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v0.8 Traditional Chinese
v0.8 English
v0.8 Japanese

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This is the skin where I apply skinning ideas I like.
The main font is JK Gothic and Noto Sans CJK.

⚬Add pause-loop
⚬Remove nightcore drums
・UI & Typography
⚬Add star2
⚬Remove JISZ
⚬Use JK Gothic
⚬Smaller "Score" title in ranking panel
⚬Bold font for spinner-rpm and ranking-title
⚬New cursor
⚬Darken slider border
⚬Gradient approachcircle
⚬New lighting.png
⚬New simpler combo colors: primary purple & white
⚬New elements based on std hitcircle

⚬New countdown sound
⚬Use lazer samples from osu-resources (commit 266965f0d795b94a126e2da302bd2c10eadd642a)
⚬New fail/pause background
⚬Darker menu inactive text
⚬Glowing score numbers & accuracy/combo labels to match with the process pie
⚬align score-x and score-% better with the rest of score numbers
⚬New cursor
⚬Two customizable sets of numbers in testing
⚬Use hitcircles with shadows instead of glow
⚬Brighter combo colors
⚬ctb elements in testing
⚬New followpoint
⚬Thinner reversearrow
⚬Use CC-BY-NC for compatibility with osu-resources

・New font (JK Gothic L/M, Noto Sans CJK Light/Medium)
・Expanding cursor
⚬Tweaked approach circle
⚬Three combo colors, green, blue, and magenta
⚬New hit-100s
⚬Now uses combo color (instead of always being purple)
⚬New sliderend: current reversearrow without surrounding
⚬New slider ball
⚬grey follow circle
・New section-fail and section-pass
・HP bar:
⚬highlight and backdrop color swapped
⚬Autopilot → use cursor image for its center

・Revamped hitcircle style & cursor
・More elements: section-fail, pass
・Colors: slider → purple, hitcircle → blue
・HP bar: now white & purple only, less busy colors

0.4 (0.3 skipped):
・New spinners
・New colors
・Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese versions

・New, better color palette
・Skin selection-tab
・A bit better looking spinner
・Made hit0 (miss) an X instead of a lozenge

v0.1.1: Remove external hitsounds, now falling back to default
v0.1: Initial release

Preview (0.4 English):




Pause & Fail

Ranking Screen

deadbeat wrote:

Do not upload other peoples work without permission. If you're going to upload a mixed skin, you must be able to provide permission within 24 hours of submitting or your thread will be moved to the wasteland.
Thanks for reconfirming that, sorry for it.
I've removed the hitsounds.
it feels like im hackig
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