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Status - Closed
Time remaining to enter - Closed
Winners - Bread-Chan, _Epsilon, and K1 or Quit

Hello again everyone! This time, I'll be hosting a giveaway worth 60 USD! (Split between 3 winners of course.)
The rules are basically the same as last giveaway, except instead of saying your names, just list what option you want your prize to be if you win, whether it be osu! supporter, osu! merchandise, or paypal*!

I will be using a random name picker as to make this fair, and I will start announcing the day that the winners will be chosen in #osu chat and #lobby chat. I will be counting down the days and I will post the word "Closed" in the status bar, list the winners in the winners bar, and of course, post "Closed" in the time bar when the giveaway is done.

Please keep in mind, that you may only be entered in ONCE. Also keep in mind, that if you don't want your prize, you can choose to hand your prize over to someone else if you are to be picked.

I'd like quite a few people to enter since this is a fairly large giveaway, as that lets me know that you folks like giveaways similar to this (I would hope...?) and also lets me know that I can continue hosting these in the future. On a little side note, I will occasionally buy random people 1 month of supporter (Mainly when I've been drinking WAY too much for my tiny body to handle) and I would like to ask you to kindly not spam or beg for supporter, as I'm not always drunk as all get out. I hope you enjoy my 3rd giveaway!

Sincerely, Giveaway

* = If you chose this option, then we will privately discuss this as sensitive information will be exchanged as it is an outside source other than osu! and the likes. If you are picked and would like this option, then I will start a private conversation with you.

P.S. - I really don't care if you joke about giving away actual pp to me about this giveaway, I really don't mind it every once in a while, but if you keep bringing it back up to me repeatedly then I'm going to disqualify you from participating. You all have been warned. One person has already been disqualified. If you think it's too strict, then don't participate, simple as that.
Hi I am first OWO!
I'd love to get that sweet supporter or paypal for games xd
gmme stuff

edit1: gift me nekopara vol 2 and 3 on steam 8-)
edit2: if no 2 games give me just vol 2 (gift snow lemur on steam -- id/duncedd
edit3: I also just got 1k pp
OwO what's this
I'd like Supporter if I win :'(
sick, hope i win
if i do, osu!supporter plez
worst fl player
If I win donate my winnings to astar
if i win lemme get a $20 in paypal
If i win i will donate it to Fartownik for hora curka (sik dother) soo he can buy new keyboard for her.
I want to win
if i do, osu!supporter plez
Supporter tag would be nice. Thank you for doing this!
And congratz for getting 1k pp.
if i win buy me 6 months of bc on roblox
Hey! Thanks for doing this! :D <3
If I win could I get it on paypal? <3
Never lucky but ohwell why not :/
If i where to win i'd like the paypal option i guess.
gl everyone ;)
Lets give it a shot!
Supporter please!
If I win, I would like the supporter tag.

Woah, giveaway in osu. heheh
Supporter tag I guess ^ ^
Congrats on 1k pp!

If I win I'd like a supporter tag .
o.O Id like supporter!
Paypal please :3 Good luck on your way to become a rhythm champion!
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