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frukoyurdakul wrote:

Hello. There is a minor issue I've found while playing your highest diff.

02:44:572 - This kiai starts late, while on the other diffs it starts on this spot. Changed

Additional notes:

[Beyond Astronomical Twilight]

  1. 00:27:384 - Well, there are some inherited points that do nothing like 00:27:384 - this one. You can just change the volume to 67% on 00:27:345 - that one, no need for 2nd inherited point. This situation exists on this SV build-up generally. Technically it does something. As the volume changes were all made months before I even considered adding SV, of course it may look weird considering they don't match up. To further reason why I won't bother changing this, you just stated above about kiai inconsistency between difficulties, and altering this would make the volume change at different times between difficulties (also really, this doesn't impact gameplay at all, so...)
  2. 00:22:697 - Considering main notes are on vocal sounds (referring to 00:23:165 (91,92,93) - these for example) I recommend deleting this note. Perhaps you heard incorrectly, 00:22:384 (86,87,88,89,90,91) is six notes for the six words in the vocals "lights are out and there's sweat."
    Did change to dkkddk though because it sounds nicer.
  3. 00:36:759 (197) - I think a finisher works here nicely. Sounds good
  4. 01:20:822 ~ 01:21:290 - My suggestion between these spots is (kkkd) d (kddk) d (paranthesis means 1/6) while kddk fits pretty well on those high-pitched background sounds. After revising this, I realised that the first 1/6 at 01:20:822 (603,604,605,606) doesn't continuously rise, so I changed it to a dkkd. The second 1/6 at 01:21:134 (608,609,610,611) however will remain as is because it matches a sound I make as kkkd throughout the entire map. As it stands now, I am satisfied with (dkkd)d(kkkd)d(kkkkkkd) as it sounds well and isn't awkward to play like (dkkk)d(kkkd) was.
  5. 03:21:290 - You missed some of the 1/6 sounds like this one, and you mapped them everywhere else. There is no reason to skip this one too, for example.
    If you agree, 03:06:290 - make this 1/6 too. dddk would be nice due to the sounds. There are a few occurences like that, so please change them all if you agree. Changed; I had the same 1/6 mapped between all of my bookmarks for consistency sake, this just changed between kiai and non-kiai.
    I suppose I'll add dddk at 02:51:290 as well then.
  6. 03:08:009 - 03:18:009 - Even though these flow good, they don't really represent a specific sound like the other 1/6 patterns. Please consider them changing to 1/4.

    Jaye wrote:

    I debated quite a lot with myself how to do this, I tried dkdddd(kkkd) and dk(dddd)d(kkkd); the first doesn't do the sounds justice and the second is just straight up awkward to play.
    I will change it if a better idea comes along.
    From response to Arrival.
    To further add, making the (kkkd) a 1/4 kkd also just makes me ignore mapping a 1/6, which you stated earlier I should be doing in certain places that I missed (even though that was intentional).
    Risk it for the biscuit.

