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ktgster wrote:

Note: Everything written here is about what the current state of this map is at the moment.
Note 2: It would also be greatly appreciated if you responded to this mod.


AIMod considers your tags conflicted with each difficulty. Make them consistent across all difficulties. done


Currently as it is, there is very little difference between Easy and Normal and as a result, screws up the spread by having a difficulty spike later on in the spread. blame deetz :/ hopefully the addition of more rhythm in normal will be enough difference, i'll buff the normal more if it gets more complaints.

Easy: Fine
Normal: Basically it is easy but higher spacing. This needs more 1/2's to differentiate it from Easy more and help the spread into hard.
Hard: Currently too easy compared to Skyloft. You could replace some reverse sliders with triples and add a few more jumps between NC's to help with the difficulty gap from Hard to Skyloft or add a light insane. There's gonna be a light insane coming from SW and me (collab) very soon

Skyloft: Currently too hard compared to the rest of the spread. Attempt to nerf, buff the others with suggestions above, or add a light insane.

The difficulty mods below will only go through the map in its current state. Read this before you make additional changes.

Zelda 2015 :)c:

00:20:506 (1,1) - Rhythm is just a 1/2 with a 1/4 triple on top. This is a cause for DQing so please change it
welp, i missed that. changed

1/8 Overmapped Sliders:

The usage in 1/8 sliders isn't very well done nor does it fit and seems that it was tacked on for some reason and is not a technique to use due to how frustrating it can be to play not to mention, it's also overmapped.

01:05:343 (3,4) - the 1/8 on slider 3 doesn't even exist and slider 4 only hinges on a hold so making these 1/8's and not 1/4's is already unnecessary to begin with. Similar sections include:
- 01:10:560 (3,4) -
- 01:15:778 (3,4) -
- 01:20:995 (3,4) -

There are also alternatives such as mapping slider 3 to a circle instead and only have slider 4 be a 1/8 slider instead, but considering that you could call the strings of 5-note streams overmapped due to how hard it is to hear the notes, it's kind of pointless to go with the 1/8's then. You're right, i got rid of the 1/8th on 3 but i'm keeping it on 4. I disagree with the fact that 5 bursts are overmapped. The idea was that the song gradually increases in intensity so the point was to add more defined rhythm in the intense part of the song. I'm sure this is pretty subjective considering how hard it is to hear the beats in the song, and i think it follows a rather structured rhythm so i'm gonna keep the 5s.

NC Spam:

NC spam is one thing that is unnecessary done and does not add anything to the map, but only inflate the drain. I really don't think HP drain is that much of a problem for a map like this, it if was a map that's really dependent on NC spam to pass (like extreme fantasy hr for example) then i would not use it. I got rid of some NC spams, but I'm keeping some as well. There are some themes I put in the map which are reliant on NC spams

00:51:810 (1,1,1) - Considering how the map emphasizes the song with spacing, the NCing shouldn't even matter. Got rid of this one here Similar areas include:
- 01:01:593 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - Inconsistent with above now got rid of this one
- 01:12:028 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - ^ got rid of this one
- 01:22:462 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - ^ removed NC on the first one but I'm keeping this one.

Random NC's just look random and you're better off making them regular notes of new combo's instead of just NCing every note. Disagree but this isn't the time to argue here :p

Other things:

00:22:462 - it doesn't really make sense that you would ignore this particular note being played here. You follow every part of the main melody and along with that, the beat it follows so not mapping a circle here sounds completely off to what your intentions were. Other parts include:
- 00:27:680
- 00:32:897
- 00:38:115

My intentions were to map to the piano and the flute synth for this part. The idea was to gradually increase the number of instruments I am focusing on as the map goes on. This rhythm was taken from the Deemo chart ( in which only the piano was mapped for this section. I thought it was fitting so I made it gradually add more instruments. (i did make sure to to map to the flute synth as well since it feels kind of empty with only the piano) I updated the map with added bookmarks so you can the timestamps in where i decided to add more instruments.

00:30:288 (1,2,3,4) - the pattern overall is smaller than the previous one (00:30:288 (1,2,3,4) - ) despite the song going a bit more stronger in the area. You can swap the two patterns in the timeline instead to fix this. So...
- 00:28:984 (1,2,3,4) - starts 00:30:288 -
- 00:30:288 (1,2,3,4) - starts 00:28:984 (1) - done

00:41:375 (3,4) - the spacing here is a bit surprising. The reason being is that it is basically the same distance as 00:41:049 (2,3) - and it shapes more like an pentagon much similar to what you have done before. Either NC or change the pattern so the player can separate the 1/1's and 1/2's
moved one note back to it's easier to differentiate
01:23:278 (1,1) - It's a questionable jump. The angle that it creates is a bit too much and the distance can be an issue compared to the whole map. If you made 01:23:604 (1) - more to left or right. It would be better for the player to hit the notes better. moved it to the right
01:34:202 (1,2,3,4,1) - I find it strange you don't do any spacing tricks for your emphasis here despite doing it everywhere else. Why? if you look at the beginning where the same piano note was mapped, i kept spacing the same. 00:00:289 (1,2,3,4,1) -
01:36:810 (1,2,3,4,1) - ^ same
01:38:766 (2,3) - a bit too big compared to what the song is suggesting nerfed, also reduced SV to 0.5

It's a nice designed map, but there are just some things that just detract from the map as a whole and make it less enjoyable due to those. I also feel the flow could use some more improvement and some things could be better designed.

