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now I can try mario paint d another 1.15x and fail miserably cuz I'm a 5th dan player. Thank you very much!!

i keep getting this error when trying to rate one of my maps can anyone help??

EDIT: i figured it out
my maps mp3 was corrupted
when I put ''0.8:0.9:1.1'' I get an error [I'm using translator]
ur game sucks!!!!!!!

TadeoM wrote:

when I put ''0.8:0.9:1.1'' I get an error [I'm using translator]
Use ; instead of :
I am getting this error
Error: Sequence contains no matching element

on bms converts I made using

Is there a way for this rate changer to work for these files? because there is a lot of good charts in bms for practice.

I uploaded one of the beatmaps I made with that bms converter to google drive so that you may take a look at it
and see if there is a way for these to be rate changed if your willing to support these files.
Now I have a way to practice speed. Thanks. 😎
How have I not found this before

This is some amazing work right here

now i can spam x2 rates
.ogg support when
when i try to merge maps into matathon the last song glitches and it doesnt work
half of the maps i'm converting into a marathon just aren't working at all, i've used it before with no problem
it makes the difficulty for the rate, but it messes up when its in the marathon
when I click the mega link it says my connection isn't private. can you fix this?
When it says that the conversions are done and that I need to finetune the offset, what does that mean?
if the circles seem to show up before/after the beats (instead of being on-beat) you need to adjust your audio offset using the - and = keys

but at this point just use osu trainer, it has more features and seems to be actively maintained
his everything
Well hummm
I've attempted to convert the song rates to play, but it does not work for me. Whenever I start playing the beatmap, the rate the song remains the same. What are the steps that I have to take to successfully change the rate of the beatmap? Also does the program work on OSU Mania beatmaps as well?
idk what's wrong with this programm... but when I wanna make a marathon, the first map works fine, the last ones don't even show in EDITOR, but when I play the dan, it shows the other maps without music... Sometimes it works fine and after 742378432 tries I made my own gamma dan. Then I tried to make a new marathon, delta dan, the same thing happened... and not only fricked up delta dan, but even gamma dan, now it's with the first music of delta dan, when the music ends, the MAP in EDITOR ends, but then when I play my gamma dan or delta dan, the first MUSIC(NOT A SONG/MAP)ends, there's no more music in these dans. I have no idea how is it even connected with gamma dan, because I'm trying to make my delta dan and why does it work like that, but, that's it. Idk, fix this?

EDITED: It actually breaks mp3 and because it's not full it just breaks the whole marathon.
hi, i have a problem, when i try to locate(browse) a beatmap, i cannot just find them in the folder, is it because they are .osz ?
most beatmaps it works fine, but random maps will tell me it cant find the mp3 for the map when its literally right there and i dont know what it wants from me
M i a u
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