osu!catch Daninintei Courses(Updated Kyu Levels for newbies)

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Yumeno Himiko

Hello guys! I'm Yumeno Himiko, some of you may also know me as exam~ It's my first time to make a thread in this forum, and I bring some presents to osu!catch players.

The osu!catch 段位認定 Courses

Updated Kyu Levels for newbie players!

To start the topic, let's take a look at the questions you may have.
  1. What is 段位認定?
    The Daninintei mode (段位認定モード, also known as Class or simply Dan) is a mode containing a series of courses ranked so that each course is harder than the last. The mode was first introduced in beatmania IIDX 7th style and is found in every beatmania IIDX games released since then.
    Modeled after the Dan (段) and Kyu (級) system for many martial art schools, players are ranked from 7th Kyu (the initiate level) all the way through 10th Dan (the highest rank attainable).
    In DistorteD, an extra rank above 10th Dan was added, called Kaiden (皆伝), that is designed to truly test a beatmania IIDX master's skills.
    Each rank consists of a course of four songs .
    You can check more info about it here
  2. What is osu!catch 段位認定 Courses?
    These're several marathon maps rearranged by me, mostly high popularity and high quality maps. I designed 19 levels throughout the courses, from 1st Kyu to 10th Dan, Kaiten and Overjoy. To pass the courses, you should not only focus on passing the maps, but also take care about the accuracy since there're some restricted conditions.
  3. How long is the 段位認定 map?
    Due to my design, one level has 3 short maps and 1 long map, so the length of all levels are nearly 10 minutes, ranging from 9 minutes to 12 minutes. So it not only challenges your ability, but also your constancy and endurance. Make sure you're ready before challenging!
  4. How to show that I passed the levels?
    Just post your level passing screenshot in this thread, and there'll be lists counting the players who passed the Daninintei.

For people who already know what 段位認定 is, you can just start reading here.
I designed 19 levels, starting from the easiest Rain map, to the hardest Deluge map. It can help players easily find where they're and decide what they're going to practise next.

  1. 一級 1st Kyu
    binaria - Kamiiro Awase[Cup] by celerih
    Afgan - Jodoh Pasti Bertemu[Cup] by Xinely
    Shiokara-zu - Shiokara-Bushi[Ink Cup] by ZiRoX
    Halozy - Genryuu Kaiko[HyperiBomb's Flower Petal Shower] by JBHyperion and MBomb
    requirements: acc > 96% + pass

  2. 二級 2nd Kyu
    AAAA - Dreamer.[*Once upon a time... // Cup] by -Plus-
    senya - Iro wa Nioedo Chirinuru o(OPver.)[Salad] by - Magic Girl -
    Kumakuma - Hallucination[Salad] by RoseusJaeger
    Kalafina - believe[Salad] by CLSW
    requirements: acc > 96% + pass

  3. 三級 3rd Kyu
    F-777 - Airborne Robots[Salad] by JBHyperion
    9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno[Salad] by - Magic Bomb -
    Mili - Utopiosphere[Salad] by Spectator
    Team "Hanayamata" - Yorokobi Synchronicity[Salad] by Xinely
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  4. 四級 4th Kyu
    Dormir - Cookie Bouquets[Sanyi's Salad] by Sanyi
    Rita - Princess Blood[Salad] by CLSW
    C-Show - On the FM[Salad] by ascendance
    Halozy - 143 (extended mix)[Salad Collab] by Sinnoh and JBHyperion
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  5. 五級 5th Kyu
    Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter[Platter] by Myle
    Mami Kawada - Wings of Courage -Sora o Koete-[Platter] by examination
    Avicii - Addicted To You[Platter] by Sey
    Bossfight - Sonder[Platter] by WildOne94
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  6. 六級 6th Kyu
    SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki - aLIEz (TV size)[Platter] by Kurokami
    Electric Six - Gay bar[Platter] by Deif
    void feat. Komatsuna - Akatsuki no Tsuki[Frobe's Platter] by Frobe
    Function Phantom - Euclid[ZiRoX's Platter] by ZiRoX
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  7. 七級 7th Kyu
    LeaF - Calamity Fortune[Platter] by Krah
    Hanatan - Yuragi[Platter] by JBHyperion
    Uchida Maaya - Soushou Innocence[Q-H's Platter] by QHideaki13
    CLIFF EDGE - Endless Tears feat. Nakamura Maiko[Platter] by CLSW
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  8. 初段 1st Dan
    Station Earth - Cold Green Eyes ft. Roos Denayer[Rain] by Fii
    Nekomata Master feat. Hayashi Momoko - Rainbow after snow[Rain] by -[ Asuna ]-
    Hanatan - Attakain Dakara[Piku's Rain] by P i k u
    Goose house - 18sai[Rain] by mingmichael
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  9. 二段 2nd Dan
    Romaji - VOiCE[Rain] by eldnl
    Takanashi Yasuharu - Keisei Gyakuten[Rain] by Xinely
    Kenji Otsuki - Gouin ni my yeah~[Rain] by examination
    Nishino Kana - Sweet Dreams (11t dnb mix)[Rain] by Ascendance
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  10. 三段 3rd Dan
    Satoshi (CV:Rica Matsumoto) - XY&Z[Rain] by rew0825
    An - Artcore Jinja[Sauci's Rain] by Sauci
    U2 Akiyama - Did You See That Shadow?[Insane] by ZHSteven
    BoA - Kiseki[Rain Collab] by Xinely, mingmichael, and ursa
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  11. 四段 4th Dan
    IOSYS - Endless Tewi-ma Park[Drafura's Rain] by Drafura
    Soleily - Renatus[Rain] by Deif
    Memme - Acid Burst[Spec's Acidic Rain] by Spectator
    Panda Eyes & Teminite - Highscore[exam's SHD] by examination
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass

