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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 3:07:56 PM

Artist: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
Title: Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku n
Tags: Rib:y(uhki) KIMI ICDD Hull KIM marathon deathstream stream jumpstream spacestream jump
BPM: 220
Filesize: 25712kb
Play Time: 08:14
Difficulties Available:
  1. The Girl with the Flame of the Empire (8.32 stars, 2849 notes)

Download: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku n
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

V.10: So after a very strong and harsh mod from Emilia I have decided to start over. No longer do I want mods on my old diff but now I need them on my new diff. I'm only 2 minutes in with this map but it is already marginally better than my other difficulty.

V.9: Starting over

V.8.5: Slider Smoothing

V.8: Slider smoothing and hitsound improvements

V.7.5: Smoothed some streams and improved hitsounding. Thanks to Dokito for letting me use his hitsounds.

V.7.25: Just some more hitsounding

V.7: Sound update! thanks repladux for the mod. I am currently using the sounds that Dokito used in his version of this map as a test for now. Until i can find someone to make propper hitsounds or if i get permission from him to use them i will be using them.

V.6.5: Changed some stuff thanks to a irc mod from NeoSkyLove

V.6: More streams added and made some jumps feel better.

V.5.5: Very big thanks to Net0 for the very good and professional mod. Has helped alot.

V.5.1: Fixed some AiMod problems.

V.5: By the looks of it we are approaching the final versions of our map. Thank you to Ayachi Nene for the mod.

V.4: Did the painstaking job of upping slider vel and having to remap the whole slider parts so they are in sync.

V.3.5: Applied some changes thanks to TheLordKiwi

V.3.25: Changed background and smoothed some streams

V.3: Changed most of the things suggested in the mod by Dron4ik_G

V.2.5: Made song alot more complicated. Finish 90% of the hitsounding and made streams alot lot better.

V.2: More Streams

V.1: Hitsounded (needs improvement)
Changed some stuff.

V.0.5: Changed combo colours and changed some streams.

V.0: Uploaded

WIP, Mods are appreciated. Guest Difficulties are welcomed!

I cannot set the artist name to be "Imperial Circus Dead Decadence" due to the following error
"data too long for column filename at row 10". A fix or some help on that would be aprreciated

Thanks NewPlayerfor bpm and timing points
Thanks to Dokito for letting me use his hitsounds.
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