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Yousei Teikoku - Senketsu no Chikai [Osu|Taiko]

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What the hell, great job!
Really like the map! Lots of fun to play.
What happened!! :cry:
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Mafiamaster wrote:

What happened!! :cry:
I was planning on reviving it along with my other Yousei map. But I guess it'll be further delayed :(
:O is this alive again
Why is insanity gone?
Kirino Kousaka


Why is insanity gone?
Most likely, it's unrankable.
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Remapped [Insanity]
I really liked the old Insanity that you made D:
But since you remapped i can't play it anymore ;_; , could you add the old file on this topic for us to play it again ? I really enjoyed playing it, and the new one feels so different, still great but not the same >.<

And i love your map btw :3
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Good thing I had it backed up
Dark Mummy
love this map

Saten-san wrote:

Good thing I had it backed up
thank you :D !!

This is definitely one of my favorite maps, why was this old version unrankable?
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zerothefallen wrote:

This is definitely one of my favorite maps, why was this old version unrankable?
Stuff happened, and it's not unrankable D:
leave a star here :D

I've an inspiration to SS when it get ranked \:D/

awesome map !
Idk why you are asking me to mod this again, but now that I can actually fc every diff and pass insanity consistantly maybe I can actually help :P

[Weezy's Easy]
- SV changes are not really recommended for easier diffs

00:23:592 - The spacing during this slow down is not the same as earlier spacing and may confuse newer players. Recommend either removing slow down or remapping it so that the spacing is 1.25x that way it's the same as before just with slower sliders.
00:36:092 (3,4) - remove these two notes and place a note at 00:36:259 instead
00:57:425 (2) - move note to 00:57:592
01:59:592 - Again recommend removal of slow down or making the spacing the same as before (would use 1.5x here)
02:57:259 (3,4,5) - The first note of this stack will overlap with 02:58:259 (1), maybe just move the stack down and to the right a little so that doesn't happen?
03:03:592 - 0% volume is unrankable, must be at least 5%
03:42:259 (1) - add finish on slider start
03:59:592 (2) - add whistle to be consistant with the rest of that section
04:12:925 - You have a inherited section here that says 0%, but for some reason I can still here the spinner end anyway, so just remove it.

[Nekoo's Normal]
- Slider tick rate 1?
- OD -1?

00:52:925 (1) - Move the second slider anchor right one grid(grid lvl 3) to make the overlap smoother.
02:43:592 (3) - This slider randomly being normal hitsound is kinda wierd. Either make it soft or add nromal hitsounds on 02:46:259 (5) and 02:48:925 (3).
03:44:925 (3) - Add finish?
04:08:592 (1) - Move spinner start to 04:08:925 and add a double at 04:08:425 so that it looks like this ? With clap on 5 and finish on 6 if you do.
04:12:925 - Remove 0% inherited section


00:54:259 (3,4,5) - Add finish on 3 and 5?
02:08:926 (3,4,5) - Same as above.
02:09:175 - Remove unused inherited section.
02:09:342 - ^
02:09:509 - ^
02:09:842 - ^
02:43:592 (1) - Same thing I said in Nekoo's diff about the hitsound change here
03:02:259 - 0% hitsound volume is unrankable
03:15:592 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Add claps on the start of slider 3, on 4, and on the start of slider 6
03:18:258 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Add claps on the start of slider 3, on 4, and on the end of slider 5
03:24:925 (3,4,5) - make these finishes instead of whistles?
04:08:592 - add a note with finish here and start the spinner on the next red tick instead?
04:12:925 - Remove 0% inherited section


01:38:259 - extend the start of this break to here?
02:28:592 - add a note here, and possible one at the start of the spinner right after it too.
02:31:009 (2,3,4,5) - make this a triple instead of a quad
02:39:259 - add a note here? maybe make that entire combo move down slightly each note as well.
03:57:675 (2) - add clap?
03:58:092 (1,2) - add claps here as well if you did the above.
04:12:925 - remove 0% inherited section


00:42:759 (1) - remove new combo
00:44:342 (2) - add whistle?
01:32:092 (1,1) - remove both of these new combos
01:35:009 (5) - add clap
02:20:092 (1) - remove new combo
02:41:675 (2) - add clap
02:55:009 (4) - add clap
02:57:425 (4,5) - add clap on start of 4 and on 5
03:47:009 (5,6,7) - add claps on 5 and 7
03:57:675 (5) - add clap
04:12:925 - remove 0% inherited section

I hope this mod is more helpful than the last one...
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Thanks Fiya!
Basically did all on my parts, except the 0% part. From what I know it acts like 5% (the minimum)
Yeah I mapped it before the limit got implemented.

Seriously, this is over a year old now. I need to get this ranked :o
This is also one of my favorite beatmaps in all of osu! I want it ranked =w=
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