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Do you have it in you to become The Writing Champion of osu! ? Or do you want to hone your skills in writing and read other stories?
Then this is YOUR CHANCE to become the Osu! Flash Fiction Champion!

The rules are simple: (And stolen from here)

  1. 1. Each Week, there shall be crowned ONE CHAMPION.
  2. 2. Following the crowning of a Champion, the new Champ must provide a writing prompt and a word count limit. (Not to exceed 3000 because we're all busy people.) The Champion must not dilly-dally. He must perform this first duty within 24 hours of his coronation.
  3. 3. Once the Champion announces the prompt and word limit, the round begins. Anyone may submit a story. Once the round begins, you have SEVEN DAYS to post in-thread with a fictional story pertaining to the prompt and word count.
  4. 4. After the deadline, The Champion must judge all participants and choose a winner within FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.
  5. 5. Once the winner is chosen, that winner becomes the new Champion and we return to step one. Enjoy your crown, for victory is fleeting.

  1. Although the reigning Champion has sole judging power, anyone may critique anyone else's stories. Please refrain from critiquing stories during the seven-day competition period. Critiques, however, are encouraged during the two-day judging period.
  2. No Champion may reign two weeks in a row. The current champion is barred from selecting his own story to win (obviously), but he may if he chooses, write a story for the hell of it.

  3. In the event the Champion is lax in his duty of providing a prompt and word limit, one will be selected at random. In the event the Champion fails to choose a winner, a vote shall be taken. I will be angry if this occurs, because this isn't a freaking democracy.
  4. If one so chooses, one may ask the reigning champion for a Challenge before writing. The Champion should then assign them some small (or large) challenge that is unique to them. They should attempt to complete the challenge while remaining within the bounds of the prompt and word count. You receive nothing for successfully completing a challenge except style points. An example of a challenge may be along the lines of, "Your story must include a duck," or "Your protagonist must be a deaf-mute." Please note that should you request a challenge, you are at the mercy of the champion and you will probably get something outlandish.
  5. If the osu! Writer's Circle becomes so popular that the Champion cannot judge all submissions, I reserve the right to allow Champions to name co-judges. This may be necessary going forward depending on popularity, or it may not.

The reward: Being the best writer that week, and having everyone in Forum Games see that you are the Champion for a whole week!

Submission Guidelines
  1. All stories must fall below the word count, or you are disqualified.
  2. Post your story directly into the thread. Spoilerbox tag it, this thread shouldn't become 1 huge wallpost..
  3. When submitting your story, there is to be no preamble, none of that bull. Your story must fall under the word count in its entirety.
  4. When you post your story, it should consist of nothing but your story name and your word count, followed by your story itself.
  5. Please post /in if you plan on writing. This does not obligate you to write; it's just to keep track of how many people join (and to bump the thread from time to time).

Current Champion: levesterz (First Reign)
Previous Champions

Current Prompt:
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As this is the first week, I will decide the prompt and crown the first Champion.

The prompt this week is:

The story has to involve the concept 'running around in circles.' The word limit is 3000 words.

You have a week, until next saturday, 1 PM GMT.

Good luck!
Hope people participates this soon.
/in well planning to write it hope i can finish in time tho(blame my bad time management skillz)
Good thread, Zaphkael. Nice one!

Can't wait to see what everyone will come up with. I'd be interested in writing but I'd rather not have anyone dying from cringe :')
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GSG95 wrote:

Good thread, Zaphkael. Nice one!

Can't wait to see what everyone will come up with. I'd be interested in writing but I'd rather not have anyone dying from cringe :')
The worst thing that can happen is that you get more writing experience and critique on how to do it better :p
Zain Sugieres
There was once a small boy called Zain. He started playing a game called osu!, he got addicted to it and later on he was found on a street running in a circle shouting "OMG 470 RPM IM A GOD RAFIS NOTICE ME". He was taken to a mental hospital where he died without Rafis ever noticing him. Fin
"Its round and does not have an edge. " First man said and the word echoed across the empty cavern . The echoed stopped and he just stand there waiting for respond "i guess there is nothing here " he sighed and turn around just when he about to walk away from the cavern he heard a chilling voice respond "its rhythm with clicker". The man then turn around and saw a berry scarry face .....
Alice: wait berry scarry? ugh the pun why did you do that?
Alicia: I though you already miss my good rhyming with the pun industry.
Alice : Not as much as you butchering the story with it.
Alicia: Fine no more pun for next two line then. Anyway hi hi welcome back with another quick sketch less pun edition.
Alice: *nods* welcome back
Alicia: Look like it the time of day when the air is gloomy fill with gleaming light of despair of soul screaming through the gate of nether realm.
Alice: weird description but true.Anyway what she is trying to say is its....
Alicia: Arrow Wind story time . Yay * pop up some confetti*
Alice: I though you say no more pun .
Alicia: Only for two line * giggles*
Alice: * sigh* anyway we are dragging time here. In the spirit Halloween may we present the one of the scariest story to be heard or told by nobody other than us.
Alicia: Not really our narrator its kinda bad at story telling and probably end up in some sh**ty story.
Alice: way to drove off our reader again..Anyway the theme its gonna be scary and draggy....
Alicia: Just like this pointless conversation but with more blood in it. Soo let the curtain be rolled and be around the finish line as we present one of `meh` story `Starry Candy and Cute Teddy Bear` its gonna be a cute sweet time.*smile*
Alice: wait thought its going to be...
Alicia: too late * roll curtain*

*crunch crunch*
The crunching sound
*crunch crunch*
Its a pleasant sound to be heard . And the sweet flavour of the candy burst through the mouth of the red hair witch.
" Sweet.. sweet candy only you can fill my boredom now " the witch sigh and continue crunching through the candy while sitting at a light pole. "I wonder what prank should I play this time. I got a few warning from my sister for the last `hand` incident or should I said `smore hand`'' she giggle as she remember her pass action. She then pause and look far across the pathway as she heard some foot step " Here come my victim let get the show started." She say a wierd word and then dissapear into thin air .

