2011 Taiko World Cup (15th Apr ~ 29th May)

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Tournament Instructions
The 1st round of the tournament will be robin-round stage. There will be 4 groups and each groups have 4~5 teams. Your team will play every other teams once, and the team achieved #1 or #2 in their group will be ascended to the next round. Ranking of teams will be decided by certain standards:
 1. More matches won.
 2. Have bigger {(the number of games won) - (the number of games defeated)}.
 3. More games won.
 4. Have bigger ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
 5. Winner of the rematch.

Other stages will be Knockout stage. If your team wins the match, your team will be ascended to the next round immediately. but if you lose your match, your team will be knocked out from the tournament.

Usually you will have a match per a week, but in the 1st round you may have two matches in certain week if your group consists of 5 teams.

Match Instructions
1. One of referees will make the room 15 minutes before the time. All players should arrive the room in right time.
 1-1. The room will be locked. The password will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
 1-2. Referee can wait maximum 15 minutes.
 1-3. Referee should post multiplayer history in this thread.
2. The team that mentioned first in the timetable will be Blue team. Referee will be Blue team, too.
 2-1. From semi-final, which team will be blue team will be decided by coin flipping of referee.
 2-2. Referee should not touch anything that can affect score.
3. If everythings are ready for the matches, referee will give host to the capatin of blue team.
4. Captain of the blue team selects the map from the maps that are announced for the round, then starts the game.
5. When the game ends, referee will save screencshot for the result screen, and post it to this thread when the match ends.
6. Captain of the blue team will give host to captain of the red team and the rest is same as 4 and 5.
 6-1. In final game, referee will become host and select the map to play.
7. Repeat 4~6 until winner is decided.
8. In Robin-round stage, the team wins 3 games first will win the match. In Knock-out stage, the team need to win 4 games.
 8-1. In final round, you have to win 5 games first.

Groups for Round 1
- This is totally random result. You can blame the manager if you want, though.

Knockout Stage
IMPORTANT: If you want to change the time, contact to the captain of the opponent team and make agreement between both captains first, then notify manager by PM or post here. If you have any troubles with contacting them, tell manager for some help.

 Standard Time Zones of The World (Don't forget to apply Daylight Saving Time!)

Previous time table is here.
Round 1-1
 Group A
   Philippines vs China: 16th April 12:00 UTC (20:00 UTC+8) (Referee: Alace)
   Malaysia vs Italy-Netherlands: 16th April 13:00 UTC (14:00 UTC+1, 21:00 UTC+8) (Referee: Alace)
   China vs Malaysia: 17th April 12:00 UTC (20:00 UTC+8) (Referee: wmfchris)
   Philippines vs Germany A: 17th April 13:00 UTC (14:00 UTC+1, 21:00 UTC+8) (Referee: wmfchris)

 Group B
   Taiwan vs France: 16th April 14:00 UTC (15:00 UTC+1, 22:00 UTC+8) (Referee: lepidopodus)
   United Kingdom vs Korea A: 15th April 15:10 UTC (16th 00:10 UTC+9) (Referee: lepidopodus)

 Group C
   Poland vs Hong Kong: 16th April 11:00 UTC (12:00 UTC+1, 19:00 UTC+8) (Referee: Alace)
   United States vs Brazil-Chile: 16th April 23:00 UTC (18:00 UTC-5, 19:00 UTC-4, 20:00 UTC-3) (Referee: Noobita)

 Group D
   Finland vs Germany B: 16th April 17:00 (18:00 in UTC+1, 19:00 in UTC+2) (Referee: Noobita)
   Korea B vs Japan: 17th April 11:00 UTC (20:00 in UTC+9) (Referee: arien666)

Round 1-2
 Group A
   Germany A vs Italy-Netherlands: 26th April 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST) (Referee: Noobita)

 Group B
   United Kingdom vs Taiwan: 22nd April 14:00 UTC (15:00 WEST, 22:00 NST) (Referee: wmfchris)
   Korea A vs France: 22nd April 15:10 UTC (17:10 CEST, 23rd 00:10 KST) (Referee: lepidopodus)

 Group C
   Hong Kong vs United States: 23rd Apirl 4:00 UTC (12:00 HKT, 22th 21:00 PDT) (Referee: Alace)
   Brazil-Chile vs Poland: 26th April 20:00 UTC (16:00 CLT, 17:00 BRT, 22:00 CEST) (Referee: Noobita)

