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Hello there my name is MistiRain and I been playing these game for 2 months. When I first start, I can't even fc Tear Rain but after a few weeks I can fc it and I can even playing other map in 3 star. I try to play on 4 or 5 stars but it really hard. I need some tips. Btw I play with mouse and keyboard
play more
play more game and you'll get gud
Just play more. It's normal that improvement comes fast in the beginning and slows down more and more.
Moving up the difficulties gets exponentially slower the higher you get.
At your level I wouldn't bother trying to FC stuff. Download a lot of maps from the beatmap packs and just play random maps at a difficulty level that you can handle. Try not to retry more than a couple of times if you can't pass and just move on to another map. It's better to get experience with different types of maps and not do the same ones which just builds specific muscle memory for that map but don't help you in reading different stuff or getting used to different patterns and speeds.
I been playing these game for 2 months too,play more and don't retry the same beatmaps all over and over again
and play harder song but still playable for you if you want to improve fast at reading
or just try fc ing some maps but dont retry it over and over again.
what a mean is you play a song,can't fc try other beatmap,can't fc try other until your consitency is good and you will get used to it
oh yeah, and download a ton of beatmaps too,cause every beatmap have different shape and pattern and it help building you muscle memory
that method is kinda work for me but don't know with other
and don't forget to play for fun, the more you unconscious the faster you improve :)
At this point I recommend you to just play some maps you like and get familiar with patterns you find difficult. If you can't FC some maps don't sweat it, just try to pass some maps and you'll improve little by little.

And of course: Play more
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