Mania Aspire Contest [Winner: LordRaika!]

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Here were some runner ups, Joezapy

cYsmix - Haunted House
Camellia - routing
Savant - Technodrome

There were a bunch tho
I can't wait to map some unrankable 2B patterns on mania!!
[ A v a l o n ]
wow, this is no so nice :3
edit : ups wrong typing lol, sorry
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3 week reminder for people that haven't started yet.

On another note, some things I need to address:

  1. If you're submission is especially bad (would annoy me to death), I'm going to reject it, so the judges don't have to deal with it.
  2. You only need to submit a single diff. Any extra diffs that you submit may or may not be judged to the discretion of the judges.
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I just realized I forgot to give my 2 week reminder. Oops.

On that note, There are approximately 10 days until the deadline. If you haven't started yet, now would probably be a good time. I'll give another reminder at the 3 day mark, as well as the day before the deadline as well.

Nivrad00 wrote:

Camellia - routing
i tried to map routing a few weeks ago. i gave up
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Forgot this, but there's less than 3 days left to submit something! For those of you that still haven't started, good luck I guess?
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Roughly 12 hours left. Get your submissions in!
Hype? :o
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Submissions are closed!...

Stuff is now happening behind the scenes. Enjoy a progress meter.
That's a sexy progress bar :)
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Results will be coming out at latest Sunday. Sorry about the wait, but I promise you guys it will be well worth it.
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Finally, results are in! Congratulations to the top 3 submissions, by LordRaika, Nivrad00, and wizardoffail! 3/2/1 months of supporter are on your way.

This is a link to a results and the submission pack. A few notes though:
  1. Nivrad00 and spoonguy do not have scores nor comments listed, due to various reasons.
  2. Backgrounds were anonymized during the judging process. They were randomly selected all all take on Contestant A's background.
  3. Contestant A will be anonymized, for reasons you'll see if you check out his/her submission.
  4. Kamikaze's comments for hannanos gives an incorrect total score at the end. This is fixed in the final results

Thanks for all the submissions, and I hope that these maps are fun to watch as well! I might hold some more contests in the future, but that will be quite a while from now (most likely). See you all next time! (or later in this thread)
Contestant A chart was pretty fun

[edit after trying the rest] let me be honest here I had more fun playing Contestant A's chart than any of the voted top 3 :/
maybe I understood this wrong and the point of this contest was not to make charts for playing but for watching autoplay
Congratulations to all the mappers who took part of this contest. It was a fun experience to judge them and I found really interesting stuff over here.

Kudos to all the judges and of course to Ciel as well who managed to force me to finish the judging on time :P

Even when we might lack some elements that STD has, we could show the world that mania can also be a reaaaally great contestant when it comes to crazy and aspire-ish stuff. Once again, as Ciel said, congratulations to LordRaika, Nivrad00 and wizardoffail for achieving the top 3!

Aqo wrote:

Contestant A chart was pretty fun
I agree!
Contestant A made me want to stop playing this game forever

Congratz to everyone!
Damn, raika wins both the aspire contest and the mania best mapping contest :o
Grats to everyone who participated too! I already saw niv's chart before submission and it was incredibly well done too.

Aqo wrote:

[edit after trying the rest] let me be honest here I had more fun playing Contestant A's chart than any of the voted top 3 :/
maybe I understood this wrong and the point of this contest was not to make charts for playing but for watching autoplay
Welcome to Aspire!
Just checked the judging and submission within the back of shadow XD

Nice submission for everyone, here some comment from me with theme : Aspire
For Nivrad00,the effect is made by using some specific hitsound that could dampen or overwrite the current Hz, the idea is too bright... ... BUT WAIT... WAITTT!!!! NOoooOOoo, XD on editor check, i couldnt find this SB hitsound.... and then i realize its just a custom audio used as base mp3 XD ( ah sad,... this things could be easily achieve with audio editor )
and 01:07:276 - the fully teleport and unpredictable note is actually bad and NICE WHEN player figure it out how to play it, its require player to memorize the previous 7 note's pattern, and then PLAY IT with the column flipped horizontal. just quite hard to catch the idea behind this as player's view.

For WizardofFail,The Increasing speed of the gimmicks is really nice, the white line usage on the opening is also nice for increasing and decreasing usage. Aside from that, the map is pretty solid that aims to be safe by not breaking much rule and yet.. having some great stuff inside. Then some flaw is the BPM scaling is somewhat too fast for specific part, probably some miscalculation, but yes, this map suppose to be around at 240BPM all the time.

As for Sankansuki, the LN is nice, but its still could be say as normal mapping since this is Aspire Contest that need something really special, S-P-E-C-I-A-L or Unique stuff, hopefully something that never been achieved before... but yeah, nice LN as just with this LN, mapper could make unlimited style of pattern.

