 HanzeR: it really fits with the music here
14:55 HanzeR: do you think the 1/8 sliders at the end are too much :x
14:55 Liiraye: yaa
14:55 Liiraye: hm
14:55 Liiraye: I dont know tbh, I think at first it was confusing but
14:55 Liiraye: when you need to do back n forths it gets easier
14:55 Liiraye: I think
14:56 Liiraye: maybe it would be easier to start it off with circles
14:56 Liiraye: on the first line
14:57 HanzeR: yeah i tried that
14:57 HanzeR: but then it felt hard to justify using 1/8ths for no reason
14:57 Liiraye: or mby
14:57 Liiraye: the first 2 as circles
14:57 Liiraye: last line as it is
14:58 HanzeR: i was thinking of maybe just having the first 2 1/8s circles
14:58 HanzeR: just the first combo
14:58 Liiraye: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9386722
14:58 Liiraye: like this?
14:59 HanzeR: hmmmm
14:59 HanzeR: lemme try it
14:59 Liiraye: or mby
14:59 Liiraye: the first line as a stream
15:00 Liiraye: then second line is spaced like so
15:00 Liiraye: last is sliders
15:00 Liiraye: Xd
15:00 HanzeR: ahaha
15:00 Liiraye: like
15:00 Liiraye: first one as spaced stream
15:00 HanzeR: these 1/8ths habve been the biggest headache of my year so far xD
15:00 Liiraye: 02:15:330 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) -
15:00 Liiraye: like u have here
15:00 Liiraye: but mby less spaced
15:01 Liiraye: also
15:01 Liiraye: I think this part
15:01 HanzeR: yeah ill have to play with it more
15:01 Liiraye: 02:21:090 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) -
15:01 Liiraye: I always have issues reading end notes stacked like that
15:02 Liiraye: so I would probably put them on the start of next slider instead
15:02 HanzeR: thats a good idea
15:02 HanzeR: they were stacked on the slider end but axarious had trouble reading them too so i moved them there
15:02 HanzeR: but i didnt think about using the slider head
15:02 Liiraye: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9386747
15:02 Liiraye: like so
15:02 Liiraye: I think it plays much better
15:03 Liiraye: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9386755
15:03 Liiraye: ending like so
15:03 HanzeR: thts a great idea
15:03 HanzeR: just did that
15:04 HanzeR: 9wow that plays so much better haha
15:04 HanzeR: i was struggling all last night to find a way to make that work
15:05 HanzeR: u should post in the thred so i can kds u
15:05 Liiraye: xD wait
15:05 Liiraye: hahah
15:05 Liiraye: nice
15:05 Liiraye: 02:13:170 (4) -
15:05 Liiraye: ending on red instead? so u get a triple in there
15:05 Liiraye: I would personally prefer spaced streams
15:05 Liiraye: instead of sliders
15:05 Liiraye: but
15:05 Liiraye: its up to you
15:06 HanzeR: yeah totally could
15:06 Liiraye: on the following 1/8 sliders
15:06 Liiraye: I mean
15:06 Liiraye: ^^
15:06 Liiraye: like
15:06 Liiraye: from here
15:06 Liiraye: 02:13:890 (1) -
15:06 Liiraye: starting with some spaced circles
15:07 Liiraye: 02:14:370 (1) - sliders
15:07 Liiraye: 02:14:850 (1) - circles
15:07 Liiraye: but not as spaced as the last stream
15:07 Liiraye: you feel?
15:07 Liiraye: I think it would play really nice
15:07 Liiraye: maybe do some fun patterns with them
15:07 Liiraye: this is the highlight of the map
15:08 HanzeR: yeahhh
15:08 HanzeR: so you would alternate between sliders and circles?
15:08 Liiraye: love the kiai in the middle
15:09 Liiraye: um
15:09 Liiraye: yeah probably
15:09 Liiraye: at least I'd try
15:09 HanzeR: 4sure
15:09 Liiraye: let me try and see what I think
15:09 HanzeR: im gonna test it out
15:10 HanzeR: lol witch kiai?
