o!m PH Summer Tournament 2017 [FINISHED]

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And when you thought that there would be no o!m PH tournament.

Prepare your keyboards as we're about to take another heated-up challenge, this time though, it's not just 4K. By popular demand, we are also hosting a 7K Tournament!

Niro- wins 4K Division | Dadots wins 7K Division

Discord | Twitch | Youtube | Challonge: 4K | 7K

Tournament Schedule

Most of the activities will be held over weekends.

April 16, 2017 - Registrations Open Moved to April 12, 2017
April 29, 2017 - Registrations Close
April 30, 2017 - Tournament Introduction and Qualifiers Mappool Showcase (4K and 7K)
May 6-7, 2017 - 4K Qualifiers
May 13-14, 2017 - 7K Qualifiers
May 20-21, 2017 - 4K Group Stage
May 27-28, 2017 - 7K Group Stage
June 3-4, 2017 - Quarterfinals (4K and 7K)
June 10-11, 2017 - Winner's Bracket Semifinals / Loser's Bracket Round 1 (4K and 7K)
June 17, 2017 - Loser's Bracket Round 2
June 18, 2017 - Winner's Bracket Finals (4K and 7K)
June 24, 2017 - Loser's Bracket Finals (4K and 7K)
June 25, 2017 - Grand Finals (4K and 7K)

Since you might like diagrams, here's one:


For full details, please check the following Challonge links: 4K | 7K

General Tournament Format

Yes, you are obliged to read this carefully.

The tournament, unlike last year, will now host two keymodes, 4K and 7K, thus renaming the tournament as the osu!mania Philppines Summer Tournament. The said meet is going to be held over the months of May and June with the aim of looking for best osu!mania players in the country. The two keymode divisions will have a small difference in terms of mappool construction though, as the 7K tournament is planned to have a Double Time (DT) mod pool.

The format for both tournaments is as follows:

Qualifiers Stage:
This stage aims to reduce the whole field to 16 players, ideally, for both divisions.

For this stage, a small selection of notecharts are selected and are going to be played by the participants twice in a multiplayer room, with the better scores of the two runs being counted in the total score. Unlike other tournaments where the players are ranked and the top cut of players qualify to the next stage, the group has decided to set an auto-qualification criteria where players can aim to get that total score to automatically qualify to the next stage, regardless of their rank in the qualifiers as a whole. If not all 16 slots are taken by these auto-qualified players, then the rankings will have bearings as the players below the cutoff are ranked and will fill in the blank spots until the final 16 are formed. If more than 16 players auto-qualify, it would be considered as the 16 slots being full, and all who automatically qualify advance.

Round of 16 (+ extras)/Group Stage:
This stage aims to reduce the players who advance from the previous stage to 8 per division.

The players are sorted into seeding groups based on their performance in the qualifiers. A new seeding group is added for every four extra players who qualified from the previous stage, so if only 16 qualify, there will be four seeding groups. The players are then drawn into four round-robin groups, then a usual group stage match format takes place, and the top 2 from each group qualifies for the next stage.

Quarterfinals and onwards:
From this stage, a double elimination tournament is then held until a champion can be declared.

Rules and Guidelines

Yes, you are also obliged to read this carefully.

Section 1 - Scoring Format

The tournament shall use Score v2 as its scoring format. This requires players to play on the following osu! Builds: Stable (Latest), Beta, and Cutting Edge.

Section 2 - Mods Used in the Tournament

The tournament shall assume the osu!mania FreeMod rule in mod usage for this tournament. This permits the use of Hidden (HD), Flashlight (FL), and Fade In (FI) during the matches.

A Double Time (DT) pool is mixed in to the 7K mappools during the Elimination Stage. This requires the DT mod to be used in the matches, aside from the FreeMod permission. There is no DT pool for the 4K Tournament.

Section 3 - Eligibility and Registration

Players who currently have the Philippine Flag on their profile are the only ones allowed to join the tournament, regardless of osu!mania rank. There is no requirement for the player to understand the Filipino Language as a whole in order to be permitted.

Staff Members who are not part of the Executive Committee and the Mappool Selectors are permitted to join the tourney.