 Group D
   Korea B vs Finland: 24th April 13:00 UTC (16:00 EEST, 22:00 KST) (Referee: Noobita)
   Japan vs Germany B: 24th April 14:00 UTC (16:00 CEST, 23:00 JST) (Referee: wmfchris)

Round 1-3
 Group A
   Germany A vs Malaysia: 29th April 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST, 20:00 MST) (Referee: wmfchris)
   Italy-Netherlands vs China: 30th April 12:15 UTC (14:15 CEST, 20:15 Beijing time) (Referee: Alace)
   Italy-Netherlands vs Philippines: 30th April 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST, 23:00 PST) (Referee: Alace)
   Malaysia vs Philippines: 1st May 11:00 UTC (19:00 MST/PST) (Referee: Alace)
   China vs Germany A: 1st May 12:00 UTC (20:00 Beijing time, 14:00 CEST) (Referee: wmfchris)

 Group B
   Korea A vs Taiwan: 30th April 11:30 UTC (20:30 KST, 19:30 NST) (Referee: arien666)
   France vs United Kingdom: 30th April 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST, 19:00 WEST) (Referee: Noobita)

 Group C
   Hong Kong vs Brazil-Chile: 30th April 2:00 UTC (10:00 HKT, 29th 22:00 CLT, 29th 23:00 BRT) (Referee: lepidopodus)
   United States vs Poland: 30th April 20:00 UTC (13:00 PDT, 22:00 CEST) (Referee: Noobita)

 Group D
   Germany B vs Korea B: 30th April 13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST, 22:00 KST) (Referee: arien666)
   Japan vs Finland: 1st May 13:00 UTC (22:00 JST, 16.00 EEST) (Referee: lepidopodus)

Round 2
  Taiwan vs Italy-Netherlands: 7th May 12:00 UTC (20:00 NST, 14:00 CEST) (Referee: arien666)
  China vs United Kingdom: 7th May 14:00 UTC (22:00 Beijing time, 15:00 WEST) (Referee: Noobita)
  Korea B vs United States: 7th May 22:30 UTC (8th 7:30 KST, 15:30 PDT) (Referee: lepidopodus)
  Hong Kong vs Japan: 8th May 13:00 UTC (21:00 HKT, 22:00 JST) (Referee: lepidopodus)

Round 3
  China vs Japan: 14th May 14:00 UTC (22:00 Beijing time, 23:00 JST) (Referee: Noobita)
  Taiwan vs United States: 14th May 15:00 UTC (23:00 NST, 8:00 PDT) (Referee: Alace)

Round 4
   Japan vs Taiwan: 29th May 12:00 UTC (21:00 JST, 20:00 NST) (Referee: wmfchris)

 3rd Place Play-off
   China vs United States: 22nd May 4:00 UTC (12:00 Beijing time, 21st 21:00 PDT) (Referee: Alace)
Map List
- Please check which difficulty is available. It's not always the hardest difficulty in the mapset.
- Some maps might be non-ranked maps. If you have any problem about that, please contact to the manager.

Previous Map List is here.
 Round 1-1 ( Mappack is available: )
  1. 3oh!3 - Chokechain (Gens) [Hard]
  2. Boom Boom Satelites - Shut Up And Explode (Lissette) [Insane]
  3. ESTi - SIN (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
  4. dj TAKA feat. Erika Mochizuki - MOON (Gabi) [youngdow's Taiko Oni]
  5. jun - KIMONO <3 PRINCESS (ouranhshc) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  6. Kamui Gakupo, KAITO, Kagamine Len - IMITATION BLACK (Shinxyn) [Insane]
  7. Megurine Luka - DYE (Shinxyn) [Hard]
  8. Muse - MK Ultra (DJ KRZY) [31's Taiko]
  9. ND Lee - Y (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
  10. Nico Nico Douga - Kamijo-san & Biribiri at The Skyhigh (KIA) [Taiko Oni]
  11. Pastry - Goblin Girl (osuplayer111) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
  12. Rie Kugimiya - Suki? Kirai!? Suki!!! (Sushi971) [Taiko Oni]
  13. SID - Rain (TV Size) (KIA) [aru's Taiko Oni]
  14. Taiko no Tatsujin - Kimi no Akari (aquabluu) [Oni]
  15. xi - Halcyon (gowww) [miccoli's diff]
  16. YUI - LIFE (JauiPlaY) [LIFE]
  17. Zun - Doll Judgment ~The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes (Zekira) [Lunatic]
 Maps for final game (2:2):
  1. L'Arc~en~Ciel - DAYBREAK'S BELL (RandomJibberish) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  2. Rex - Heart of Witch (yeahyeahyeahhh) [Roko-Don's Taiko]

