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Contest organised mostly by C00L and Rizen
With the help from Metronome, LowComboFC, Cheesecake, DavidEd and _DT3

Welcome to the osu!Interntional mapping contest!
This post is the official post for the contest, any updates or changes will be posted here!

Current Stage: Contest Ended, Thanks for Participating!
Winners are located at the bottom of the post!

The Applications close on the 8th of July at 14:00 GMT
The contest begins on the 10th of July at 14:00 GMT and will end on the 24th of July at 14:00 GMT

Please read the two boxes below to familiarize yourself with the contest.

Q: What is this contest and what is osu!International?
A: osu!International is a discord server solely focused on unity and mapping. This mapping contest is its celebration for surpassing 100 users! Keep in mind this is an unofficial mapping contest!

Q: Did I have to be a part of the server before this got announced to enter?
A: Not at all! This contest is open for everyone!

Q: Do I have to join the server to participate?
A: Answer is no and yes. If you don't feel like joining the server since maybe you're in too many already or feel like you don't want to be part of the osu!International server then you are free not to join, although not joining will cut you out of important announcements and a contest specific chat room where you can discuss the contest with other contestants!

Q: How do I join the server?
A: Go to the registrations tab, there is a link there that will lead you to a register form where you can register yourself and your team! Afterwhich you will be given a invite link which you can share ONLY with your team.

Q: I'm banned, can I still participate?
A: Yes of course! But keep in mind that if you decide to participate you will not receive rewards if your team wins!

Q: Does my teammate have to be the same nationality as I am?
A: Not at all, you can assemble a team no matter how far away you are from each other nor how close. The point is to unite with your friends and form a team!

Q: What is the song, is it going to be long?
A: The song will be revealed with the start of the contest it's genre is artcore and the song isn't going to be long, it'll be around 2 min!

Q: How does this contest work?
A: This contest works like this: You will have to find a minimum of 1 friend and maximum of 3 friends (This is required since unity is the theme of the osu!International server and this is what is being created here by inviting your friends to join) to gather together and map a full set of the given song. This can range from a Easy and Normal difficulty spread up to Normal, Hard, Insane and Extra difficulty spread (this solely depends on your team size!) After that's done, you send over the .osu files to me. Everything is then compiled and judged!

Q: If I apply as a judge, but don't get chosen ... can I still participate?
A: Yes! there are no restrictions in how you participate in the contest, if you don't get chosen as one of the judges you will still have at least 4 days to apply as a contestant with a team!

Q: Can I make a Mania/Taiko/CTB set?
A: No! this contest is only for the osu!std mode only! Although other mods may also be included in future osu!International contests depending on how this one goes.

Q: Can I just map a single difficulty mapset?
A: No! This contests theme is revolved around unity and teamwork, therefore mapping a single difficulty without a team is breaking that rule!

Q: Can I collab the diffs with my team?
A: Yes! You can collab every difficulty or map 1 each, 2 each or 1 and a half each. The choice is up to you to decide! Collaborations are allowed and even encouraged!

Q: So what if there are only 2 of us in the team?
A: If you cannot find more people or others are already in a team, then you could map 2 diffs each or collaborate on each difficulty! You may also choose to map all 3/4 diffs.

Q: Can I use my own custom hitsounds?
A: No! The reason for this is because the entries are submitted in the .osu format. You may only use custom hitsounds provided by us in the contest .osz!

Q: What are the winner prizes?
A: The winners are going to receive supporter badges and the first place mapset is going to be pushed into the ranking section! I will also try my hardest to provide a profile badge to the winners, there will most likely be only one profile badge provided to the team captain but nothing is confirmed yet!