The registration phase of the tournament shall begin on April 16, 2017 April 12, 2017 and end on April 29, 2017. Players are allowed to join BOTH 4K and 7K Tournaments


Section 4 - Qualification

All players that enter the tournament will be eligible to play in the qualification round; however, participants cut down to sixteen (16) players, UNLESS they pass an autoqualification criteria and they are added to the roster. The said criteria will be revealed during the Qualifier Mappool Showcase.

Players are scheduled alongside each other to play a mini-pool of 4 notecharts twice in a multiplayer room. The notecharts are of varying difficulty and are carefully handpicked in such a way that familiarity is almost negligible. All players are obliged to play ALL of the notecharts during the qualifiers as FAILED SCORES WILL STILL COUNT. In case a player appears late on his schedule, he will be allowed to catch up after the rest of the notecharts have been played, but if the second iteration has started, the player will not be allowed to join anymore and must arrange a reschedule ONE HOUR AFTER his original qualifier room closes.

The room name format is as follows: omPHST17: (Group X). This format applies to both divisions. The rooms are made ten minutes prior to the schedule and the referees are obliged to inform you, the player, that he will move you to the room, or send an invite to you instead.

If the process appears to be confusing, there is no need to worry as long as you adhere to your schedule and follow the instructions your referees will give you, or you can also ask the staff on how things go over discord.

Section 5 - Knockout Matches (Group Stage and onwards)

Section 5.1 - Preparation
The referees shall prepare the match room ten (10) minutes prior to the match schedule. It is the referee's obligation to inform the players about this and ask whether to move them directly to the room, or to send an invite. If the player does not respond within this time period, the player is forcibly moved at the actual match schedule.

The room name format is as follows: omPHST17: (Player 1) vs (Player 2). This format applies to both divisions.

Defaulting time is ten (10) minutes directly after the actual match schedule. The player who fails to appear in the match within that time period shall be considered as a no-show and the player inside the room already shall be declared the winner. If both players do not appear, the player with the higher seed from the Qualification Phase shall be considered the winner.

Section 5.2 - Warm-up Phase
Each Player is allowed to select warm-up charts for them to play in the room in whatever purpose they have. These must be uploaded to the osu! servers and have less than four (4) minutes of drain time.

Section 5.3 - Bans and Picks
After the warm-up phase, the players shall proceed to use the !roll command on the multiplayer chat. The player with the lower !roll score will ban a notechart from the pool first, and the player with the higher !roll score will place his own ban next, and immediately, his/her first pick. This means that there will be only one (1) ban from each player

Section 5.4 - Match Format
Players shall alternate picks until a match winner is determined. This shall be in a Best-of-X series with the formats listed as follows:
  1. Group Stage - Best-of-7 (First to 4)
  2. Quarterfinals - Best-of-9 (First to 5)
  3. Semifinals - Best-of-11 (First to 6)
  4. Finals - Best-of-13 (First to 7)
  5. Grand Finals - Best-of-13 (First to 7)
In case the players are tied at match point, for example, a 3-3 on the Group Stage, the players then proceed to play the Tiebreaker chart of the pool.

Section 5.5 - Mappools
Each round has its own mappool. Each pool is constructed in such a way that it can accommodate enough notecharts for a tie at match point, plus two bans, one ignored pick, and the tiebreaker. The qualifiers pool construction has already been explained at Section 4.

Section 6 - Rescheduling

During qualifiers, players are allowed to move across groups according to their own availability only ONCE, and it is irreversible. If the player could not appear at his qualifier room, regardless of being moved or not, it is their obligation to inform the staff of their availability immediately in order for them to be able to play. There is no assurance that the rescheduled players are going to be streamed, however.

During the knockout stages, players are allowed to reschedule their matches as long as their opponent have a mutual agreement on this arrangement, and is made before the Thursday prior to the match. This is for the staff to be able to adjust their general schedules for the round, including the streams. If the arrangement is made after the set deadline, the match will still be rescheduled, but there is no assurance that it will be streamed.

Section 7 - Disconnections

Knowing Philippine Internet, Disconnections are unavoidable. In order to keep things fair, the following guidelines are given:

Section 7.1 - Qualification
The play continues regardless of disconnections. The player is permitted to catch up on re-connection to the room, or via an arrangement with the staff.