 Round 1-2 ( Mappack is available: )
  1. Beniiro Litmus - Rin to Shite Saku Hana no Gotoku (Chacha17) [lepidon's Taiko Oni]
  2. Chata - Yuujou Pop (Rorry) [Taiko Oni]
  3. ClariS - Irony (TV Size) [Natteke's Taiko]
  4. DJ Sharpnel - Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star (xBubu) [H-boy's Hyper]
  5. dj TAKA feat.Kanako Hoshino - DROP (Sharp) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  6. ESTi - Ladymade Star (lzy) [lepidon's Taiko Oni]
  7. ESTi - Oblivion (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
  8. Forte Escape - End of the Moonlight (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
  9. fripSide - future gazer (TV Size) (SamiPale) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
  10. Hatsune Miku - Love-colored Ward (Krisom) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  11. HTT - Pure Pure Heart (miccoliasms) [miccoli]
  12. Koike Masato - Raging Waves (LKs) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
  13. Komiya Mao - Yozakura (Alace) [Taiko Oni]
  14. Starving Trancer feat, Maki - Agony (James) [Hard]
  15. Taiko no Tatsujin - Mekadesu. (Zekira) [Oni (2nd Gen)]
  16. Whiteberry - Natsu Matsuri (NatsumeRin) [Oni]
  17. Yoko Takahashi - Cruel Angel's Thesis (TV Size) (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni (Tatsujin)]
  18. Yuuna Kamishiro - Shrill False (vivicat) [31's Taiko]
 Maps for final game (2:2):
  1. 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Punishment (lepidopodus) [Taiko Oni]
  2. Anamanaguchi - Rock Club (Sushi) [Taiko]
 Round 1-3 ( Mappack is available: )
  1. _yoc feat. Sara Matsumoto - Moonlight Windia (ouranhshc) [Roko-Don's Taiko]
  2. Bangsili - Ah! Salvia (DJ Cheori Remix Ver.) (ykcarrot) [Shino's Taiko]
  3. Chai Found Music Workshop - Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~ (xierbaliti) [Taiko Ura Oni]
  4. ClariS - Connect (TV Size) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
  5. Dai2BungeibuBand - KiraKira (Short Ver.) (Tenshi-nyan) [Ozzy's Taiko]
  6. fripSide - fortissimo -the ultimate crisis- (osuplayer111) [Kana's Taiko]
  7. Hatsune Miku - Nightmare Party Night (banvi) [Ono's Taiko Oni]
  8. IOSYS - Danzai Yamaxanadu (Zekira) [The Last Judgement]
  9. Jimmy Eat World - The Middle (Gonzvlo) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  10. jun - SILVER DREAM (Twinkle Mix) (ouranhshc) [31's Taiko]
  11. M2U - The Prince of Darkness (TKiller) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  12. Megpoid GUMI - Poker Face (NatsumeRin) [Taiko Joker]
  13. Ryo Yoshimata - Resolver (haha5957) [31's Taiko]
  14. Shimotsuki Haruka - Omoi no Kanata (Short ver.) [aabc's Taiko]
  15. Taiko no Tatsujin - Saitama2000 (Kharl) [Taiko]
  16. YuFu - Holy Moon (wmfchris) [Taiko]
  17. Zeami feat. Ayane - Senpuu no Mai (CS ver.) (lepidopodus) [Taiko Oni]
  18. zts - WhiteBlue (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
 Maps for final game (2:2):
  1. Ai Otsuka - Sakuranbo (S i R i R u) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  2. yak_won - lucid (soulfear) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
 Round 2 ( Mappack is available: )
  1. 3rd Coast & Paul Bazooka - Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) (MoonFragrance) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  2. Camille Saint-saens & FIRST AID - D2 (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
  3. DAISUKE ASAKURA - stealth (ouranhshc) [31's Taiko]
  4. Denji Sano - Taiko Time (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni]
  5. DJ Amuro remixed by DM Ashura - AAA (Clickz) [wmf's Taiko]
  6. DJ YOSHITAKA - ALBIDA (TKiller) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  7. Galdeira - Almagest (Wuiss) [31's Taiko]
  8. Hatsune Miku - Romeo and Cinderella (Nekoo[]) [31's Taiko]
  9. Makou - Hamsin (MoonFragrance) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  10. Nami Nakagawa - DON'T CUT (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni]
  11. Niko - Night of Fire (Gabi) [lepidon's Taiko Oni]
  12. Ochiai Yurika - Koibumi2000 (arken1015) [Taiko Oni (Tatsujin)]
  13. ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy (Aoitenshi) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  14. Suzaku VS Genbu - Himiko (Mysterica) [Another]
 Maps for final game (3:3):
  1. Frederic Chopin - Etude Op. 10-4 (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni]
 Round 3 ( Mappack is available: )
  1. 07th Expansion - dreamenddischarger (AngelHoney) [Insane]
  2. Demetori - Jehovah's YaHVeH (happy30) [Taiko]
  3. Jonathan Underdown - IN THE ZONE (lepidopodus) [Taiko Oni]
  4. Len - U.N. Owen was her? (Louis Cyphre) [lepidon's Taiko Oni]
  5. Linda AI-CUE - Soroban2000 (lepidopodus) [Oni for TWC]
  6. LindaAI-CUE - X-DAY2000 (arien666) [Taiko Oni]
  7. M2U - Blythe (MoonFragrance) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
  8. Makou - Fermion (MoonFragrance) [Taiko]
  9. Maximum the Hormone - What's Up, People? (Louis Cyphre) [Aru's 666 Taiko]
  10. MC Lynn - EkiBEN2000 (arken1015) [Taiko Oni]
  11. SADA - STAR FIELD (yeahyeahyeahhh) [lepidon's Taiko Oni]
  12. Zeami - Black Rose Apostle (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni]
  13. ZUN - Faith is for the Transient people (thepianist) [dksslqj's Lunatic]
  14. ZUN - Necrofantasia (Fight69) [Wmf's Taikofantasia]
 Maps for final game (3:3):
  1. Demetori - Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion [Ono's Taiko Oni]
 Round 4 ( Mappack is available: )
  1. Akitaka Toyama - The Carnivorous Carnival (lepidopodus) [Oni for TWC]
  2. Akitaka Toyama - Yozakura Shanikusai (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni]
  3. Amuro vs Killer - Mei (yeahyeahyeahhh) [lepidon's Taiko Oni]
  4. Ayako Saso - Kamikaze Remix (lepidopodus) [Oni for TWC]
  5. beatMARIO - Night of Knights (DJPop) [DONS]
  6. DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames (Lesjuh) [Taiko]
  7. Linda AI-CUE - Kita Saitama2000 (zelos) [Taiko Oni] / Alternative link
  8. Linda AI-CUE - Man Ka Imu-Ichi no Juu (Zekira) [Taiko Oni]
  9. ribbon rooms - mint tears (lepidopodus) [Oni for TWC]
  10. sampling mastes MEGA - Rotter Tarmination (lepidopodus) [Taiko Inner Oni]
  11. Taiko no Tatsujin - Haya Saitama2000 (Zekira) [Oni]
  12. Taiko no Tatusjin - Hataraku2000 (Zekira) [Taiko Oni] / Alternative link
  13. Zeami - Ryougen no Mai (lepidopodus) [Oni for TWC]
  14. Zeami feat. Ayane - Senpuu no Mai (AC ver.) (lepidopodus) [Taiko Oni]
 Maps for final game (4:4):
  1. Linda-AI-CUE - Shimedore2000 (Zekira) [Taiko Oni]

