[o!std] [1v1] [BADGE] Yaz's Summer Cup 2017 (Winner: Vaxei)

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Hi! I'm Yaz, and welcome to my Summer Cup 2017!
Sponsored by Ferocity Esports!

  1. This tournament is a osu!standard, 1v1, international tournament.
  2. This tournament will consist of 128 players.
  3. Matches will be Head to Head, with Score V2 as the scoring system used.
  4. There will be no rank limit on signups, however if we reach 128 signups we will take the top 128 players in terms of rank.
  5. Ranks will be taken and locked when registrations have concluded
  6. Anyone who does sign up must be able to play maps with a difficulty of at least 4.7*.
  7. Starting from groups, the tournament will be double elimination. Qualifications will be the only thing that is single elimination.
  8. All staff members are allowed to sign up for the tournament. The only exception are the host, co-hosts, and mappool selectors/testers.
  9. All players must treat staff and other participants with a high level of respect, any kind of mistreatment in a match or on the discord (this includes extreme toxicity, racism, homophobia) will result in BAN and will be BLACKLISTED from participating in future installments of this tournament.
  10. Where rules do not prevail, common sense shall. The administration has explicit discretion to apply their judgement on this as they see fit.
  11. Each stage will be held on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday/Tuesday before that stage is due to happen, to allow for reschedules.
  12. Reschedules will be allowed if both players agree on a time and provide PROOF of the agreed reschedule to Hosts/Co-Hosts/Scheduling team.
  13. Please be aware that reschedules must happen at least 24 HOURS before the match is due to happen. Any time after this will not be considered.
  14. In order for your registration to count, you must fill out the form provided, join the discord and change your username on discord to your osu! username.

Registration Form | Discord | Spreadsheet | | Ferocity Esports

We are Ferocity!
Hello everyone! We are Ferocity Nation. We are a multi-platform gaming organization and we are looking to not only make a name for ourselves, but are also striving to the best out there. We compete in as many tournaments and leagues as we can. Some of these tournaments and leagues range from smaller competitive scenes such as the Brawlhalla Championship Series, to much larger scenes with massive followings such as ELS’s Rainbow Six Pro League. We are constantly expanding and yes, we are recruiting! If you have any questions, then contact us on our official twitter page @FerocityNation, or you could simply reach out to @Mcdemors who is our Chief Operating Officer.

Why are we sponsoring this tournament?
This tournament caught our interest for a few reasons. The first reason being our very own Mcdemors is part of the staff helping to make this tournament possible. The second reason would be that there aren’t enough osu! Tournaments that are sponsored by a company let alone an official Esports team. We wanted to team up with the staff of Yaz’s Summer Cup to help them put on a tournament that was unique. We hope that this tournament will set an example to both Esports teams and tournament hosts so that there will be more tournaments such as this one.


  1. Referees will create the lobby and invite players 10 minutes before the match is due to start.
  2. If a player fails to show up after their match is due to start, a 10 minute timer will be started.
  3. Any player that fails to show up after the 10 minute timer will forfeit the match and a default win will be awarded to the other player.
  4. Failure to attend a match without a valid reason may result in being BLACKLISTED from participating from future tournaments.
  5. The referee will have host at ALL TIMES during the match. Players are expected to have a warmup and link the beatmap (/b link) BEFORE the match starts.
  6. Players will have 90 seconds to ban a map. Failure to ban a map after this time will result in a loss of a ban.
  7. Players will have 90 seconds to pick a map. Failure to pick a map after this time will result in the pick being passed to their opponent.
  8. Disconnects during the first 30 seconds of the map will result in the map being replayed. Any disconnections after this will result in a forfeit of that map.
  9. Players are only allowed to disconnect once per match. Anything after this will result in the match being forfeited to the other player.
  10. Any attempts to stall the match, show toxicity or spam during the match will result in a warning. Failure to comply with this rule again will result in a point being awarded to another player.
  11. In a Freemod pick, both players must choose a mod (HD/HR/EZ) or a combination of these mods.
  12. The score of a player who failed during a map but managed to revive before the end will be counted as if it were a pass
  13. The score of a player who is in failed state when the map has finished will be counted as 0
  14. If both players fail, the highest failed score will win the map
  15. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner of that match (mods are available during the tiebreaker).
  16. At the end of the match, you are free to leave the lobby.


  1. There will be no warmups and one ban per player
  2. Players will roll ONCE. The winner of that roll will ban and pick FIRST
  3. In groups, there will be one TOP, one HIGH, one MID and one LOW seeded player per group, this will be drawn randomly.
  4. During these stages, players are NOT allowed to choose from the same mod bracket (HD/HR/DT/FreeMod) TWICE in a row. This excludes the NoMod bracket pool.
  5. The top 2 players from each group will make it through to the knockout stage.