15:10 Liiraye: 1:20
15:10 Liiraye: im thinking
15:10 Liiraye: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9386785
15:10 Liiraye: something like that
15:11 Liiraye: but you could change up the sliders little to your liking so it looks cooler mby?
15:11 Liiraye: or like that is fine
15:11 Liiraye: or perhaps its better to start with the circles
15:12 Liiraye: i think the sliders will be less confusing then
15:13 Liiraye: omg yes
15:13 Liiraye: this is awesome
15:13 HanzeR: i liiike it
15:14 HanzeR: i just have to find a way to make it as good looking as my old pattern xD
15:14 HanzeR: it definitily emphasizes the right parts a lot better than what i had though
15:14 Liiraye: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9386807
15:14 Liiraye: yeah
15:14 Liiraye: im thinking something like this rhythm
15:14 Liiraye: but you can place it however
15:15 Liiraye: just did a quick copypaste
15:15 Liiraye: beri coolu
15:18 HanzeR: okok
15:18 HanzeR: lemme update
15:24 *HanzeR is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1447537 M2U - Gypsy Tronic [Procarbazine]]
15:24 HanzeR: yeye
15:24 HanzeR: give it a whirl m8
15:24 Liiraye: o
15:24 Liiraye: wait
15:25 Liiraye: would be more consistent if 02:14:370 (1,2,1,2) - was sliders
15:25 Liiraye: circles* sorry
15:25 Liiraye: and 02:14:850 (1,2,1,2) - sliders
15:25 HanzeR: yeahh maybe
15:25 Liiraye: and nc these 02:21:330 (2) -
15:25 HanzeR: idk i thought it was neater to have it oppsoite hah
15:25 Liiraye: and remove on these 02:21:450 (1) -
15:25 Liiraye: xD
15:26 Liiraye: maybe, but the sounds are similar on those parts
15:26 Liiraye: 02:13:410 (2,3,1,2) - same sound as 02:14:370 (1,2,1,2) -
15:26 HanzeR: yeah but in the music
15:26 HanzeR: the emphasis is on this 02:14:850 (1) -
15:27 HanzeR: it goes so high pitch there
15:27 HanzeR: thats y i put circle there
15:27 HanzeR: maybe ill just cahnge it so the first patternh matches the second
15:27 HanzeR: 02:13:890 (1) - so these are circles
15:27 HanzeR: cuz the music also emphasizes 02:13:890 (1) -
15:27 Liiraye: yeah I see
15:28 Liiraye: its just
15:28 HanzeR: the boobie sliders at the end play so much better now xD
15:28 Liiraye: if you think about how the song progresses
15:28 Liiraye: its low-high-low-high
15:28 Liiraye: on that part
15:28 Liiraye: tudududu-TUDUDUDU-tudududu-TUDUDUDU
15:28 Liiraye: x'DDD
15:29 Liiraye: but in terms of pitch at least
15:29 HanzeR: lool
15:29 Liiraye: boooobiess
15:32 HanzeR: urgh
15:32 HanzeR: now i have to remember how i placed the sliders before
15:33 Liiraye: x_X
15:33 Liiraye: which ones
15:33 Liiraye: oh the last ones?
15:33 HanzeR: 02:13:350 (1,2,3,1,2) - these 1s
15:33 Liiraye: think it was just progressing upwards
15:34 Liiraye: something like that iirc http://puu.sh/y5Ywo/bb61af7fd3.jpg
15:39 Liiraye: i gotta go m8
15:39 Liiraye: I'll check it later
15:39 Liiraye: good luck with it :D
awesome map

consider making 01:38:850 (1) - a circle to match with 01:46:530 (2) - ? since you make it a slider it makes it sound like you're gonna map out 01:39:810 - this note as well so it sounds kinda awkward going into the break
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