Registration (Closed) (March 12th ~ April 9th UTC)
 中文 / 日本語 / 한국어 (Translated in March 12th. Rules can be changed, so translated versions aren't always the latest.)
1. Minimum 3 players per one team. You can add 1 back-up player, so maximum number of the player in one team is 4.
2. The team should include a captain for managing the team and the players.
3. Basically a team represents a nation since it's World Cup. That means you can make a team with players from same country basically.
4. If your country lacks Taiko players sufficient to participate this, you can recruit players from other nations with permission.
5. Due to so many Taiko players are from certain countries, more than one team per country is available with permission.
6. Captain should forum-PM to Tournament manager or post in this thread to make a team.
 6-1. Captain can make a team first, then add some players for it.
 6-2. One team should include at least 3 players until the registration is closed. If it's not, the team will be disbanded.
 6-3. Captain can add back-up player if there's no one for the team until the tournament actually starts.
7. Staff can't participate tournament as a player.
8. This rules can be modified without noticing.
1. The maps for the tournament will be announced each round. Basically this will be decided by staff.
 1-1. There will be some maps that can be used only for the final games.
2. One of the staff will be referee for the match.
 2-1. Referee should post records of the match in this thread.
 2-2. If the referee is absent, one of two captains can take over the job temporarily by agreement between both team.
3. The matches will be played in locked room created by referee. Setting will be Taiko, Team Vs, score for win condition.
4. The team with higher total score will win the game.
 4-1. Score of failed player will be added to total score too.
5. The team that will win 3 games first will win the match in Robin-round stage. You will have to win 4 games first in Knock-our stage.
 5-1. In final round, The team should win 5 games first to win the match.
6. 'No Video' mod is available. No other mod is allowed unless there is notice about this.
7. In each game, two captains will choose the map to play alternately.
 7-1. In the final game with draw(2:2, 3:3 or 4:4), referee will choose the map to play.
 7-2. Maps cannot be used more than 1 time in the same match unless the game was nulified.
8. If the game ends in a draw, the game will be nulified.
9. If one of players gets disconnected in the first 2/3 of the map, the game will be nulified.
  (Intro and outro won't be count as play time.)
 9-1. If two players get disconnected, the game will be nulified.
 9-2. If disconnection happens right before the game starts, the game will be nulified.
 9-3. If nullification of games due to disconnection happens by one team more than 2 times, the opponent team will win by default.
  9-3-1. In semi-final and final round, more than 3 times of disconnection are needed.
 9-4. If the time when a player got disconnected is vague, referee will decide whether to nulify or not.
 9-5. If disconnected player doesn't return within 10 minutes, the match will resume.
 9-6. If the referee gets disconnection, the game will continue, but one of two captain should post record for the game.
 9-7. If server is too unstable to continue the match, referee can postphone the match.
 9-8. If the disconnection is considered as intentional by referee, referee can announce victory of the opponent team.
10. If less than 3 players arrived until the time that the match should start, the match can be postponed maximum 20 minutes.
 10-1. Referee can take some relevant measures if one of two teams lacks players after waiting for 20 minutes.
  10-1-1. Relevant measures include rescheduling the match, declaring winning by default of the opponent team, etc.
 10-2. Referee can postphone the match if bancho is too unstable to play.
11. During the match, substitution of players is allowed for once, and permission of the referee is needed.
12. Lags can't be a reason for nulification of game.
13. In robin-round tournament, 'Win by default' will be considered as win by 3:0, +1.5 score differece ratio.
14. If there's any unexpected incidence that needs decision of staff and isn't specified in this rule during the match, referee will judge.
 14-1. The manager can revoke decisions which is made by referees.
15. The manager can ban a player or a team from the tournament if the player or the team is considered as disturbing the tournament.
 15-1. Banned player won't be allowed to participate the next Taiko tournament.
  15-1-1. This can be revoked by manager.
16. If the manager is absent when decisions from the manager are needed, vice-manager will take over the job temporarily.
17. This rules can be modified without noticing.
- Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes are sponsered by peppy.
1st Place: 3 months of supporter tag, and a nice Profile Badge designed by crystalsuicune for each player!
2nd Place: 2 months of supporter tag.
3rd Place: 1 month of supporter tag.
Special prize: 1 month of supporter tag. (Other than above prizes, this prize is sponsered by the manager. All players will vote for the team which showed best gameplay, attitude, spirit of fair play, etc., and the team with the most votes will win the prize. Of course players can't vote for his/her own team. This prize won't be given to 1st~3rd place.)

