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You wanna meet some new people or advertise for your server?

You're here on the right place!

While you can do this freely, please make sure that your invitation link for discord does not expire. It makes it impossible for people to visit your group. If your server is known for quality hosting and a bigger community base we may add them to the list below. Something that can help a lot is to introducing your server:

  1. What's the focus of your server? (Videogames, anime, etc.)
  2. What sort of languages are spoken?
  3. How active is your server? Does it have its own community?
  4. What else can you tell about your server?

Several community members have taken it on themselves to provide quality voice chat hosting for osu! players and community members to use. The following servers are open for all players in good standing to use:

Please note: While these servers are hosted by members of the community, they are not "official" osu! servers. Administration and moderation of these services lies wholly with the server's local administrators - please contact them regarding any issues you may have!

Teamspeak 3 (dl: here)

IP: osu.corin.me
Hosted by: Corin
Local administrators: ztrot and deadbeat
Forum thread: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/225443

Mumble (dl: here)

IP: dkun.us
Port: 64738
Hosted by: dkun
Local administrators: dkun, Sync, MMzz
Local moderators: Love, Cookie, Nyquill
Forum thread: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/116822

Discord (dl: here)

Server Name: osu!Discord Community
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/0Vxo9AsejDkGlk3H
Server Owner: Nathanael
oh just notice this thread xd

it's a discord server ofc
The admin include me and Underforest, just a causal server

EDIT: info
Server is headed by nathanael, has tons of admins and mods, including some from the forums here.
The server is really big, and pretty fun if you get to know the regulars.
Side note: you get cool roles if you're good at this game =3=

Name: secret club #420
Link: https://discord.gg/maTzct2
Admins: InternalLight, Underforest
Moderators: Blankon, LowComboFC, Pawsu

Name: A room by a hentai that plays eroge in his living room
Link: https://discord.gg/0v3sV9pOy1EHHswB
Admins: KuranteMelodii
Moderators: no one yet :v

name: faiswusuf treehouse
link: https://discord.gg/q4rn3AB
admin: fizzn and zain sugieres
moderator: empty

Name: osu!
Link: https://discord.gg/XSun5UV
Admins: Myself
Moderators: None so far.
Name: Project Astro
Link: https://discord.me/astro
Admins: Almighty, Whako
Something about us:
We are a strong upcoming community with 100+ players
We have active staff 24/7
We do not tolerate racism, discrimination, or bigotry

Our plans for the server:
we will be hosting multi's every weekend
we also have a guild for multiple games (blade and soul, guild wars 2 and more)

Click the logo below to join

message me if you have any question
name: Baka & Treat
it's a discord server ofc
Admins: me, Arisu, reiko, neko.png
Mods: jackylam5, Kitty, melancholy, Kana, Reimu
over 1400 users, fully partnered server
Added everyone above. Also, since some don't know that an invite link can expire, make sure it doesn't. It's pointless otherwise.
Click to join my Discord server! https://discord.gg/vjRDNPx

Mostly Osu centered
discord: naokie#4160
Mainly anime and osu
Hello Potential New Discord Members!
So who are we? Well..We are Westside Weebs, an International Multi-Gaming group.
A group that is devoted to ensuring that every member always has someone to play with and has a good time!
We are a fun, friendly, and active server and plan on keeping it this way for the duration of our time as a group.
If you're interested in Joining us, Please make sure that you have Discord Downloaded as well as a working microphone and headset.
Why headset? Because otherwise we can't hear feedback, your neighbors screwing and quite often babies crying.
Currently we are mainly populated with OSU! players, but plan on expanding to other games such as Overwatch and League of Legends soon!
If you're looking for a fast-growing, social server that specifically aims at having fun and meeting new people,
We're the place for you!
Please Join us at: https://discord.gg/x488cvj
https://discord.gg/hhdbN anyone can join if they are looking for people to just talk to <3
We r the ultimate unicorns. Join at ur own risk.


Dyl-Byl wrote:

We r the ultimate unicorns. Join at ur own risk.

>tfw expired :P



Link: https://discord.gg/68dQ66B

We have:
Leader: me
Administrator: starkim1999 (INFERNO) [YouTube]
Moderator: Jeezy
DJ: Dark Flame & Jeezy

We have alot of things to do in our server!
You can do stuff like:
  1. Getting new awesome tags by talking with others!
  2. Some NSFW group ;) (must be level one) ask in #NSFWreq
  3. Playing with our bots!
  4. Listen to some music at the #Music voice channel that the DJ adds! You can also request some of your own! (must be level three)

More will be added soon!
nvm lol
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