Galaxy Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang!

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 10:51:15 AM

Artist: Galaxy Angel
Title: Galaxy Bang! Bang!
BPM: 163
Play Time: 01:06
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (3.5 stars, 102 notes)
  2. Normal (3.72 stars, 111 notes)
  3. Hard (4.52 stars, 144 notes)
Download: Galaxy Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang!
This is my very first beatmap, so be nice to me!

I just updated all 3 dificulties, but i know it still could be polished up somewhere I don't see....
The timing needs to be fixed. Use 6 750 as the offset and 163,00 as the BPM, and then resnap the notes. And in the future, never start to mess with the BPM until you've perfected the offset. Oh, and when you set the offset, put the speed at 0.25x. It becomes much easier that way.
Also, at the section between 0:38 and 0:39, switch places on 3 and 4, to make it a bit more logical. Finally, move the beat at 0:43:23 a bit to the left(It's almost impossible to see it as it is now), and this is ready for ranking, if you ask me. That is, as soon as you make an easy version of this beatmap. ;)

As for uploading it, you are trying to upload it here, right?
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Ok, got a easy, normal (Basically what i made originally, just a little easier) and hard (A little bit harder) Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang!.osz
There are some notes in this which has snapped to the wrong location after the timing change. Some sliders are also bugging due to the BPM change - you should choose "Recaculate Slider Lengths" from the timing menu then check to make sure each slider is where you intended it to be. You can tell if they have gone bad because you will see the white 'tick' circle overlapping the end of the slider quite epicly.

I don't have time to fix this one myself, unfortunately, but if you want to give it a go (or if anyone else is free :)) then good luck! This will take a bit of work, but its mostly just playing/listening to what you have and fixing anything that looks wrong, as you have the basic timing right now.
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Ok, I tired and did the best i could with my beatmap, remember, its my first ^^ . I made some "wtf" sliders for hard, and about 1 or 2 for normal, i think i got the main idea of what you were saying and fixed it up ... 0Bang!.osz


umm, not to be a pest, but is this ready for ranking?

awpEDIT: Fixed your hyperlink. Remember those %20s!
Nice variety between the difficulties here. Because of this, I'm going to break it down on a per difficulty basis:

Easy - Actually, it's quite good (I thought something else of it at first). The only thing is the first spinner doesn't seem like it belongs there, to me. It works, but it feels as if you could be doing something better with that part.

Normal - Good use of spinners and sliders here, but the note placement/spacing in many areas just downright confused me. The beginning and the end of the song seem pretty coherent and all, but there's a few spots in the middle of the song where I'm just outright guessing.

Hard - This was my most preferred level to play on, as it seems the most intuitive. There's a couple spots that require getting used to where the song quickly jumps from a multiple-repeat slider to a string of 8 or 9 notes all within a few seconds, but it's really not too big of an least, for me. The song is pretty coherent for the most part on Hard.

I feel that Easy and Hard need at most only minor tweaks to them, but Normal is going to need a bit of work. This was my first time hearing this song, but I was still able to kind of groove along to the song on Easy/Hard which is a good sign. I don't think it's polished yet, but you're getting pretty close.
I agree with awp. Normal version needs more repositioning of the notes in some places.

In the easy version, maybe you should make the spinner end before or something like that.

And hard, I don't see any real problems.

Keep it up!
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thanks, i'll get that done hopefully today


All done, few things re-tweaked, and hopefully finished Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang!.osz
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sry to double post, but....

can someone tell me if theres something major i need to do, before this can be ranked? Or is it just more polishing?
Sorry that there's been a delay reviewing this. I've been meaning to do it for a while, but only just realized that the osz I downloaded was somehow corrupt so it wouldn't unpack, so the songs weren't showing up in my playlist :shock: Redownloading fixed that problem. Here are my crits:

  1. Slider at 0:40.24 on Easy feels a bit strange. Is it starting too early? Doesn't seem to fit in with the music at all.
  2. Note at 0:56.71 on Easy is one quarter beat too early. Not sure if this applies to Hard and Normal as well.
  3. Some parts of Normal seem to have beat spacing issues - some notes are the same space apart but with different timing.
  4. Some note patterns seem to be slightly misaligned. It's just a visual thing, and I'm not sure if you deliberately made it this way. An example of this is on Easy at 0:36.56. Just looks a bit messier than it should be, that's all.
Other than that, seems like a fine beatmap. There is good variation in difficulty between the three maps, and timing is spot on. Great work - just touch it up and it will be rankable!
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All done with the changes!%20Bang!.osz

awpEDIT: damn it either use [url] tags or change the spaces to %20s please D=

HSR edit to awp's edit: lol.........sry about that, didn't catch on right away..........sry :D
Hmm still something about the Normal version that's bugging me. In some parts the beat spacing is still a bit wacky, and some sliders don't sound synced to the music? The other two versions seem fine though. Can another mod double check the Normal version? HST you may want to have another look as well. Good work again.
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I made a few minor adjustments to get things in line on this set of beatmaps. Good work in general. I resnapped all notes as some were slightly off the new timings, and also recalculated slider lengths as there were some that were ~10ms too short. Also change the length of the spinners before the BANG BANG to make it sound better, I hope.

I have attached the new osu files and uploaded the osz over your original for convenience. Feel free to disagree with any of my changes - I just thought I'd upload it for the time being, as there are definitely some changes to be made before this is ranked.

Download: Galaxy Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang! (Homestarrunner) [Easy].osu

Download: Galaxy Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang! (Homestarrunner) [Normal].osu

Download: Galaxy Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang! (Homestarrunner) [Hard].osu
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All done with (hopefully) one of my last updates, i fixed somewhat alot, but made normal a bit more difficult!%20Bang!.osz
Almost there! On the hard difficulty at 1:04:90, the 3 beats there are 1/2 a beat ahead.
On easy at 59:93, the slider there I feel should be shortened in length so just 2 ticks are between the ends.
Those are the only changes I see are needed to finalise this song and finally get it to be ranked.
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ok, i fixed it, gonna re-upload it!

Homestarrunner wrote:

ok, i fixed it, gonna re-upload it!
You should try using the new upload system for this one :). File > Upload Beatmap. Make sure you force osz upload, and check it finds this thread ok before submitting ;).
I think it's finished now.

Anyone else think it is ready for ranking now?
Yeah, Fraeon approves.
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