Call me back when you fix this.
01:34 *frukoyurdakul is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1135874 USAO - Night Sky (Extended Mix) [Beyond Astronomical Twilight]] <Taiko>
01:53 Jaye: Just lemme know if anything is wrong with it, I suppose
01:53 frukoyurdakul: I'll come back at you in a moment
02:01 frukoyurdakul: hello again, you available?
02:02 Jaye: Yeah
02:02 Jaye: For now
02:02 frukoyurdakul: wanted to ask something
02:02 *frukoyurdakul is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1135874 USAO - Night Sky (Extended Mix) [Beyond Astronomical Twilight]]
02:02 Jaye: Sure, what's up?
02:03 frukoyurdakul: 02:30:978 - you are following the keyboard there right?
02:03 frukoyurdakul: because I hear the drums as 1/4
02:03 frukoyurdakul: and then 02:31:447 - 1/8 here
02:04 Jaye: tbh I have no idea what instrument that even is at 02:30:978 -
02:04 frukoyurdakul: I just assumed it as keyboard lol
02:04 Jaye: either way
02:04 Jaye: 02:43:478 - it sounds the same as this
02:04 frukoyurdakul: but I suppose that's your focus
02:05 frukoyurdakul: yeah reasonable, 02:44:415 - but this one is not same
02:05 Jaye: yeah I know
02:05 Jaye: That's was just improv I added because it was awkward to play without
02:06 frukoyurdakul: makes sense
02:06 frukoyurdakul: 02:53:947 - what are those emphasize?
02:06 frukoyurdakul: the melody goes down there, and I think 1/2 snap will be more appropriate
02:06 Jaye: hmm
02:07 Jaye: I mapped it to the vocal since no sound plays, but Taikocracy also made a similar suggestion the other day which I changed
02:07 Jaye: So I guess I'll change this too
02:07 Jaye: removed 02:54:025 and 02:54:181 -
02:08 frukoyurdakul: nice
02:08 frukoyurdakul: 03:11:290 - 1/6 dddk
02:08 frukoyurdakul: same sound as before
02:08 Jaye: hmm
02:09 Jaye: tbh it's hard to hear
02:09 Jaye: I think skipping it would be fine, since we're also not in a kiai or otherwise intense section of the song
02:09 Jaye: if not I can just add it, no big deal
02:09 frukoyurdakul: yeah not clear as 03:06:290 - this one
02:09 frukoyurdakul: but I said that because of consistency
02:09 frukoyurdakul: if makes sense, you should change
02:09 Jaye: I think if anything
02:09 Jaye: 03:16:290 -
02:09 Jaye: I should add it here
02:10 frukoyurdakul: yeah was about to say that
02:10 Jaye: to match 03:06:290 -
02:10 frukoyurdakul: exactly
02:12 frukoyurdakul: 03:23:322 - expected something like 1/4 1/6
02:13 Jaye: hmm
02:13 Jaye: 03:23:322 - and 03:23:634 - are candidates for 1/6 but not so sure
02:14 Jaye: They don't have the same kind of vibe that all my other 1/6 has
02:14 Jaye: I think at best I'd probably join the streams with a k at 03:23:400 -
02:14 frukoyurdakul: 03:33:322 - I think they sound similiar like this one
02:16 Jaye: Hmm, I'd have to disagree
02:16 Jaye: 03:33:322 - has a distinct drilling like sound
02:16 frukoyurdakul: yeah sounds about right
02:16 frukoyurdakul: similiar, but not the same
02:16 frukoyurdakul: so your choice
02:17 Jaye: II'll try 1/6
02:17 Jaye: and see if it sounds alright
02:17 Jaye: Else I'll just join the streams with a kat
02:17 frukoyurdakul: okay
02:18 Jaye: yeah I'll avoid using 1/6 here
02:21 frukoyurdakul: okay
02:21 frukoyurdakul: I guess that's all
02:21 Jaye: Aight, sweet
02:24 Jaye: Updated btw
02:25 frukoyurdakul: yup, checked
02:25 frukoyurdakul: seems fine

Shouldn't this need a difficulty between Ulqui's Inner Oni and Beyond Astronomical Twilight? There's a 2.2* jump between one diff and the other and it certainly feels like an incomplete spread.
Congrats for your first ranked map! o/

AlvaroYL wrote:

Shouldn't this need a difficulty between Ulqui's Inner Oni and Beyond Astronomical Twilight? There's a 2.2* jump between one diff and the other and it certainly feels like an incomplete spread.
no, when the diffs boil down to 2 different inner onis the spread between them does not have to be progressive... especially in the case where the sr has been inflated by 1/6 usage. sr is not a good indication of spread.
From the soundtrack the song is called: Night sky (Extended Mix)
Do you have a source for the current title?

neonat wrote:

From the soundtrack the song is called: Night sky (Extended Mix)
Do you have a source for the current title?
Nah, you're right.
fix the title
congrats fam
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