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What do you look for in a song to map/play?

I look for fast songs (200bpm+)
14.07% 137
I look for songs with varying or interesting rhythm (Breakcore, hi-tech)
40.14% 391
I look for consistent songs (Hardstyle, quaver, etc.)
20.53% 200
I look for songs with good vocals (Yurica is my wife)
25.26% 246
Total votes: 974
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interesting rhythm is always nice since it allows you to be more creative lo
Interesting rhythms, they're fun to listen to and to play to. High speed is also fun. :)
The songs that are taken from another rhythm games(beatmania, IIDX, ...) does fits the best since those songs has been made for the game.
I'd say I'd pick up songs with interesting rhythm.

For the second choice, I scrapped it because there are songs with good/cute vocals but looow BPM (not mapped but Susume*Otome ~jewel parade~ - BPM 130), and songs with bad vocals but hiiigh BPM (Everything will freeze - BPM 240 - linked is the instrumental version, mapped by Ekoro), and I don't take into consideration what you call "my waifu", and I can't select one of the two, the first vote used.

Looking forward to more BMS. ...and some stuff with Gamegame ;) (Groundbreaking track. Safe to mention and everything - way interesting it may feed some mappers and players' hunger for awesome works!)

EDIT: White star replaced with an asterisk just in case
even though look up to everything on the pool, I can only choose 2 :C
I don't look for songs to map.

The songs come to me themselves while I found myself involved in a sort of daydream within some "parallel world" my mind (not me) creates from the scratch of everything and nothing inside and outside me. If a song holds me tight (lile a lustful loli obsessed on me), probably I'll map it.
I'd like to map a lot of hip-hop and rap. I don't have the time to actually do it though.
Quaver yes!
I selected options 2 and 4
i look for pp nowadays
anything with lots of drums and dense rhythms basically, 170bpm +
You just gotta go fast. Come on, step it up!
for a fast song i just prefer an instrumental song some kind sound voltex with a bit electronical there
also my favourite genre is hardcore and tencho *p

MrSergio wrote:

let's clarify my choice: I generally take whatever song I find particularly dear to me, either because I like a part on it or because it gives me a certain vibe. That emotion is the basic ingredient for the map I will gonna make later, so I can't map well unless I have any feelings towards the song.
pretty much this
basically anything that sounds good for my ears
idk what what to vote so xd
Good voice = Good Map ^.^ the thing is i almost like evrybeatmap when the voice of the actor is nice.(A lot of ppl ask me why i like "crap" maps) cuz of the voice/song :) i dont realy care about map style when the musik is good
Good female vocals and high bpm
Complex rhythms with some degree of consistency. Fun to play, and a good challenge.

Also, high bpm maps (260+) provide an interesting style at the 5* level that's also enjoyable.
I prioritize varying rhythm song, like inconsistent BPM (like Mirage Garden, Lindwurm) when searching a song to play

Fast song is nice unless its just flat fast (without any variety like "drop" or solo)

And consistent song is kinda make me mad (a little) because it's always have heavy jumps when mapped

And good vocals can be an alternative as long it's not make me feel asleep when playing
it's once again differ per person. because music taste is always different.

personally i like music with interesting drop and variates. DnB is excluded they have different technique to make them awesome.
i also love DnB with vocal, like tidal wave or starscrapper. bemani song most of the time has same feel as DnB, but with different flow.

for mapping purpose, anything has different mapping style, and this make the variation between mapper.
the most standard song to map is around 140~180 BPM anime style song like yasashisa no riyuu and the other.
DnB most of the time is too repetitive, this force the mapper to be creative to make something interesting.
SpeedCore isn't always necessary to be mapped, as the purpose of the song is to strain the listener spirit to the max.

there's also some unique music type like glitch, kawaii core, etc. but for general mapping information, those 3 is already fulfill the criteria
Absolutely fast and interesting rhytms, as a mania player, a repetitive song is just a consistency test.
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