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After months of not finding time to fix the remaining problems with the OS X build of osu!, I have decided to make it public in its current state. You may have issues importing songs, but this can usually be fixed by mashing escape or alt-f4.

Please note this is a test release (beta if you like) and there are known bugs. That said, feel free to share your experiences in this thread and try and help each other out until the bugs are ironed out :).!.20141010.dmg!.20141010.dmg

Compatible with OS X 10.6~10.9.x

Things to know:
  1. The first time you run osu!, it may take up to 5 minutes to start. This is due to X11 (the graphical subsystem) rebuilding a font cache.
  2. This build will always start the updater when you run it. It will update to newer releases and therefore when the remaining issues are fixed you will automatically receive the fixes.
  3. Importing songs may get stuck. If this happens, try alt-f4 or esc mashing, or quit osu! and run it again.
  4. To see the osu! folder, right-click on osu!.app and choose "Show Package Contents" then navigate to Contents/Resources/winePrefix/drive_c/osu/
  5. Apparently you can load new songs by dragging the .osz file to the osu! icon.

Adding Beatmaps:

Open the package:

Navigate to the songs folder:

Drag your osz files inside:

Run osu! and goto song selection (or hit F5 if you are already there).

Note that you can make a shortcut to the songs folder on your desktop by dragging the folder while holding command and option. This should make it easier to load new maps for now!
Cyril Scarlet
oh (´・∀・`) osu for OS X
Yakety Saxer
Oooooh! This looks very exciting. Osu! is the only reason I have Boot Camp installed ^v^
Thank you so much for this; it works very well for me!
I can't wait until we can connect to Bancho/have online rankings.
i just download this
how i can add beatmaps to osu! in mac ?
i tried open beatmaps with osu and dragging to osu, but not working
i also check back the package (.zip) for readme or some guide but none
so anyone mind telling me how to install beatmap ?
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Please see the first post. I have added detailed instructions.
thanks for the guide peppy

i follow your step
indeed it working extracting beatmaps and making their own folder
but osu! wont list those beatmaps
any idea what making this issue ?
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What do you see in osu!? Can you provide screenshots? Also have you tried restarting osu!?
because there is no public version for Linux, based on gnome? :( Linux users have to do many steps to run osu! in linux
oh i got it working now
in my case i need to refresh (F5) everytime i need add new beatmaps
without F5 it wont show up

thanks for the help!

on my macbook (coreduo2.4 geforce330M), with default setting windowed 120fps-limit
i experiencing frame drops, maybe caused some background proggram, i think i have browser running
haven't try full screen though, gonna test some more :)
I have a question concerning online connection/Bancho.

When we can connect osu! for OS X, will our scores/stats appear from the time when we couldn't connect our scores/states online? I signed in in the app, but it just gave a connection error concerning not being able to connect to online/Bancho (which I was well aware of before downloading), so I'm not sure if any data will be saved... It shows that I'm "jmnixon95", but I'm not sure if that is the local name or my online account.
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Score submission will not work currently, no.
Ibuki Suika
Playing for some time I still cant see which thing changes....
ppy could list about what is news? :(

peppy wrote:

Score submission will not work currently, no.
Apologies if I sound impatient, but is there any estimation in how long it will be until it does? :)
[deleted user]
I cannot get the app to work i loaded it and clicked it and waited for it to open after six minutes went by and it still does not open or antyhing
[deleted user]
I downloaded this .app clicked it once it asked me if i wanted to open this application downloaded from the internet i say yes I wait ten minutes nothing opens i click again it opens then closes and says nothing more ever.

and cannot open osu ever.
make sure you see X11 (wine?) on your dock
if X11 not loaded OSU wont run

and so far after short time testing it, i test beatmap with vids and none
either windowed mode or full screen there is frame spike / drop (i test with no other apps running, except istats menus)
maybe higher processor (i7 quad core mac can run it smooth? )

but again this still on beta, so yeah i think we need to wait for few next releases, i think OSU mac will as stable as windows version
Installed it and added beatmaps without any problems so far. Not sure if its a known issue or just me but when I try to change my mouse sensitivity higher than default it bugs out my mouse till I put it back (using Razer Deathadder not mac mouse). Buggy as in if i were using a wireless and the batteries were running out. I know its just beta and appreciate you guys making a OS X version!

xdwolfe wrote:

I downloaded this .app clicked it once it asked me if i wanted to open this application downloaded from the internet i say yes I wait ten minutes nothing opens i click again it opens then closes and says nothing more ever.

and cannot open osu ever.
As mentioned in peppy's first post, it can take some time for the application to open even with X11 installed. It took around four or five minutes for mine, but if X11 isn't installed, it'll surely take longer as it won't run.
[deleted user]
Whenever I try to log in, it keeps saying "A server-side error has occurred" and it won't let me on. I've searched for about an hour looking for a solution and can't find one. Please help me!
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