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As many flooded me with question regarding this change and if maps are rankable with it now (Spoiler: yes.), here's what has changed for you by implementing this change into the game:

The following rules were changed:


  1. Background images must not exceed a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1200 pixels. Images with lower vertical or horizontal resolutions than that of the player's will be upscaled to fit the entire screen.


  1. Storyboard images must not exceed a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1200 pixels. The storyboard editor works based on osu! pixels with an internal maximum width of 854 pixels and a height of 480 pixels. If you are using an image bigger than that, you may need to scale accordingly.

We didn't view a special regulation for entire images for tall and wide scrolling images as necessary, as 1920x1200 pixels for everything should be well enough for every fancy stuff we could think of. If you need more space, you can always choose to separate your really huge image into several slightly less huge images for the sake of getting by that wide scrolling image rule. So as of now the following rule is dropped from the Ranking Criteria:
  1. The maximum dimensions for tall or wide scrolling images are 640x1440 and 1920x480 respectively. This is for the sake of gameplay performance, image loading time, and filesize.

These changes are in effect immediately.

As this was a dev-side change and a limitation was lifted from background resolutions, the limit was updated mostly (storyboards were using this same limit) and the rule removal is explained above. If you wish to comment on these amendments, use this thread.
neat, but i hope we don't get into "bg isnt 1900x1200 pls find higher def one" because that stuff is still somewhat rare
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nah, it's a maximum, 1920x1080 is the most common thing i expect to see for now as 16:10 resolution isn't that widespread. 1920x1200 will be the new maximum resolution and that's what the maximum support for backgrounds is for.
new era of BG has come.
nice, about time :D
glad to see this happens ^^
I am going to plug this here while it's still hot.

If you want to upscale a background or storyboard element to ~1920x1200 and it's "anime-style" art (aka everything on osu!), then you can use waifu2x, an amazing image resolution scaler using neural networking. It doesn't do that bad of a job with photos either.

Full HD Storyboards incoming.

Videos stays at their same rules ?
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we didn't revise that properly yet, will probably happen later during the RC rework.
Project Railgun
2160p when

It's about time the rule got changed. Ringating is going to love this. :)
i can actually make 1920x1080 bgs? O:
So we're still able to use old bg resolutions?

KuranteMelodii wrote:

So we're still able to use old bg resolutions?
Come on, it's the "maximum" size being increased.
Yay, now I don't need to rescale images xd
1920 hype
osuHD 8-)
gyud qualiti., so bigggg.....
Remember, there's this thing too.
ok oko
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