  12. 五段 5th Dan
    Lite Show Magic (t+pazolite vs C-Show) - Crack Traxxxx[Fast's Rain] by Fast
    ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan[Clean Cut] by Razor Sharp
    SON OF KICK - Hours ft. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey[sauci's Overdose] by Sauci
    Halozy - Paranoid Lost[Eternal Wandering] by Kyuare
    requirements: acc > 98.5% + pass

  13. 六段 6th Dan
    Tokyo Machine - OKAY[A-OK] by WildOne94
    ESTi - HELIX (Edit ver.)[Spec's Overdose] by Spectator
    REDALiCE - Acceleration[Overdose] by JBHyperion
    HoneyWorks - Akatsuki Zukuyo[Twilight] by Fii
    requirements: acc > 99% + pass

  14. 七段 7th Dan
    M2U - A Bella![Overdose] by Spectator
    Nekomata Master - Avalon no oka[oveRdose] by Intensity
    Renard - PIZZZZZZZZ[Overdose] by Fii
    Sawai Miku - Colorful. (Asterisk DnB Remix)[Vibrant] by Ascendance
    requirements: acc > 98% + pass
    p.s. acc only needs to be 98% here because misses are easy to happen in this level.

  15. 八段 8th Dan
    Kurubukko vs yukitani - Minamichita EVOLVED[REINCARNATION] by alienflybot
    Reol - Streaming Heart[Overdose] by F D Flourite
    penoreri - Preserved Valkyria[Overdose] by Kyuare
    Function Phantom - Algebra[Crystal Spec's Overdose] by Spectator
    requirements: acc > 99% + pass

  16. 九段 9th Dan
    Memme - Force of Ra[Overdose] by Deif
    DJ Ozawa - Tokyo (Innovaderz Remix)[TokyOverdose] by Ascendance
    DJ Totoriott - Chronoxia[Chronos] by Kyuare
    Chroma - Hoshi ga Furanai Machi[Collab Overdose] by CLSW, Spectator and Ascendance
    requirements: acc > 99% + pass

  17. 十段 10th Dan
    LeaF - Evanescent[Ascendance's Deluge] by Ascendance
    Camellia - Ultimate Ascension[Overdose] by Deif
    xi - Aragami[HEAVENLY] by Ascendance
    goreshit - burn this moment into the retina of my eye[Endless Hatred] by Razor Sharp
    requirements: acc > 99% + pass

  18. 皆伝 Kaiden
    Nekomata Master+ - Funny shuffle[Ultra] by Spectator
    Morimori Atsushi - PUPA[Metamorphosis] by Fii
    M2U - Marigold ft. Guriri[Crystal's Extra] by CLSW
    Billain - Boogie[Overdrive] by Spectator
    requirements: acc > 99% + pass

  19. Overjoy (^^)
    BlackYooh vs. siromaru - BLACK OR WHITE ?[Exhaust] by - Magic Bomb -
    Kaneko Chiharu - iLLness LiLin[CRYSTAL SEED Dystopia's C.HEAVENLY] by CLSW
    Kurokotei - Galaxy Collapse[Apocalyptic Requiem] by CLSW
    requirements: acc > 99% + pass

You can get the download link of the maps here:
Kyu Levels:
1st Kyu
2nd Kyu
3rd Kyu
4th Kyu
5th Kyu
6th Kyu
7th Kyu

