yuki. - Spring Signal [OsuMania]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 16 February 2017 at 17:11:27

Artist: yuki.
Title: Spring Signal
Tags: Relaxing Short LNs Electronic
BPM: 185
Filesize: 3687kb
Play Time: 02:04
Difficulties Available:
  1. Beginner - 5Key (1.17 stars, 302 notes)
  2. Easy - 5Key (1.86 stars, 595 notes)
  3. Hard - 5Key (3.59 stars, 1091 notes)
  4. Normal - 5Key (2.37 stars, 832 notes)
  5. Spring - 5Key (4.57 stars, 1310 notes)

Download: yuki. - Spring Signal
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Attempting to rank a song for the first time, good luck me xD

Hello, a new mapset for you all the enjoy!
Song was made by Yuki, a featured artist.

I am quite new to the 5K mapping community, would be awesome to have some feedback and any modding is appreciated.
Saw you requesting in Ngeng Family

Actually marked for mod later but first I think I'll fix the metadata first

No kudosu

  1. You don't need "5K" prefix in this mapset since it only provides 5K charts. Use the prefix when the mapset includes another keymode.
  2. "5K" and "5key" aren't needed inside the Tags as it's already set once you edit the Keycount from Song Setup (You can search with "key=5" on the Client's Song selection).
  3. "Yuki" also isn't needed inside the Tags since it's already provided inside the Artist section (Yea, osu! aren't differentiating any Caps so "Yuki" and "yuki" is pmuch same).

Maybe will add more after I mod this map.
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Hello, Thanks for the help with the metadata, wouldn't of known that if it were'nt for you :)


jk I will just check some pattern and/or consistency issues.


00:11:658 - double for consistency with cymbal (00:01:280 - )
00:16:847 - add a note at 1 for cymbal?
00:18:144 - add note at 5?
00:19:442 - note at somewhere for cymbal
00:20:090 - ^
00:22:036 - ^
00:42:793 - ^
00:58:361 - ^
00:59:658 - ^
01:00:955 - ^
01:01:604 - ^
01:03:550 - ^
01:13:928 - ^
01:24:307 - ^
01:34:685 - ^
02:00:631 - ^
02:01:928 - ^
02:03:225 - ^
02:03:874 - ^
man I am lazy modding this oops
00:16:198 (16198|4,16198|0,16361|1,16361|3,16523|2) - this is wrong pattern structure. you have patterned the beats as 1-1-2, but this is 2-2-1. Make it so that
00:16:198 - this is only 1 note
00:16:361 - this is only 1 note
00:16:523 - this should have 2 notes
00:22:036 - add note for cymbal
00:42:793 - ^
00:49:279 (49279|2,49279|1,49928|2,49928|3) - I advice you not to change instruments during segments. You are mapping the synth, and then suddenly you map the piano? Stick to one instrument for this segment, you can map the piano later on.
01:03:550 - add note for cymbal
ok so, this kiai section is really flawed.
throughout the whole section you managed to map 3 instruments, the soft synth, the drum and the loud synth.
please stick to only 2, 1 for one section.
01:03:550 - to 01:24:307 - is one section.
01:24:307 - to end of kiai is the second.
Do not randomly map different instruments as it can throw the player off.
01:59:982 (119982|0,119982|4,120144|3,120144|1,120307|2) - same thing here (as before)
00:08:901 - Be consistent. You need to add a note here if you added 00:03:712 (3712|2) - and 00:05:009 (5009|2) - and etc.
00:10:198 - same here
00:13:928 - make this a double note. check your consistency
00:16:847 - make this a double too. consistency
00:22:036 - add note for cymbal
00:30:631 (30631|0) - move to 3, you are clustering up 1 and 2
00:35:820 (35820|0) - ^
00:49:279 (49279|3,49279|1,49928|2,49928|4) - instrument consistency again, beware
00:53:171 (53171|2,53496|2,53820|2,54144|2,54469|2,54793|2,55117|2,55442|2) - this is no fun for 3rd column lol. change the pattern up a bit
00:55:928 (55928|2,56252|2,56577|2,56901|2,57225|2,57550|2,57874|2,58198|2) - likewise
00:58:361 - 00:59:658 - 01:00:955 - 01:03:550 - 01:13:928 - all these need notes for cymbals
again, this kiai has instrument consistency errors
02:00:307 - why do you always leave a note with a single in a bunch of doubles?
02:00:631 - add note for cymbal

I'm gonna end modding here to give you some general stuff

Some patterns used are too generic in Normal. For Beginner and Easy, it's fine but some may need some work. Find patterns that make it user friendly and enjoyable and not just patterns that are just there.

This is an issue. Check every cymbal sound. A cymbal is a loud crash sound and should be indicated with a double note. Drum sounds would also be indicated with double notes whenever necessary.

Instrument consistency is an issue too. Stick to one instrument for each segment, instead of switching it constantly. Switching it often makes the player feel confused as to what he or she or it is playing.

Get more mods. Lol. And also practice mapping more.

Good luck.

also plz kds this mod thanks
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Hello, Thanks for helping out with the consistency problem and generally fixing the map, made an update for you including your mods and a couple pattern changes, i hope things worked out for the better :) I shall take your word to practice my mapping because i'm okay but need to be hell a lot better if i want something ranked, so once again thanks for the help xD
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