Section 7.2 - Knockout Stages
1. If the player disconnects within 5% of the drain time of the pick (the pick is being played), the play will be aborted and shall be repeated once the player re-enters, or gets moved into the room.
2. If the player disconnects within 10% of the drain time of the pick, the play shall continue BUT it will be decided by both players whether to repeat the play, or the play be counted as part of the scoreboard.
3. If the player disconnects beyond 10% of the drain time of the pick, the play shall continue and will be counted as part of the scoreboard.
4. In order to avoid abuse of the system, each player has only one (1) disconnection token per match and is used up once the player does. Any disconnection made after the token is used shall be counted as a point for their opponent. (Only applies for disconnections during the play)
5. Situations uncovered by these clauses (stuck at "Waiting for Other Players" screen, Player disconnection a few seconds prior to score submission, etc.) shall be decided immediately by the staff on-the-spot.

Section 8 - Player and Staff Conduct

Players are expected to be informed about the Rules and Guidelines of this tournament. In addition, the staff shall assure a good experience for the players during the tournament.

Section 8.1 - Match Conduct
The Players and staff are expected to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the osu! Community. If the player's behavior during the match is not tolerable anymore, the staff has the decision whether to terminate the match and freeze at current score, disqualify the player from the match, or disqualify the player in the tournament as a whole . The staff also have the discretion to change the referee of the match, or kick him/her out of the staff based on the same grounds.

Section 8.2 - Overall Conduct
The players and staff are expected to not be a douche. If the player is seen to be disconnecting from the match without proper justification, the staff may decide to impose the penalties stated in Section 8.1. Also, if the player is in a match that determines the Top 3 of the tournament, regardless of division, and no-shows on that match without proper justification, the player shall be deemed disqualified from the tournament as a whole, and the tournament rankings shall be adjusted accordingly. If the staff member is the one who's at fault, it is the Executive Committee's decision on which penalties the said staff member faces. This may include suspension or termination from service.

Section 9 - Updates and Concerns

Most of the major updates regarding the tournament shall be posted on this forum thread. All concerns and questions regarding the tournament may be posted on this thread, but if possible, please join the discord server through the invite placed at the top portion of this post, as most of the activity outside the forums and the game itself are going to be held there.

Tournament Staff

Know the people who'll torture guide you through this experience

Executive Committee:
  1. E x e - Head of Operations / Discord Server Manager
  2. SurfChu85 - Staff Coordinator / Discord Server Manager / Tournament Statistician
  3. MapleSyrup- - Communications Officer
Mappickers (Mixed):
  1. E x e
  2. SurfChu85
  3. Ainyan
  4. Lenfried-
  5. Abraxos
  6. Soul Evans
  1. SurfChu85
  2. MapleSyrup-
  3. Lenfried-
  4. Shiro-neechan
Streamers and Commentators: (Looking for more!)
Main Streaming Team (Afternoon Block)
  1. igamer48
  2. christoefur
  3. jayelynnaf
Main Streaming Team (Evening Block)
  1. xCore420
  1. ggnakacarlz
(We are really looking for volunteers, you know how PH Quality Net is right?)

Graphics Editor:
  1. OsuMe65


One Month of osu!supporter for the Top 3 and A PROFILE BADGE FOR THE CHAMPIONS FOR EACH DIVISION!

Unfortunately, the osu! Tournament Staff will not award Supporter Tags anymore. Read here for more details.

We're currently working on finding a sponsor for the prizes, but there's no assurance for this. But hey, PROFILE BADGES.
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4K Division:
  1. Maika - Goldrop (Skorer) [Yudaina LN]
  2. Hironobu Yoshida - TRICK MASTER ~Karaku-REMIX!~ (SurfChu85) [KARAKURI]
  3. Orangestar feat. IA - Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan (dakemoto) [Night Sky]
  4. Airuei - Framework (E x e) [Structure]
  5. Drop - Dancer of Saramandora (XeoStyle) [Crimson Dance]
  6. Helblinde - DEAD END (arcwinolivirus) [Survival Game]
  7. Culprate - Finger VIP (Parachor) [Trigger Finger]
  8. honey princess - LOVE BEAM (Syaro-sama) [Love]
  9. Yura Hatsuki x Seraph - Le Rouge et le Noir (Skorer) [Rouge]
  10. hhyi - you can recover (Valedict) [restoration]
  11. ke-ji feat. Nanahira - Ange du Blanc Pur (konawiki) [Angelic]
  12. TIEBREAKER Camellia - Nightmare of Hornets Squad (Valedict) [Breakdown]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... TJYTldVcUk