  1. The diffs must have a reasonable spread - That means having a spread that matches the ranking criteria. So stuff like 4 extras isn't allowed and will result in a disqualification. Basically the spread can go from a Easy, Normal to a Normal, Hard, Insane, Extra. All acceptable difficulty spreads will be shown below the rules! Make sure you familiarize yourself with them, since if a no-acceptable spread is mapped your map will be disqualified!
  2. 2-4 members per team required - This is a teamwork based contest so it will rely on teamwork based effort to make the diffs required.
  3. Copying other peoples work is prohibited - Copying other peoples work is strictly forbidden because the whole point of the contest is to be unique and fair with everyone and most importantly to show off your skill, not somebody else's! If we or the judges find out your work has been copied, your entire team gets disqualified. So keep that in mind!
  4. Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline - Everybody will have the same time to map the set so it will ultimately become unfair if somebody had more time than the others. Therefore, after the deadline any submitted mapsets will be disqualified.
  5. Custom hitsounds outside of the provided ones are prohibited - Name speaks for itself, reason for that is to avoid huge internet usage for the judges and again to avoid less things getting lost whilst compiling all entries. You may only use custom hitsounds provided in the contest .osz!
  6. Changing the mp3 or timing of the .osz is prohibited - Name speaks for itself, reason for that is to avoid any complications during the judging process since you will be submitting .osu rather than .osz.
  7. The osu!Standard Ranking Criteria and General Ranking Criteria are in effect for this contest - As you may know the #1 is to push the mapset to the ranked section, we cannot do that if you don't obey the Ranking Criteria.
  8. You have to have a team name - If you are registering as a contestant, you will get the option to choose a team name for you and your group of friends. Doing this will save time during the judging process as it's easier to identify people by their team name rather than individual participants names.

E -
N -
H -
I -
X -


  1. ENHI
  2. NHIX
  3. NHI
  4. ENH
  5. EN
  6. NH
Hello everyone!

Today I'm proud to announce a newly formed mapping contest that was built from scratch up to this with me and my fellow friend organisers. We tried to go for something unique and new to offer everyone something new to participate in! Below you will find the most important information about How to participate; How to apply as a judge; What prizes will be given out to the winners; etc.

Since this is a newly formed contest let me do a quick run down of how things are going to work.

  1. Register as a contestant through the given link down below to join our Discord. Joining the server will allow you to stay up to date with any news regarding the contest (all new information will be posted in the server). It will also allow you to meet up with the osu!International community! So make sure to join to stay up to date!
  2. The base .osz file will be released at the beginning of the contest at a specific date. The link to the .osz will only be available to those in the discord server.
  3. From the moment the contest begins the contestants have a total of 120 hours (or 5 days) to map a minimum of 2 difficulties and a maximum of 4 difficulties depending on their team size.
  4. Once the contestants finish mapping their set, they should submit their individual .osu files to me via Discord DM's or via osu! PM's.
  5. After the 120 hour time period has ended, no more entries will be accepted and any that are submitted past the deadline will be automatically disqualified. Judges will be given anonymous .osz sets and in the following weeks they will make up their scores based on their thoughts.
  6. Once the judging period has concluded, I'll compile the results and release them to the public.

    Please Note: If any changes occur to your teams status, e.g. one of your team members cannot participate because of such and such reason or a person joined your team after the application was sent. Please report this to me! I keep a log of every team registered, but as you may know sometimes things may happen between people and I don't find out, so please let me know whenever something changes.

  1. 1st Place - 4 months of supporter to each team member in the winning set, winning mapset gets pushed to the pending section after the end of the contest and eventually after a short period of time it will be ranked by dedicated contest Beatmap Nominators and a profile badge for the team members!
  2. 2nd Place - 2 months of supporter to each team member, a free mod from one tier 1 dedicated contest Beatmap Nominator (no icon guarantee).
  3. 3rd Place - 1 month of supporter to each team member

Please follow this link to register for the osu!International Mapping Contest: here
Complete the form as a contestant and follow the link at the end of the application to the server. All information will be available for you via the server. Only the captain should register, meaning that one person only should register their whole team and then provide the rest of the team members with the invite link.
If you are applying as a Judge then fill out the form as a Judge Applicator.
If you wish just to join the osu!International community please fill out the forum as a Community member.

Note: Even if you are already in the osu!International Discord server you still have to complete the forum to register for the contest!