As for dionzz99, not going to comment on the hitsound even its... uhh well.... XD why N:100%? just no bonus score from this aspect.
most of the SV Effect is aggressively COOL, Yeaahh! But... it does have a drawback, which hurts the performance, i honestly... from the player's view... could hardly get into it or hardly can follow it by sightreading. "IF" the SV is made along with sightreadable, this one could be a really great submission.
Next, the white line spam just didnt give the feel here... 00:48:882 -
i know you could make it more memorable or more visually entertaining... FOR Ex: add tight white line on main rhythm and leaving some space for the rest.

Then XeoStyle, i think u could get more score than that, but it does have some nice gimmicks, but only on some parts, then the hype slowly fades away, then the nice stuff return, and goes away XD.... again...
hmm it feels like u left quite lots of part to be map where player expect it to be WOW...
other than that, it could be a submission that stands among the others if well polished.

Then hannanos, this map rely heavily only on pattern... AND the patterns alone is actually really amazing for around 3.9star
other than the fact this is special 9K, its not really surprising for the rest of the elements of the map... uhh, like almost nothing more... just a well mapped normal beatmap.

Last but not least.... Mr. A, my first impression... ofc after hearing tons of asdfgasfasdfasdfasdf feedback, i didnt intend to PLAY it on the first time... so i press CTRL+Enter and.... and.... i got stunned for 3.275 seconds!!! yes around that,.... ive been loading... "im checking Camellia - Lunatic Rough Party" just a second ago... and wHAT THE DUCK IS THIS! so i was thinking this is actually additional mp3 used as hitsound at the end of the map OF the real mp3 and MAP IT blindly like a boss OUTSIDE THIS base beatmap(like the real base of the goddamn song with duration and time altered....and moved it here...) but hey once again i was wrong XD ,this is just fully editted mp3, duck that 5min mp3! haha...
oh, i havent say... it does give some trolling, nice one.

and for my own submission, i want to reply a little bit for the judges... (err i will just summarize them for quick reply)
First, i intend my map to be visually nice and unique as possible, and the most important thing is... its should be playable & SS-able, because i enjoy a game when i can actually play it... since some broken balance game gives me a bad experience of my life.


(just want to give hint and explanation to some player that failed to understand the beatmap >_<)
The main Feature of my map could probably the sick "overlapping notes"/hidden note , and that "teleport note"
(the 7notes will be mention later...)

the key and "how to play" lies on the opening of the beatmap....
where player might miss on their first encounter of this 2 hidden note along with the white line spam, that indicates "something", yeah this something is hidden and means it does have THINGS on it... this unique stuff appear again for next wooby part, and clearly something weird on the breakdown with only 2 LN and then white line spam, if the player miss, they should already knew by now that this WHITE LINE indicates the hidden note of the map NO OTHER column than the previous 2 LN, "the perfect shield" pattern.

Then the fun begin when player hit this hidden note and shocked theirself with teleport note.... and they probably miss again for the first time, ahh.. its so funn... XD wahahaha. So this is where the extra White Line's another purpose of life, as the hint/indicator for something special.

i also plan to make this TELEPORT of hidden notes with white line as indicator.... 01:31:023 -
u saw the bulky white line? and u dont know which column is the hidden note? unlike the previous case, the hidden is on "perfect LN shield"
this is where u SPAM ALL THE 7 KEYS!!!!! , i love this idea but i want to play it safe without breaking too much logic XD
so i include the xplanation here... hehe


i could agree and also disagree, the "DJ Scratch" hitsound probably could sounds annoying? 00:49:716 -
at first... i was like.... oh damn this section.... on normal mapping, this could be a way way way predictable on what to map!
here.... i want something unique, and if keysounding with same pitch... will looks really normal...

SO... i took the catchy parts of the main rhythm which is this pitch 00:49:716 - that repeats 4 times in this section.
(the other 2 is the higher pitch version but they seems to be catchy enough even with just the SV)
and add some catchy and unique hitsound to make them noticeable.. with a hope... player know that this SV indicates
the main rhythm of the special pitch...

the rest of the hitsound is not noticeable if press perfectly as its just simply blend with the song itself with a bit more effect haha,
unless its wrongly timed, but yeah, thats hitsound for you XD, thx for the feedback.


Ah, the opening jerky SV? ah right... i overlook for the effect and missed a bit of the jerky and tightness effect of each white line gap.
and the stutter SV, yeah... as usual... i might made it too gentle XD, thx... after time passed, now i feel i need a stronger of this stutter...
an aggressive one doesnt really hurts performance as well... like your SHAPER, @Evening. Thx for the feedback.

hope i didnt missed anything XD

Thanks everyone >w</
Btw, i dont want the sup tag, can i.... get this ranked instead under special condition?? like other Aspire map.... i will ask Loctav if necessary.

this is just a dream of your illusion...
but it could be nice if this is not just a DELUSION
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