- Sorted by alphabetic order. Underline is for captain, and italic is for back-up.
Brazil-Chile: Hyguys, Kurisuchianu, Foster Don, JhowM
China: Yowane _ Haku, yukey, sagelord, small-qiang
Finland: XZero94, LunaticMara, Orkel, Pallero
France: _Gezo_, omegaflo, Dagonpater, Didou
Germany A: OnosakiHito, DarkDunskin, RockeDon, Trashy
Germany B: BrokenArrow1, Zeitgeist, Der_Locher, bennius
Hong Kong: aabc271, XeBi320, KanaRin, Kanpakyin
Italy-Netherlands: NeoRainier, Pheon, Lokamp, Henkie
Japan: inaba9510, TTTL, aruru1234, 03123456789
Korea A: KRZY, BloodyLove, Remilia-Scarlet, [Shalon]
Korea B: samiljul, Nyan, kds7769, Kim Jin Seok
Malaysia: HeatKai, mekadon, ffyong, taiko_maniac1811
Poland: 1miko1, rEdo, Acrith, Niko-
Philippines: blacksymbian, Zekira, caelumangelus, [Zero_One]
Taiwan: Numbers 596108, TW-KUMA01, ISHIDAMITSUNARI, zx0502442
United Kingdom: Rokodo, Sander-Don, MMzz, Nazo
United States: OzzyOzrock, KYOUI, Backfire, anongos