NOTE: Judge Testing will begin on the 3rd of July at 19:00 GMT Time and will close on the 6th of July at 19:00 GMT time
You may apply as a Judge now! Go to the Registration tab for more info

Everyone gets a chance to apply as a judge, again the theme of the contest is unity! More or less unity falls under equality too, therefore we are giving everyone a equal chance to participate wherever they want.
The judge application will test your skills at judging and if you have what it takes to become the contest judge.
You will have a total of 72 hours to complete your application. After the time period of 72 hours has concluded any forms submitted past the deadline will be automatically disqualified.

All applications will be reviewed by me and Rizen after which the 5 chosen judges will be announced here and on the Discord server. Shortly after the .osz for the contestants will be released!


Important information
  1. View the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) here
  2. View the Contest Rules here
  3. View the Judging Criteria here

All of these will be available to view in the osu!International server in the #contest-information channel

If you have any questions regarding this contest, please do not hesitate to ask me or anybody on the #contest-chat-room! I'm always online on discord and always happy to help.


osu! International Mapping Contest #1 Results

Hello everyone! Post is getting updated after some considerable time (which was the judging period) to announce the Winners of the first instalment of the osu!International Mapping Contest! I want to thank all the staff that helped me during this contest, especially a q p w who was always a helping hand even in the most work related tasks, to all the judges that managed to finish on time and act responsibly about the whole situation, that is Pentori, HighTec, ByBy and Cerulean Veyron. Unfortunatelly, we are not able to include HappyRocket88's judging due to special circumstances that arose recently. Anyway without further writing let's greet the Winners!


1st place - At first place comes team Sample Text which managed to earn itself 183.5 points! Their mapset was outstanding in the eyes of many judges and mostly ranging from 38.5-50 points in general which is a outstanding results to achieve! Congratulations to handsome, Bonzi, Asphyxia and Pishifat! Your rewards will be issued shortly! Above you can see the badge that these individuals will have on their profiles! Again great job, congratulations!

2nd place - At second place comes team Sassy Ravioli Vortex which managed to also earn themselves a really outstanding score of 178 points! Congratulations to Irreversible, Nhawak, Voli and Gero!

3rd place - Last but not least at third place we have team shen mapo b which managed to fight their way through onto third place with the fourth team falling just by a mere 2 points! They managed to earn themselves a score of 169 points! Congratualtions to Karen, Crystal, yf_bmp and skystar!
Here are the top 3 mapsets

  1. 1st place -
  2. 2nd place -
  3. 3rd place -

That concludes the results of the winners. The detailed results for each judge and detailed summaries of points awarded can be found below.

Additional Files

Last note to the winners: Please contact me about how you would like your supporter rewards distributed!