Dan Levels:
1st Dan
2nd Dan
3rd Dan
4th Dan
5th Dan
6th Dan
7th Dan
8th Dan
9th Dan
10th Dan if you have problem with the audio in this diff, plz dl from puush:

all levels combined together (folder)
all Kyu levels combined together (rar)
all Dan levels combined together (rar)

Q: Why 2nd Dan has more stars than 3rd Dan?
A: The maps I found are all testplayed by me, so I place the maps due to the reality difficulty, I'm not placing the maps due to the stars.
Q: I find a map in 5th Dan harder than 6th Dan, is that your mistake?
A: Yeah, there're some maps harder in easier level, that's because I make them the most difficult map in the whole level, which can make the level more challenging. The easier map in the harder level is aimed for recovering HP and acc.
Q: I find some map(like Funny Shuffle) harder than the original map?
A: You're right, because the cs and ar changed. Since osu! editor can't change cs&ar every red line, I can only find kind of value that works well for all maps. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Q: Why you start from Rain diffs? I can only play Salad.
A: Sorry but this is my first trial of making such sets, I may make lower level sets if this works out well.
Q: Is this official?
A: No, it's just my personal work, and I make it just for fun.
Q: Can I play this with mods like HD/HR?
A: No, these Daninintei courses are only for no mod plays, there'll be mod specific courses in the near future.
Q: Why there're so many Fii/Spectator/CLSW/ascendance maps?
A: I'm their fan.

Also feedback are welcomed here, feel free to post if you think there're some problems or mistakes by me so that I can change asap!

Special thanks for players who helped me along and the mappers who made the perfect maps! :)

Huge thanks to Halfsmashed for assistance on the Kyu levels!

--------------------------------------------------For players who passed the challenges--------------------------------------------------

Murasaki Shion
Fl4ndre Scarlet
Level 10 I can't hear anything
Topic Starter
Yumeno Himiko

Fl4ndre Scarlet wrote:

Level 10 I can't hear anything
hmm I checked the files and it should work fine, redl it maybe?
Uhm, DID you know that Enchant was working on this for the past 2 months? You copy-pasted him COMPLETELY by doing things this way, just saying.
Topic Starter
Yumeno Himiko

AniCore wrote:

Uhm, DID you know that Enchant was working on this for the past 2 months? You copy-pasted him COMPLETELY by doing things this way, just saying.
He is not the original source of the concept of Daninintei, also I never know about this since I quitted for about 2 months.
How come that you say I'm copy-pasting his work? I even don't know why you think I copy maps. Do I have the necessary to copy him? Don't you think I can spend more time on my own maps?
I'll improve this later zzz

I'm gonna join this challenge. I think 10th Dan is bugged, missing audio.
Nice to see, thanks for your hard work, exam <3

A Moon Gust
Passed courses 1, 2 and 3. Felt like Voice was the hardest map to get good acc out of the 1st 3 Dans. Also can you link a download to the individual songs since I can't find Cold Green Eyes by Fii anywhere.
This looks really neat, I'll have to check it out soon.
its kaiden not kaiten

nice course work
Should I play ctb again for this
reupload 10dan its broke

i'm learning ctb now
You should make 級 levels for salads and cups and platters
Topic Starter
Yumeno Himiko

A Moon Gust wrote:

Passed courses 1, 2 and 3. Felt like Voice was the hardest map to get good acc out of the 1st 3 Dans. Also can you link a download to the individual songs since I can't find Cold Green Eyes by Fii anywhere.
sadly Fii deleted some of her maps so you can't find them :o I just gonna add the links today so don't worry about it.

Fl4ndre Scarlet wrote:

Level 10 I can't hear anything

DDMythical wrote:

reupload 10dan its broke

i'm learning ctb now
try this?:!udJmWARS!ZJ323oTzCM5O ... 6m8y6WI8pY

Yuudachi-kun wrote:

You should make 級 levels for salads and cups and platters
just planning to do this, and I may work with some mappers who are good at low level maps to make the levels more balanced. ;)

also fixed the Kaiden problem.

these are all way way way to easy, especially kaiden

Fantasy wrote:

these are all way way way to easy, especially kaiden
then maybe you're way too good at this game ;)
Topic Starter
Yumeno Himiko

Remyria wrote:


hmm I'll check This later

@Fantasy: You're way too strong :( And since the design of system is aim'd for #2000~#1 players, so the relative difficulty won't be too extreme. However Enchant is working on his Dan system and that one is more pro and much harder, you can wait and play their work :d

Link for 10th Dan updated again :o Sorry for the inconvenience
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