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we've reached a milestone in the development of the moddingv2 system and are now ready to enter the first stages of mass testing! - C.H.S - Interlude - teatime by Weber (osu, osu!taiko, osu!catch, osu!mania) - NOMA - PEPSI * MAN by Zetera (osu!, osu!taiko) - IAHN - Pink Love by Feerum (feat. Lancy) (osu!mania) - KOAN Sound + Asa - fuego (sakuraburst remix) by Shiirn (osu!) - MY FIRST STORY - monologue / Itsuwari NEUROSE by Feb (osu, osu!mania) - Zedd - Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma (Breeze Black & Skyro remix) by ErunamoJAZZ (osu!) - Mariya Nishiuchi - Don't let me down by BoberOfDarkness (osu!catch) - Kobayashi Yuu - Runrunriru Ranranrara by Lanturn (osu!) - Vektor - Tetrastructural Minds (osu!taiko) - Nhato - Ibuki by Alheak (osu!) - yuki. - Nadeshiko Sensation (ALL MODES)

any of the above links will take you to a mapset with moddingv2 enabled. how to use the system should be self-explanatory - if it isn't, please point it out! the entire point of the system is to be as user-friendly as possible.

post any feedback or concerns in here, and have fun!


when do I resolve an issue?
when you feel that it is no longer worth discussing, or is fixed. yes, you deny suggestions by "resolving" them. this may change in the future.

how does kudosu work on this system now that issues are independent and not parts of general "mod posts"
the plan is to give a kudosu for every resolved issue to the person who pointed said issue out. existing kudosu values will be upscaled to still remain meaningful once the new system goes live.

what is the "General" section for?
anything that doesn't involve the timeline, so things like general map comments, skinning elements, storyboards and so on.

how do I get my map added to this test?
we're currently only accepting maps from BN/QAT, but we plan to open the system up to everyone at a later date when it is more complete.
time for tea xd

I'll spend a fair amount of time to explore things I guess, it looks interesting

EDIT: I noticed now that going from the discussion page to the beatmap page is possible, while it doesn't work the other way around.
I've been trying for a couple of minutes to get to the discussion page from there, but no success yet

tl;dr is dead

It would be cool to actually be able to use Ctrl + Enter to create a new line in the post. I found myself in the need to make the point I made a bit more readable by dividing the important parts, but rip

I've been trying to have a general look at each diff and I noticed that with many points (like how people is used to do now: each modder comes and mods without checking previous mods) it becomes really hard to keep track of things.
It is true you can filter the points by "Pending", "resolved" and so on, but it might become clunky when a lot of people point out the same thing overtime because they don't check the other suggestions.
When they are few ones you can easily read them and comment afterwards but what about making the system merge your comment to an existing one if the timestamp matches?
That way everything's in one place only and not divided into 4-5 places because 4-5 modders didn't read
Who is Lantern? :^)
the reply window seems to be way too oversized imo. literally half of the page is contains no information. and even so i can just look at like 2-3 timestamps at a time without the having to scroll which makes things messy.
also the bar at the top of the page takes away more space than the one in the current map threads (even though they quite the same..) - could be smaller imo :s
agreeing with MrSergio
I only see osu! gamemodes for - C.H.S - Interlude - teatime by Weber (osu, osu!taiko, osu!catch, osu!mania) - MY FIRST STORY - monologue / Itsuwari NEUROSE by Feb (osu, osu!mania)

Also can't post no matter what I press or write for the 7k easy diff in this map:


abraker wrote:

I only see osu! gamemodes for
You can swap modes using the tabs at the top of the page.

As MrSergio said, the Discussion button is dead.
And it would be cool if here: we could have at least a timestamp on the middle of the song to have a small mark to know on which part that would be better to focus I guess.

Otherwise, very nice job!

Pachiru wrote:

As MrSergio said, the Discussion button is dead.
And it would be cool if here: we could have at least a timestamp on the middle of the song to have a small mark to know on which part that would be better to focus I guess.

Otherwise, very nice job!
I'd say maybe even 2-5 timestamps could make the timeline less confusing (every 1 minute or scaled on map length perhaps?). Another thing you could add is the time of the timestamps when you hover on them. That way there's less continuous up/down scrolling.

Good job on the interface, looks clean!
Alright, so basically, here's what happened with Fuego.

EDIT: I was able to update the map and as such the past/present tense of this bug report may be all over the place, as the missing difficulty has now been put back in its proper place somehow but I'll try to be consistent here. Assume everything below up until the line is in past tense.

After the nominate button came about, me and Nao Tomori went over the map and did some minor cleanups.

Namely, while going over the difficulties, Nao pointed out that Jakomo's difficulty, at the time Titled {Jakomo's Advanced}, wasn't technically an advanced and made the mapset's difficulty spread look a bit weirdly-named.

I changed the difficulty name to Jakomo's Normal. No changes were made to any other difficulties at this time, other than Liiraye's difficulty, which was directly copied over from his update with Nao done previously.

Upon informing Nao that I had completed the update and things were good to go, he hit nominate. I did not personally go back to check and see whether the site had gotten the update properly, and I don't know if he did or not, but somehow Jakomo's difficulty had up and gotten messy in transit.

Specifically, the following:

1) The difficulty does not appear in the website.

2) However, the difficulty is bundled with the .osz:

But appears as "Not submitted" ingame:


For several days, I could not update the map, as I got a server-side error that I attributed to the map being "locked" from changes due to nomination. We kind of just shrugged and went "Shit's bugged, m8" and I worked on other stuff.

I just tried to update the map just now (8:30PST 3/4) to show the error message I got, but it actually went through and seems to have properly submitted the heretofore missing difficulty without changing the nomination status (Namely, that it was 1/2. And is still 1/2.)
I just want to suggest something, I don't know if it's plan to be added.

That's focused for Guest diffs on modding v2. I wanna know if you plan to add something to indicate the person(s) that made the GD, like you guys did for the mapper tag.

The host of the set could set the GDers in the beatmap settings and that would give a Guest tag on the forum, so it would give a better view on GD answers and help BN to get focused directly on them.

Feel free to give your opinion if you don't agree ! :)
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I think further support for guest difficulties as a whole is something that is currently being considered for moddingv2, but not as a short-term thing.
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Just a heads up - all maps submitted from scratch under the latest Cutting-Edge build will be automatically moddingv2 enabled. It has to be the first upload, though!

This will be moving to stable later next week.
Maybe CDFA can die in peace now.
So it means that the moddingv2 will soon be officially implemented?

Pachiru wrote:

So it means that the moddingv2 will soon be officially implemented?
Yeah just like osu!lazer
Will it still be possible to mod in modding v1 ?
So i guess when mv2 implemented, there's some issue occur when the map is going to qualify status :?
It's happening
hey I have a bit of concern of something about IRC since V2 doesn't support it well enough
- if ya look I had someone help me ingame but the problem is that with Modv2 - it literally a wall of text and almost unreadable (I have bad eyesight) and can't be even put in a box and since it such a huge text, it be just in the way when scrolling down and that just annoying.

Maybe it is because he posted on the timeline rather than general so maybe that is an easy fix - but I am unsure though since I can't test it myself atm and never actually use modv2 except 1 time modding a bn's map

but on the old forums (same map) t/648528 - you can put it in a box and it much easier to look over when I want to make sure I done everything
(also it looks like I can still kd post on the thread too but I guess that is just normal lol)

- I guess the old forums is a solution to the problem above as of now but still I just wondering how is this gonna work with ingame mods in the future?
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