7K Division:
  1. Sabrepulse - Horizon (Remix) (Nivrad00) [wiz's Nostalgia]
  2. ESTi - Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble (ArcherLove) [MX]
  3. *namirin - Daidai Genome (SurfChu85) [I'll return them to you (Collab)]
  4. Sabrepulse - Finder (Paulmrm) [Insane]
  5. Haruna Luna - Startear -TV size ver.- (Kuo Kyoka) [7K Lv.24]
  6. C-Show - Panic Holic (Aqo) [LV.28]
  7. FOLiACETATE - Heterochromia Iridis (REUSE-ABLE) [ALie's Insane]
  8. Sana - Terekakushi Shishuniki (Rumia-) [Insane]
  9. cosMo - 0 Piano Version (Nivrad00) [Insane]
  10. Orange Heart(cv:Honda Mariko) Neptune(cv:Tanaka Rie) - Mousou Katharsis (Shurelia) [_UJ's MX] +DT
  11. Jun Kuroda + AAAA - Ultimate Fate (Kawawa) [Hyper] +DT
  12. TIEBREAKER kamone sano - eclair au chocolat (extended bittersweet remix) (Lenfried-) [Gourmet Chocolate]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... WFIT0Y1djA
4K Division:
  1. Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) (TheToaphster) [yam ba bom]
  2. Dustvoxx - Trigger (Zekk Remix) (Wonki) [Trigger]
  3. 3034 - NS18 (Fullerene-) [EXTREME]
  4. The Ghost of 3.13 - Path to Nowhere (Shoegazer) [Stalemate]
  5. EZFG - Cyber Thunder Cider (juankristal) [Thunder]
  6. ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Dark Flight Dreamer (PiraTom) [LN MASTER SPARK!!]
  7. Our Stolen Theory - United (L.A.O.S Remix) (juankristal) [generic diffname]
  8. LeaF - Aleph-0 (jakads) [Cardinality]
  9. Chroma - sink to the deep sea world (LeiN-) [abyss]
  10. DEV/NULL - Rave 7 (hi19hi19) [Hard]
  11. Rasu to Ruuku to Nanaki - ASTRO (_underjoy) [SOFT LANDING]
  12. SHIKI - Pure Ruby (Julie) [Overloaded w/ Kamikaze]
  13. Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) (Jole) [Enter the GOA]
  14. TIEBREAKER Eiko Shimamiya - Snow -Album Mix- (_underjoy) [Memories]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... GZpWGxuSXM