  1. Seeding for knockouts will be as follows: GROUP A #1 vs GROUP B #2 etc.
  2. In this stage, there will be warmups and 2 bans per player
  3. Players will roll ONCE. The winner will have the first warmup, first ban and first pick.
  4. In these stages, players are free to pick from any mod bracket.

  1. Registrations 17th June - 8th July 2017
  2. Qualifications/Round of 128 21st/22nd/23rd July 2017 (Best of 5)
  3. Group Stage drawings 24th July 2017
  4. Group Stage 28/29/30th July 2017 and 4/5/6th August 2017 (Best of 7)
  5. Round of 32 11/12/13th August 2017 (Best of 7)
  6. Round of 16 and Losers Bracket Round 1 18/19/20th August 2017 (Best of 9)
  7. Quarter Finals and Losers Bracket Rounds 2 + 3 25/26/27th August 2017 (Best of 9)
  8. Semi Finals and Losers Bracket Rounds 4 + 5 1st/2nd/3rd September 2017 (Best of 9)
  9. Winners Finals, Losers Semis and Losers Finals 9th/10th September 2017 (Best of 11)
  10. Grand Finals (and Bracket Reset) 16th September 2017 (Best of 13)

All times are in UTC unless specified otherwise

1st Place: PROFILE BADGE (Confirmed!), $60, and 6 Months Supporter
2nd Place:$35 and 4 Months Supporter
3rd Place: $20 and 2 Months Supporter
4th Place: $10 and 1 Month Supporter

In addition to this, the top 4 players will also receive an invite to participate in the next installment of the tournament.

Host: Yazzehh

Co-Hosts: LefafeI n0ah

Commentators: n0ah Halfslashed gigagamer37 Bubbleman Doomsday Mcdemors Toy Kentaro DigitalHypno omgforz Sartan emanfman Monko2k Doomsday is Bad Kano -Akuro Fieryrage Legless

Streamers: LefafeI zelda101 Mcdemors mmi- kuur0 Sartan Bae- Monko2k

Referees: Yazzehh LefafeI n0ah zelda101 Pepsi Max saoie Kentaro kuur0 DigitalHypno Aoiyuuki- Yulivee this1neguy TopSp1n Mr HeliX Omaru Deadpulse Xelin1 Syph Catzzye

Mappool Selectors: n0ah Legless Alexdark69

Mappool Testers: ChronoNig Kotayo

Spreadsheets: Meow-Mix oralekin

Scheduling: Yazzehh DigitalHypno Halfslashed -Olivia this1neguy

Graphics Designer: Jarvis Kaetwo

As of now we are not looking for any more staff. Thank you to these wonderful people for helping me out with the tournament!
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  1. 17/06/2017 - REGISTRATION OPEN!
  2. 17/06/2017 - Bae- added to Streamers
  3. 17/06/2017 - Syph added to Referees
  4. 17/06/2017 - Monko2k added to Commentators and Streamers
  5. 17/06/2017 - Doomsday is Bad added to Commentators
  6. 18/06/2017 - Kano added to Commentators
  7. 18/06/2017 - Reached 128 signups already!
  8. 18/06/2017 - Kotayo added to Mappool Testers
  9. 19/06/2017 - -Akuro added to Commentators
  11. 26/06/2017 - Fieryrage added to Commentators
My name jeff please respond if ur name is also jeff
Meow Mix
best of luck with your tournament yaz, you spaz! ♥
worst fl player
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In less than 24 hours, we have reached 128 signups!

I'm so amazed at the massive turn out for the tournament already and I want to thank you guys for taking an interest in this. It makes me super happy.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be taking and locking ranks until registrations are closed. This means that people are still able to sign up before end of registrations (which will be Saturday July 8th - 00:00 UTC), if you are not on the list on the spreadsheet it means you are not eligible to participate in the tournament.

Much love everyone <3 x
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This tournament has now been approved to give out a badge to the winner of the tournament!

You still have time to register if you haven't already :D

Hope to see many more of you in the discord in the next few weeks!

Yaz x
me too

Yazzehh wrote:

As of now we are not looking for any more staff. Thank you to these wonderful people for helping me out with the tournament!
This feeling of exclusion... what is this? Oh, wait, I remember now... it's despair...
man if only i had the confidence for these types of tournaments :(
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Registrations are now closed!

Thank you all for signing up! The response has been overwhelming!

I really liked the skin that was used while streaming the last rounds between Toy and Vaxei. Could you please link that skin?

I would appreciate that :)

Regards, shootr
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