Poll 41: How do you feel about recently ranked beatmaps?

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How do you feel about recently ranked beatmaps? (during 2017)

I love pretty much all of the ones I've played recently!
I've enjoyed most of what I've played recently.
I've enjoyed some, but think that a fair few could use some improvement.
I haven't really noticed any change, for better or worse, in how beatmaps have been lately.
I've had trouble enjoying most maps, and think that lots could use some serious improvement.
I really haven't enjoyed practically any of the beatmaps that have been ranked lately.
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We're interested to know about how you feel about the relative quality of the beatmaps ranked within the past year.

For older players that have been with us for a while, has there been a noticable improvement or decline in the overall "quality" of maps recently? No change at all?

Have you enjoyed all of the maps you've played lately? Most? Not very many? Could they have been better?

Let us know, but please, be civil about it. Understand that all maps are the product of someone's hard work, regardless of how poorly you may think they play. Be respectful and mindful.
Despite lot's of farm maps being made, I think it's been a good year for mapping
- JayFlow -
b-but monstrata ranked one farm map and a few ugly sliders REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
chose enjoyed some but a fair few coukd use improvement but id change the word few to most

2017 is sure better than 2015 and 2016 for mapping but its still as hell barren, dry, desolate, and boring
There is only U N I Q U E maps in the last ranked maps. @Pentori

There is a few maps that are good in my opinion...
Adding the tier system didn't improved the ranked map quality at all
Personally, I don't play many new maps because they are very difficult for me (even if I played for 5 years this, maps of 5.5 stars or more keep doing annoying to play if I don't like the song).
For me, many maps are just not funny to play, not because they are bad, but because that feel as the same... atm for me as a player, I found more funny low AR that high AR, by example.

edit: just to be clear, my example with low ar is because Im busy irl so my time for play is very low now.
There were some that enjoyed, but the amount of pp farm stuff that's getting ranked is...draining (in a bad way). I'd love to see more marathon maps ranked but that's just me.
It's a wide spectrum of enjoyable and unenjoyable maps getting ranked nowadays. But I'd say most could use improvement not only quality-wise, but just by using more concepts other than "sharp angled pp jumps" and stuff.

Oh yeah and CBCC was the highlight of the year so far, so take that as you will.
I haven't really noticed any change, for better or worse, in how beatmaps have been lately.

maybe a few mappers managed to make interesting stuff but in general i cant really notice any big change
The amount of good maps seems to be staying about the same from month to month, just more and more uninspired, samey and generally forgettable maps keep getting pushed through the ranking process :/

I really appreciate the taiko maps that are getting ranked, though! I find myself enjoying a large majority of them ^^
current era maps are technically much more well-designed than, let's say, 2013 maps. that doesn't make them more fun, though, and that added to the song choice of most mappers nowadays makes me not attracted to playing recent maps

Mismagius wrote:

current era maps are technically much more well-designed than, let's say, 2013 maps. that doesn't make them more fun, though, and that added to the song choice of most mappers nowadays makes me not attracted to playing recent maps
I'd love you if you mapped songs from TQBF's last album (Nerve's ending)
The main problem is that the RC is just a bare bag of bones in terms of rule structure. It doesn't do much in itself to promote unique and interesting mapping. Rather, it allows for anything (i.e. that abides by MINIMUM quality standards.

Why do you think so many good and new mappers gravitate towards generic styles and pp mapping? Safe maps are easy to rank; you can rank them much faster than a map with a controversial style (i.e. A-L-I-E-N and HELIX (Edit Ver.)); it's not hard to find mods for a map that everyone knows how to play, versus something that only a small minority can play (i.e. and Now I'm not saying there's hardly any interesting, unique, or fun maps that isn't getting pushed towards ranked, but the ranking section is only as good as its weakest link (uninspired mapping).

You would either have to make a major change in the RC, pp algorithm, or both to see any major change in what maps get pushed into the ranking section.
I've been inactive in 2015 and 2016 hence I don't really have knowledge about the maps made in that time. but when I compare 2017 maps to the maps that are made when I was active (in 2014) the overall quality of pp mapping is visually higher than before. and at the same time, I feel that much less "unique" nor "epic" maps are getting ranked/mapped lately. I mean, pp mapping has gained a lot of improves in comparison, it's nice for players that like playing for their ranking a lot. although now I barely see maps that look/play different from the rest of the maps that are mapped nowadays, which means that the most of maps are really boring to play when you're not focusing on farming pp. I really hope this will become a lot better in the future, and so I'm here to help mappers that actually can map something great (if it even exists).
The quality of maps has not plummeted so much, but rather, there has been little to no variation to most maps that pass "quality standards". The system itself rather efficiently stamps out most forms of self-expression by telling mappers to "do things the right way", instead of coaching them on how to make their vision meet quality standards - the system basically coaches new and old mappers from the wrong direction, I feel.

It's an incredibly narrow-minded mistake to equate "enjoyment" and "quality".

This poll will do absolutely nothing except create a padded statistic to throw around. It's slanted in a rather disturbing way to focus on a "fake problem" and then try to solve that problem. It's just another round of showboating.

Most of the "quality" issues people have is that all "quality" maps look and play almost exactly the same - there's little to no variety anymore. And most maps that don't meet this modern "quality" requirement are lacking in many other ways, not just in structure or aesthetics.

Please don't lose sight of what this game's potential is, Ephemeral. This game was not designed to be a competitive game. It was designed to be fun. And fun requires variety and the encouragement of content creators to express themselves in productive and inspirational ways - not to turn them into little more than sentient translation machines.
100% agree with shiirn here, I can't count over 5-6 maps ranked this year that felt actually inspiring to me.
i think i noticed a decline in quality around early april

UndeadCapulet wrote:

i think i noticed a decline in quality around early april
I saw it since middle of 2015
I noticed a decline in quality around Aug 15, 2017
Nao Tomori
maps have been "declining in quality" since 2013 or whatever lmao

doesnt mean they actually are

edit: since apparently qats didn't realize it



the only difference is the number of maps being qualified, they still range from god fucking awful to amazing
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