7K Division:
  1. DJ SHARPNEL - Touch the angel (pporse) [K-ON!!]
  2. Solarbear - See You Later, Emaciator! (Lenfried-) [Convalescence]
  3. tribetrigger - naughty (Agka) [nativity]
  4. Nhato - Miss You (BilliumMoto) [Gaze]
  5. Toshiro Masuda - Fooling Mode (tangjinxi) [7K MaX]
  6. Y..J - Fantasy of Clover (123Sherlock) [Lv. 27]
  7. daniwellP feat. Momo Momone - Nyan Cat (Adtw_) [tangjinxi's 7K Extra]
  8. Nivrad00 - Koryo Garden (Nivrad00) [Insane]
  9. Shanty and Invader - Danse Macabre (Lenfried-) [Insane]
  10. -45 - A c i - L (spoonguy) [sp2]
  11. Camellia - Proluvies (JesusMD24) [Lenfried's 7K Insane]
  12. Otokaze - amamichi (Simple_Star) [PC's 7K Another] +DT
  13. sound piercer - Candy & Baguette (ExPew) [Hyper] +DT
  14. TIEBREAKER Chroma - Hoshi ga Furanai Machi (Wonki) [Meteor Outburst // pporse's 7K]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... 3NTWWhxem8
4K Division:
  1. Getty vs DJ DiA - Fox4-Raize- (Evening) [HEAVENLY VIP]
  2. The Ghost of 3.13 - Forgotten (Shoegazer) [Forgotten Collab]
  3. kagerow - Starry Story! (DMG Chazuke Mix) (scissorsf) [StelLNa!]
  4. Ichi Tada - Smiling (Daikyi) [:)]
  5. you - Hold Angel (Shoegazer) [Elysium]
  6. Haruna Luna - Kimiiro Signal (Pikobaka) [Kawaranai Kara]
  7. Terminal11 - Adcar (Shoegazer) [undesirable Extra]
  8. Lime - 8bit Adventurer (Daikyi) [Warp Drive]
  9. Camellia - Proluvies (dionzz99) [SVecial]
  10. Camellia - Backbeat Maniac (Evening) [Rewind VIP]
  11. gmtn. - Daraku no Sono (shadowsnoop) [Tumultu]
  12. LeaF - MEPHISTO (arcwinolivirus) [4K LN Massacre]
  13. Zekk - Swampgator (Evening) [Alligator VIP]
  14. sun3 - Morgenglut 2012 (_undejoy) [4K Lv. XXX]
  15. Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation (Shoegazer) [Desecration]
  16. TIEBREAKER Unlucky Morpheus - Sono Tamashii Yasuragi Wo ~ Dignity of Spirit (Evening) [forever and never]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... HNoUmo3NjQ

7K Division:
  1. Igorrr - Fryzura Konika (Agka) [deceit]
  2. CrYmson - Revival of Kalpa (spoonguy) [sp3]
  3. wa. - The Nature of Happiness -fall into the Morion- (Remillion Cross) [Happiness]
  4. Various Artists - BMS Delaypack Side C (stupud man) [shiri kezuribushi - 7K Lv. 9]
  5. Remixed by Sota Fujimori - DENJIN AKATSUKINI TAORERU -SF PureAnalogSynth Mix- (Lenfried-) [Extra]
  6. LeaF - Poison AND OR Affection (Akali) [lZenxl's Revenant]
  7. EBICO - Persephone (Takane6) [Maki'nother]
  8. xi - ANiMA (Kuo Kyoka) [Pew's 7K Lv.36]
  9. fripSide - sword of virgin (Short ver.) (17VA) [Insane]
  10. Ras - STAGER (c36098651) [Hard]
  11. DJ Sharpnel - Back to the Gate (pporse) [El Psy Congroo]
  12. MisomyL - Fin.Arc.DeaR (Lenfried-) [ripping off djmax]
  13. The Flashbulb - Passage D (Nivrad00) [Another]
  14. Kozato - Tsuki -Yue- (KawaEE) [Another] +DT
  15. w_tre respect for AT&HU - Schur's Theorem (Nivrad00) [Another] +DT
  16. TIEBREAKER Halozy - Deconstruction Star (moni) [The Everlasting Star]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... mVLR05RVlE
4K Division:
  1. Street - Sakura Fubuki (Guilhermeziat) [Sakura]
  2. Shiraishi - Millenium Queen (-Kamikaze-) [SHD]
  3. DJ Genki vs. Camellia feat. moimoi - YELL! (ELPIS) [SHOUT!]
  4. t+Pazolite - Electric Butterfly (arcwinolivirus) [4K LN 'Luminous Wings' Arc]
  5. t+pazolite - Buggy Desolation (Daikyi) [Desolation]
  6. Gram - Sigmund (Skorer) [4k Lv.80 Challenge]
  7. plastic feat.Sakito - Hitsugi to Futago (snoverpk) [4KEY//PHANTASM]
  8. Round Wave Crusher & KafkaType - Am I Scary? (Tidek) [Wrong Answer]
  9. Itaojirou - Zi Qiang Hao (Elementaires) [Di Fu]
  10. LV.4 - Angel Dust (snoverpk) [-DESPAIR-]
  11. t+pazolite vs RoughSketch - Readymade Luv (Ciel) [Homemade Chocolate]
  12. coakira - Front Line (Yellyfish) [EPICENTER]
  13. goreshit - Slavik Goblins (shuniki) [ShuChan!!]
  14. gems - Gems Pack 16 - LN Master 7th (gemboyong) [[28]a_hisa - Cheshire,s Dance]
  15. Kano - Yuudachi no Ribbon (ELPIS) [Rain]
  16. TIEBREAKER Ryu* - 3y3s (Camellia's "0p3n Ur 3y3s" remix) (Evening) [Oneirophrenia]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... VMxNTM4Y0E

