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Note: This is my own opinion on dealing with the problem posed in the Jukebox thread, and is built to solve some potential problems in the Jukebox itself. sorry, happy30

:shock:Problem: Only the host dictates what song the players in the room listen to, so players aren't able to recommend/show certain maps unless they ask for temporary host/ask the host to select the map.

:idea:Solution: What if players in a room can select and recommend maps to the host? Each player recommends one map each, and the host/other players can access the recommendation through a button on the player's bar, which acts as the download link to the map. They can see info of the map by hovering over the button, from which a tool-tip will tell them.

:arrow:Argument: This is helpful because it prevents the hassle of passing host around, the host can easily ignore it (does not force the map to a queue, where the host has to manually skip/remove it), and the players can change and cancel the recommendation, as well as be able to download other's recommendations.

If you think this feature can be improved, post your opinion and I'll be glad to change it!
Why create a new thread for this when you can reply to the Jukebox thread?
How is this different than the Jukebox?
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I apologize, I didn't really know what to do in the case of a different method to achieve the same solution. I just thought my method was vastly different, that's why I made a thread independent from the Jukebox.

Anyways, I implied the fact that this is different from the Jukebox in the argument to implement this:
Unlike the Jukebox, the Recommendations feature is not a queue. Because of that, the host can pick suggestions in the order he/she wants, unlike a queue where it plays depending on "who made the suggestion first!". Not being a queue removes the problem of dealing with changing suggestions (bringing a new suggestion back to the top means a player will have to wait more for "making a mistake", keeping the position means players can reserve with a "wrong" map and change it later).

Both host and player maintain control. The Jukebox does not allow you to queue another map until your current suggestion is removed from the queue. Here, that doesn't really apply. If they make a mistake/change their mind, they can change/cancel it. Also, the suggestions are not as forced onto the host as being put in the queue and having to remove it if he/she does not like it. When you make a recommendation, it should just be that; it shouldn't be able to become a nuisance (imagine if you have a player who keeps recommending Apparition).

Anyways, I spent hours thinking about this and I'm really tired (1:45 AM as of this post) getting prepared for a trip to the US, so I hope it's not too bothersome for you guys to read.
Sandy Hoey
You should've just stuck with posting a comment on the original Jukebox thread. what you are suggesting was actually already recommended as a change there which makes this post pointless
Posting in the Jukebox thread is sufficient, I would assume. The proposed changes sounds ideal and I don't think the OP would mind editing that in as a proposed change.

[-Haqua-] wrote:

Note: This is my own opinion on dealing with the problem posed in the Jukebox thread, and is built to solve some potential problems in the Jukebox itself.
I guess that should be enough as a reason to post there, no? x)
Since it's just a correction to an existing idea it can be considered a dupe.
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