[CtB] Sanyi's osu!catch Modding Queue [NM/M4M] (Closed)

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Welcome to my osu!catch modding queue!

How does the modding queue work?
  1. You can post a request anytime.
  2. I will pick up to 3 requests (depending on how much time and motivation I've got) on every Sunday. I will try to provide the mods during the next week (it may happen that I cannot finish your mod in the next week. In that case I will inform you about the delay).
  3. You are not allowed to request more than one mod every week.
  4. Your mapset must be going for ranked and must be completed (only exception are hitsounds, they don't need to be done yet)
  5. You can request NM or M4M (if you want a M4M please look at my maps BEFORE you request so that you are sure that you can help me with my map). Please say in your request if you want a NM or M4M. You don't need to mod more drain time than I do if you offer a M4M.
  6. This is no GD queue - if you want a guest diff (or more than one) from me just ask me on discord (Sanyi#8984), in-game or via forum. i will decide case-by-case if I'll accept the request.
Additional information
  1. This is an osu!catch modding queue. I can't mod other gamemodes. Every request that is not osu!catch will be declined.
  2. There are many reasons why I might or might not choose your map. Here are some of them:
    1. NM/M4M (M4M has a higher priority, but that doesn't mean that you have no chance with NM - so if you don't wanna mod yourself requesting a NM is fine).
    2. I like your song / don't like your song.
    3. I like / don't like your mapping style.
    4. How good your map is (if it has got major flaws I wouldn't like to do a proper mod but instead just pointing out the major issues so that you can work on your map yourself).
    If I decline your request because I've got not enough time to mod your map (because I picked other requests), feel free to request again in the next week. If I declined your request for another reason don't try it again unless the decline reason isn't relevant anymore.
  3. I was a beatmap nominator in the past so you can expect a decent mod from me.
  4. I've made a poll where you can vote on how good my mod was. It would be nice if you could do that after I modded your map so that I get feedback. Even better would be if you message me after voting and tell me what was good about my mod, what not and what you were expecting from my mod I didn't provide.
M4M Maps
  1. Arakajime Ushinawareta Bokura no Ballad (12 diffs, 1:30 min drain time)
  2. Gokujo.Joking? (5 diffs, 0:30 min drain time)
  3. forever we can make it! (5 diffs, 1:30 min drain time)
  4. Sadistic.Music Factory (5 diffs, 2:30 min drain time)
  5. MY Mai*TONIGHT (6 diffs, 1:30 min drain time)
  6. Black Rover (8 diffs, 1:30 min drain time)
What's up doc cutie?

NM request
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DavidEd wrote:

What's up doc cutie?

NM request
Since today is Sunday and you are the only one so far your request is accepted!

I've got already two other mods that I need to do anyways so I got my three mods for next week ^^

The next requests will be accepted next Sunday!
did you guys even read it clearly states this is an osu!catch modding queue zzz

NM? Love Live will be the death of me but I wouldn't mind looking at the other map once you got a few mods on it later I guess

Lower diff would be preferable but if you want to look at both I won't complain lol
Thanks in advance!
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- Matha - wrote:


NM req ty!

sers zgk wrote:

NM req
Guys this is an osu!CATCH modding queue, not osu!standard (and if you read the Additional information you would know that I can't mod other gamemodes)

I still found something on your mapset Matha so check your beatmap forum.

I've got nothing really to say about your map sers zgk, but maybe you can set some combo colours.

From now on every request that is not osu!catch will be declined
NM cause I got a lot of requests (but u can poke me at a later time and say like "hey I modded your map can you mod mine now")


Thanks in advance!

honk honk nm :^)

Sorry, I'm not a mapper.


beatmap link:https://osu.ppy.sh/s/652443
Song: Crash Bandicoot - Woah Flies
Time: 30-31seconds
Diffs: Easy, and Normal

please do both diffs if you can, or just do normal

I would be glad if you got back to me in the next 2 1/2 weeks

(edit: map updates every 1-2 days)
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Accepted requests:
  1. JBHyperion (NM - both diffs)
  2. Benny- (NM)
  3. Ascendance (NM)
  4. Hareimu (NM)

I don't know how much I can help but since it is NM there is no harm trying it!

@Dunced read the queue description please - request declined
Hi! NM pls :D


Thanks in adv~
Hello there. Asking for mods here ^^

  1. Artist : Kola Kid - press start
  2. Duration : 0:39 (0:39 HP Drain)
  3. Link : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/626831
  4. Req type : NM

Mod any diff you want. Thanks in advance :D
Imai Lisa
hi ho o/

nm please~
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/542127 (only the overdose since az said i only need one or two more mods on the said diff)

thanks in advance~

maybe I can mod angelic angel but I can't promise you anything yet, so pretend that this is not exist
Wei Wuxian
Hi there, NM is possible


thank you in advance I can't do m4m right now but later in the month i'll reopen my queue and let you have higher priority if accepted
lulu lemon
hello, i can do m4m.


Erik "Jit" Scheele - Negastrife
6:25 (5:34 drain)

no-mod if posible ^^


thanks in advance
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