"Come on hurry up big sis or else we are going to be late to catch a glimpse of the red moon at the peek of the summit."said the blonde hair girl while turning around to see a girl with black hair slowly walking toward the girl" Why the rush we still have two hour left before it begin. Beside that it only too us another ten more minute to reach to the hill and another ten to climb it Lilia."
"But did you not heard early bird always catches the worm. In this case its night time and instead of worm we are going to the hill and grab the best spot ever to see Cherly. "
"Yeah like everyone wanted to see the red moon. That does not exist.Like seriously this is like the second time that you drag me to see it only to arrive there to see there is no moon.There no single moon to be seen now to tell you the truth."
"Well second time the charm as they said. Beside you will never know that until you reach the hill"
Fifteen minute later they reach to the hill summit. They look around and there is no one there "Its empty like always. " Cherly look around and then sat on the ground looking at the sky" And there no single moon to be seen. "

"But the star is pretty today." Lilia sat down beside Cherly and gazing above the sky. "To tell you the truth actually I don`t believe about the red moon myth. It just a reason for me to drag you out for star gazing with me "
"Yeah. I know " They both look up on the sky above enjoying the colour of the star that shine bright upon them. "The red moon exist ." said an unfamiliar voice. The two girl turn to the source of the voice and then saw a red hair girl around the age of twenty sitting on the tree branch " And I am going to show it to you" red smoke begin to appear around the Cherly and Lilia . The smoke dissipate and they found themselves not at the hill anymore.
From the grassy floor now changed to a starry background and toy-ish building surrounding it. Standing in front of the two girl is the witch . " Where the hell are we?" Cherly ask confusely "Just like you say it `hell`" The witch giggle" Joke aside.. allow me to introduce myself. I am the youngest sister of the three witches sisters club , Lyrica and this is my play house." " Why do you bring us here?"Cherly ask"To play a game with me silly." With that said the witch then wave here arm and disappear and is replaced with a pole with a sign. Cherly approach the sign and it
'Be aware of your surrounding`
"Lilia stay close to me and don`t..." She paused and look around only to be found out that her sister no where to be found. "Lilia?" a bright light appear again on the sign. She examine the sign again.
`Green book in the building on your left hold the answer'
"The witch. Fine if she want to play she will get it." feeling angry , she enter to the house and search for the green book
when she found the green book it stated
'now run around in circle till the ground break'
so she begin running around the circle till the ground break. the end
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Ladies and gentlemen, our first (real) submission ever is in!

You have 6 more days to compete for the first crown!
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I really liked your story, although it was very chaotic. I loved the way you incorporated the narrators, alice and Alicia in the story, but you should really watch your interpunctions. Nice periods and commas can make or break the readability of a story, and in this case it made it harder to read.

Our first champion is Levesterz!

But due to the lack of submissions, I'm afraid I'll have to close this thread. If our champion wants to give a prompt, sure, I'll keep the thread updated, but I won'tbe pushing it anymore.
Though if short story are accepted, it may be nice.
But of course, not too short or random.
Maybe we should be a bit more loose. You know, to encourage people to join. Hard to say how to be more loose though...
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You're about as loose as you want to, I think. As long as you are not writing <100 words meme stories, it's fine by me.

But writing is effort, and I think that the people that come to forum games aren't looking for that.
Zain Sugieres
why didn't you accept my entry wtf fucking rigged games
I liked the idea and planned to write something but since I have trouble writing prosa (lol) in english it would take oh so long and I'm already playing osu! and working 40h per week so it's like meh. I used to write stories for a game back in the days...when I had school and tons of freetime.
metal sonic1

just putting this ad out here for you writers

Your story could win $5,000

Choice of Games is excited to announce a cash prize contest for interactive fiction over 100,000 words.

The Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels offers $10,000 in prizes. The First Place winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize, the Second Place winner will receive $3,000, and the Third Place winner will receive $2,000. In addition, all three winners will receive a publication contract with Choice of Games, including 25% royalties on the sales of the published game.

Entries must be written in English and developed in ChoiceScript, the interactive-fiction programming language from Choice of Games. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience.

All entries must be at least 100,000 words long, including both prose and code, and must follow Choice of Games’ inclusivity guidelines, including allowing players to choose their own character’s gender. Authors must be at least 18 or older and a resident of the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada (excluding Quebec). The submission deadline is January 31, 2018, more than a year from now.

For more information, and to enter the contest, visit our contest page!

Official contest rules are also available. ... 4e47c1d1a7

thank me later
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