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I can't find the source!

Have you ever had a photo but wanted more of those from the artist?
More photos of your favorite cosplays?
Which manga this page was?
Well now you can use these in order to quickly find the source!


Image Search Options (Chrome)
This is actually an extension, and is made by saucenao.
What's great about this is you'll have all of the options below and even "ALL" button meaning it'll search every image using all of the services
First, you must open chrome and open the link.
After that, click on the button. After it finishes downloading, click on the in the menu that pops up.
After that, just right click on any desired image and find the "Image search options" and then find the service you want on the drop-down menu

If you don't have Google Chrome, below are alternate things you can use instead.

IQDB (Recommended) [Konachan/] [Manga]
This has been my all-time favorite, and it's what I recommend when it comes to anime art,
You can either upload from your computer, or use a url from a photo sharing service like imgur.

Find the best photo matching, then click on the image and voilà!

If you still can't find it there's more results.

Though I have found the original post, I'll use this as if there was no relevant matches.
If you still can't find it, choose one of the options in the "No relevant matches" box
Just click on the "saucenao" link that's in the dialog, and it'll automatically search for you, (no need to upload)

SauceNAO [Pixiv] [Non-Anime Movies] [Anime Screenshots] [Manga]
SauceNAO has a great index library including Pixiv which iqdb does not have. Mostly when you can't find it on iqdb, you'll find it with saucenao.
It also has a library for manga so if you want to search for certain manga pages, you'll want to use this
First, visit the link and you'll be greeted with a niece option to upload the image. You can upload it or use a direct image link. To use a direct image link, you'll have to press the "~advanced options~" button.

Once again, I have found my image right away, but if you still haven't found yours, Click on the Low similarity results... button.
You'll want to click on "Source:" or "Pixiv ID: to go to the page
Clicking on the image does another search on that image

If you still can't find it, use the Google Search function from iqdb (it will be uploaded automatically as well)

Google Search (Guaranteed Results)
Google is pretty much a service most people use, it's easy to use and 99.99% has a result
Either use the "All Sizes" function of Google to find a bigger photo (Bigger photos leads to a more accurate result in iqdb)

Or use the Visually similar images function to find something close.

After you have found something close, post that again in iqdb to do a final search.
Then, congratulations, you have successfully performed a reverse image search of your photo!
The general rule here is iqdb -> Google -> iqdb until you have found the image.

TinEye (Alternative)
TinEye is the same as Google which means it can be used other than Art searches.
SauceNAO has a TinEye button too, right under the photo you submitted. You can also visit the website yourself.
You can paste the direct link of the image and press Enter, or you can Upload the image by pressing the button as shown.

TinEye is pretty much straightforward and will show the results. Usually the first result is enough.

If you still didn't get a good result from iqdb or sacenao, you can still use the TinEye button.


3D IQDB (Slight NSFW!)
3d.iqdb is like an iqdb search, but specifically for "3d" or real life people, so to speak
iqdb actually has another useful function, it's the 3d version, meaning real life models or cosplay and much more!
It uses the same technology as, which gives post that have tags especially the artist themselves.
First, you must upload your image to the website, or post the link in a photo sharing service like imgur.

Find the best photo matching, then click on the image and voilà!
If there isn't one, it might in the "Possible matches"

I'd rather not click on the "See more results button.", as you would see NSFW images included
Take note to be wary when using this service!


WAIT: What Anime Is This?
Have you had a certain scene but none of the services like iqdb find it? Well look no more, you can actually search the scene itself using these!
This part is a little easier, after visiting the website, just upload or post your photo in the service then click on the "Search" button

What's great about this is that you would have a preview of the said scene, and information of the anime itself
As well as the episode number, even down the time of the scene itself.

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Opera

Can you find the source of the image at the top?
I usually use either SauceNAO or Google search for Reverse Image search... Haven't use the other two.

Hope this helps me quite a lot in the future (especially iqdb), thanks a lot!~
Can we sticky this please
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That sounds good, it'll be able to help a lot of people
I'd still have fix my post so it could be easily more understood
I'll still have to make the tutorial for those 2 newly added
Hope this Guide helps ;)

*Added 3d section
oh god , great job! :)
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I still need to find an appropriate image for the 3d category, but it will be done soon :)
For someone who only use Google search, this is incredibly helpful.
Thanks for this useful thread ! really helpful >w< b
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Still no 3d.iqdb ;-;
Wow. I can't get tired of this anime search one, I can play with it forever.
does anyone ever try finding some doujin with these? I kinda curious about the result.
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Nub1 wrote:

does anyone ever try finding some doujin with these? I kinda curious about the result.
SauceNAO supports doujins as they index doujin pages too

Same applies with iqdb

Tried it before and it worked
I've yet to find a screenshot that doesn't work with
This is amazing

GSG95 wrote:

Can we sticky this please
You got it.

Really neat guide.
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It got stickied!

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combine with puush for getting images from YouTube
Amazing! Really helpful
amen to you Kao lmao

late reply :')
Someone help me...
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