lepidopodus (Tournament manager)
arien666 (Vice-manager)


Penalties : #1 #2 #3
Team West:


...need a fourth, but can't think of anyone else on the spot.
Topic Starter
Of course experts are welcomed, but range of participants can be wide.
Maybe it would be wiser to pair an expert with a lesser skilled player? Make things more interesting...

Rokodo wrote:

Maybe it would be wiser to pair an expert with a lesser skilled player? Make things more fair...
Fixed. Difference in expertise between Taiko and Standard are way too high imo. Anyway how about splitting continents? :3
Topic Starter
@^: Asia rules, then. I'm thinking about merging team by continent or region or something like that with agreement between players, if there's too less players in that country who wants to particiate.
Also to disperse god-like players in East asian region, how about making spliting the team available? (Of course it would be better to split players by local region in that country if it's still Taiko 'world cup' lol)
How can i participate? I'm the only player in my country... can i join another team even if it's not my country? though it kinda breaks the whole world cup thing
Topic Starter
Uh, let's see, there's not much players in there, so you could be a special case, I guess?
Maybe I don't have any relationship with this tournament, cuz my ability is too poor to participate.
Though, As one of noob taiko player, I'm looking forward to this tournament exciting. ;)
As for rules, I think it will good if the rule's big-frame is similar with Osu! standard world cup.
I dunno, I'm not as good in osu!taiko as I am in console Taiko.
I can expect a several teams with too many players and some teams without enough number of players
I'm thinking about merging team by continent
You do realize you'll be merging Japan and Korea in one team if that happens, haha

How can i participate? I'm the only player in my country... can i join another team even if it's not my country?
This is kind of my case, too... :/
Topic Starter

lepidopodus wrote:

- Taiko has less player than standard and lots of players are Korean, Chinese and Japanese, so maybe make spliting 'major countries' available would be help?
- Some countries have too few Taiko players, so how about making merging team available? --> If player who wants to particiate is too few in that country, I mean. If there's enough player, no need to merging, huh?
That's why I'm thinking about this.

And [shalon] isn't noob lol (I don't want to make Taiko tornament 'god-like players only tornament' or something like that orz)

If too few participants are gathered, teamVS won't work. (So If that happens We should change this to World Taiko Championship or sometihng like that lol)
well, i'm not a good taiko player (though i know how it works ;) ), but i'm very interested in this tournament
Why not make a normal tournament or 2v2 tournmanet instead?? seems much better for taiko since the player base isn't as wide as standard.

Noobita wrote:

How can i participate? I'm the only player in my country... can i join another team even if it's not my country? though it kinda breaks the whole world cup thing
I fall into the same category.

Rokodo wrote:

Team West:


...need a fourth, but can't think of anyone else on the spot.
*starts crying*
Interesting. I'm stalking.
You know Mara will own you all
Of course... he has start power :o
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