Xu Meng Yuan - China-Future

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2018年11月4日 at 15:14:09

Artist: Xu Meng Yuan
Title: China-Future
Tags: Pata-Mon ts8zs Future Bass
BPM: 160
Filesize: 4575kb
Play Time: 02:24
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.32 stars, 135 notes)
  2. Insane (4.57 stars, 484 notes)
  3. Pata-Mon's Normal (2 stars, 302 notes)
  4. Ts8zs' Expert (5.27 stars, 584 notes)
  5. Ts8zs' Hard (3.12 stars, 345 notes)

Download: Xu Meng Yuan - China-Future
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
2017.8.14 update the mp3,

Easy by me
Normal by Pata-Mon
Ts8zs' Hard by Ts8zs
Insane by me
Ts8zs' Expert by Ts8zs


ICboom's Hyper by ICboom rip
Hello from #modreqs:

No plans for tags? Must add some
Disable countdown and widescreen support

00:00:000: Why reverse slider here. Why don't put 2 sliders like this

00:01:499: ^

00:08:623: Overlap the slider at 00:09:185 consider seperate them out

00:25:494: Slider here should be straight to make a consistence at the rest of the sliders

00:33:555: Move this up, too close from the bottom, the part of the slider out the screen

00:56:238 to 00:56:800: This kind of straight line circle seems weird, you can do it like this But I will leave this to you if you are unsure

00:57:738: Ehh, this kind of stacking is weird of the timing placement, Move number 3 out of the stack

01:01:674: NC here

01:11:235: Same as 00:56:238

01:40:666 to 01:41:791: This jumping is bad, I think you can do the triangle jumps

01:56:975 to 01:57:350: Jumping is too big, consider make them closer

02:02:037: Overlap at 02:02:412

02:08:223: you know what to do

02:09:723: like as the 1st one, timing placement should closer to the circles.

02:35:780: Add a circle here, I hear small vocal, use 10% hitsound and put a circle in

OK, so when I play this map, I don't hear your hitsounds, just a few, would recommend add more or use your own custom hitsound.
Well, I'm a beginning STD modder so this mod It's very bad Imo, sorry, if this doesn't help you, ignore it
GL on ranking
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