Thank you all for participating, I've learnt a lot of stuff whilst hosting this and hopefully next thing I organise will be even BIGGER!
Until then have fun looking through all the entries ^^
Teams (Captains are bolded)
  1. Junk Generator
        InternalLight , CookieBite
  2. Choi Du Mae
        Asaiga , Hikan , Yamicchi , 0109-
  3. www
        UnLock- , Kroytz , Akitoshi , Anxient
  4. Flying baguettes
        Realazy , Pachiru , Ponoyoshi , Zerss
  5. Cerkal maPPerz
        MrMenda , -Sepia- , ANuko , Eclipse-
  6. Sassy Ravioli Vortex
        Gero , Nhawak , Voli , Irreversible
  7. The Unrankables
        Smolboi , Gokateigo ,HibikiDesu, JayJay-San
  8. ur wiafu is rtash
        Troll , Megatron is bad , IOException
  9. Decearing Egg
        NyarkoO , Celektus , -Jordan- , KnightC0re
  10. Finsucelent
        Su1fu7 , Finshie , celerih , TheArchist
  11. Team Trainwreck
        VezAgera , PastaCats , Jona7117 , Yoshino--
  12. Frostings' former mentees
        osuskrub , Jennglebells
  13. we dont even map
        White Tiger , kablaze , Cynisis , TillaN
  14. Reol Mappers
        Marianna , Trynna , Kalindraz , Net0
  15. Sample Text
        handsome , Bonzi , Asphyxia , pishifat
  16. Kairos
        Sing , Professionalbox , toybot , byfar
  17. lo wgat the fuk
        Flezlin , Seni , Firis Mistlud , xLolicore-
  18. Thanks and sorry
        Namki , Sieg , Slayed
  19. OwO
        Yugu , gary00737
  20. JeSus
        Kaban , [Soju_Desu] , PinkSty , None1637
  21. LaTeX
        VINXIS , deetz , RLC , Nyquill
  22. idm
        Fookiezi , Syph , Natsu
  23. gya weebs
        A r M i N , Tomadoi
  24. KashenkoWarriors
        Mirash , EvilElvis , Seikatu , NeilPerry
  25. Fusion
        Lilyanna , Shiratoi , FoxyGrandpa , Ultima Fox
  26. shen mapo b
        Karen , Crystal , yf_bmp , Skystar
  27. Felt Doujin Music Fan Gay
        Frostings , Megumi Kato
  28. graveyardmapper
        [ -Scarlet- ] , SolarFox , MoeMoeKyunNN
  29. Mapowańce-Wyruchańce
        Venix , CptSqBany , Krfawy , ReFaller
  30. shen mapo a
        Rizia , Regou
  31. Linechi
        Nevo , Lince Cosmico , -Tochi
  32. shen mapo c
        StarrStyx , Moecho
  33. prayut chandara
        Deppyforce , - Frontier -
  34. Kibb's Harem
        Kibbleru , Doormat , Gaia
  35. existentialism
        tokiko , -Light- , den0saur
  36. droid
        jesneit , tkbaka , _Epreus , darovinci0
  37. The Otaku Masters
        _MasterTSP , victorfernando , yShadowXOP_
  38. Boku no Moving Spiderman
        felys , Delis , Reiji-RJ
  39. wtf mapping
        Silver_Cr0w , Hou Rearu , Yunona , EijiKuinbii
  40. Copihue
        iYiyo , pkhg , Hazu- , Cosmolade
  41. dubudubbab
        Beomsan , Enon , Dailycare , Down
  42. Blue Rose
        Bluekrait , Rose Pacifica , milr_
  43. Chimp Squad
        Exote , HootOwlStar , Rohit6 , BOUYAAA
  44. Polskie Szamba
        Chalwa , MrDorian
  45. Tortilla
        Atsuro , Side , Luna- , Underforest
  46. Mach'allah Mapping Team
        Ovoui , Neoskylove , Walaowey
  47. pook
        how2miss , killer4343
  48. the thonkers
        [ Space ] , Ethan
  49. Squirrel Lovers
        squirrelpascals , Spork Lover
  50. The Botanists
        Botan , Ora , [-R1]
  51. School Chicken Project
        Kin , sdafsf , My Angel Kanan , Lulu-
  52. Anzac Bikkies
        Ambient , moph
I want to participate but I need a team :(

Rizen wrote:

Nice! But does the teammate NEED to be from the same country as you?
the only team mate i need is my right hand
Noob mapping contest when?
Topic Starter

NyarkoO wrote:

Nice! But does the teammate NEED to be from the same country as you?
No, not at all! You can have people in your team only from your country or vice versa, there's no restrictions!
Firis Mistlud
i'm interested
How long would the song be, and what type of song? I have some potential team members interested.
Topic Starter
Song length: ~2min
Genre: Artcore
BPM: 195

im not saying anything more about the song until it gets released
Thank you!

Firis Mistlud wrote:

tfw im interested but i have no friend to team up w uwu

C00L wrote:

Song length: ~2min
Genre: Artcore
BPM: 195

im not saying anything more about the song until it gets released
I sense Feryquitous (An (Acutic Notes)) ;)
re sver sd
Another question: Can the team names have distorted text?

For example: t̷̰͝e̵̤̊s̴̱͛t̸̼̔
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