7K Division:
  1. Venetian Snares - Ketsarku Mozgalom (wizardoffail) [only in comparison]
  2. Paraoka Feat. Iku Akume - Chaosmaid (Ripazhakgggdkp) [Insane]
  3. Camellia - Lunatic Rough Party!! (Nivrad00) [Aspire]
  4. sa10 - banana man (Lenfried-) [Lv.20]
  5. Sawawa - kirakira TIME* (qodtjr) [Monster TIME]
  6. Kakumi Nishigomi - Hyakka Ryouran (ArcherLove) [Gamelan]
  7. Misty rain - Sakura no Sakanu wa Eiketsu no (Zenonia) [Lasers of Seventeen Articles]
  8. kemu feat.GUMI - Kamisama Nejimaki (-Kamikaze-) [It's Killing Me...]
  9. IOSYS feat. Takatsuki Sakura - Seiya no Special Shooting Star (yoshilove) [7K Star]
  10. tennyson - L'oiseau qui danse (Agka) [Challenge]
  11. DJ Sharpnel - bbu2's DJ Sharpnel 7K (Rain-) [Burst Linker]
  12. Camellia - Glitch Nerds (Evening) [overloaded_.]
  13. Silver Forest - Kero 9 Destiny (Lenfried-) [Extra]
  14. Mastermind(xi+nora2r) - Dreadnought (Kyousuke-) [LordRaika's 7K Onslaught] +DT
  15. MiddleIsland - Achromat (iJinjin) [7K Another] +DT
  16. TIEBREAKER Camellia - Fastest Crash (Gekido-) [Fastest]
You can download the whole pool using this link: ... 0VuMXNwZVk

Special Thanks

  1. Gravey- - Former Head of Operations
  2. -Kamiikaze- - Some suggestions for the mappools
  3. Raveille - Abducted Test Dummy
  4. Halogen- - Allowing us to adopt and modify the qualifier format used in SOFT
  5. Shoegazer - Allowing the tourney staff to use his Referee Helper from SOFT
  6. Zaphirox - Unwavering support to the tournament behind the scenes
Soul Evans
Good luck sa mga sasali! Woo :oops:
accessibility post
sasali ako as cancer.
prepare ur a---
Good luck sa mga sasali :)

The Top 3 Placers of each division will be awarded with a profile badge for winning their respective tournament, so look forward to that!

also please find us a sponsor for the prizes k tnx

Niro- wrote:

Good luck sa mga sasali! Woo :oops:
Itataya ko ang supporta sayo ET Niro hooooo
im a dummy

-BlueFire- wrote:


The Top 3 Placers of each division will be awarded with a profile badge for winning their respective tournament, so look forward to that!

also please find us a sponsor for the prizes k tnx
Oh nice profile badge :)
good luck sa inyo

sana naman sa susunod magkaroon rin ng ganito sa ctb....... ;;
huwaw, Go guyz. Last man standing wins. uwu

The registration forms are now open! Sign-up now and join the glorious tourney of the osu!mania PH MemeCommunity
Topic Starter
A preliminary list of players has been added to the second post. Please check if there are inconsistencies. More players will be added as registrations continue.

There are approximately eighteen(18) hours left to register for the osu!mania PH Summer Tournament 2017!
Go check out the forum thread for details: t/579557
Topic Starter
Some rule changes have been applied after staff discussions:

  1. Loser's Bracket Finals for both Divisions are move to the Grand Finals Week and shall use the Grand Finals Mappool.
  2. Semifinals Week matches are changed to have a Best of 11 (First to 6) match format.
  3. Finals Week 1 matches are changed to have a Best of 13 (First to 7) match format.
The opening post has been updated with all the details, please take a check if you have time.
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