00:20:506 (1,1) - Rhythm is just a 1/2 with a 1/4 triple on top. This is a cause for DQing so please change it


There is a section (00:42:028 - 01:02:897 ) which has a lower spacing than usual for some reason and compare to the overall section, it does not make sense as to why it is the way it is.
- 00:42:028 (1,2,3) -
- 00:43:332 (1,2,3) -
- 00:44:636 (1,2,3) -
- 00:47:245 (1,2,3) -
- 00:52:462 (1,2,3) -
- 00:55:071 (1,2,3) -
- 00:57:680 (1,2,3) -
- 01:00:288 (1,2,3) -

They would feel more appropriate if they were spaced to around 1.40x or so. True, changed.

Other things:

00:01:593 (1) - considering that it is a calm part. It is not very dense so removing these NC's would fit much more for that reason. This also includes:
- 00:04:201 (1) -
- 00:12:028 (1) -
- 00:14:637 (1) -

True, changed

00:16:593 (2) - lower this a bit since its a bit too close to slider 1 lowered

00:22:462 - it doesn't really make sense that you would ignore this particular note being played here. You follow every part of the main melody and along with that, the beat it follows so not mapping a circle here sounds completely off to what your intentions were. Other parts include:
- 00:27:680
- 00:32:897
- 00:38:115

same reason as Skyloft diff

01:18:549 (1) - blanket is a bit off. Middle point should be x:267 y:251 and end point should be x:311 y:308. changed

There's not much to this map. It is solid though, but still needs a few tinkers. Some blankets might be off lol.

Quick Succession of Spacing Changes:

Considering that this is normal. I don't think players are able to hit spacing changes that change between each note at all and you kind of just do it randomly at some points. Like...
- 00:16:593 (2,3) - No normal player is hitting this well changed
- 00:31:593 (1) - ^ changed
- 00:44:636 (1) - its a bit too big changed
- 01:23:115 (4,5,6) - these sucession of notes are simply a bit too much honestly. point was to make it hard because it was the most emphasized part of the song

- 00:21:158 (1,2) - I feel it was unnecessary to change the spacing at all here. It's random whether you do this or not on parts similar to this.
- 00:23:767 (1) - ^
- 00:36:810 (1,2) - ^
- 00:39:419 (1) - ^

changed all

There are other cases too. You're honestly better off keeping the same distance snap the whole way through instead. Jumps can be introduced in Hard instead of normal.

1/2 Reverse sliders

Nowadays, this simply isn't even allowed in a normal due to not knowing when they end and confusing nature at times. This includes...
- 00:41:375 (2) - No one is reading a reverse for 5 times in a normal
- 01:02:245 (4) - ^
- 01:07:462 (4) - ^
- 01:12:680 (4) - ^
- 01:17:897 (4) - ^
- 00:54:419 (3,4) - These are less extreme, but still concerning
- 00:56:375 (3,4) - ^
- 00:58:984 (3,4) - ^

Alternatives would be using 1/1 sliders instead of just slapping on some reverse to begin with or just use 1/2 circles at some point. changed some


Flow can be improved much greater than it currently is. Examples include...
- 00:18:549 (1,2,3) - Slider 3 can blanket the 2. The following slider (slider 4) can blanket slider 3 somewhat creating better movement and flow. did (i think)
- 00:41:375 (2) - move this more to the left and flip vertically
- 00:47:244 (1) - move this to the right for a better lead into the note
- etc etc...

did all

There are other improvements in other parts too, but flow is very depended on note placement overall and flow is different from everybody else anyways.

Honestly, this kind of just needs a rework since all three main issues are just presented throughout the whole map one way or another. :(will considering remapping
[deetz' Easy]

Too Many NC's

In my personal opinion, you basically have too many NC's due to NCing every downbeat or so. Due to very lack of notes overall. You would get about 1 to 4 notes every NC set and that's kind of just too little while also inflating the drain more. This can be changed by just NCing every two downbeats instead.
- 00:02:897 (1) - remove NC
- 00:08:115 (1) - ^
- 00:17:245 (1) - ^
- 00:19:854 (1) - ^
- etc etc...

This is everywhere in the map by the way.

There isn't much to talk about other then some flow improvements so that's really it.
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This thread will be a mega thread for responding to all your mods, thank you for your patience!


The notes I post from your mods are the things I've changed about the diff, everything I didn't post I didn't change.

00:06:810 (3) - ew this lookz lik a diagonal slidor lo
00:17:245 (3,4) - ths looks rlly messy cuz of ur slider shape/angle + circl rlly weirdly clos 2 the sliderhead lo i recommend blanket as a gud alternativ Xd
01:16:593 (4,5,6) - now this mite b a bit weird cuz of the long huge dropoff from 4 to 5 wit the weird angle turn from that to 6 lo. obv hittable but it jsut lookz lik it plays rlly weird cuz of ur slidrz and spacing differences between the notez mostly lo
01:26:375 (1) - can u jstu make this not diagonal wTF
01:40:071 (2,3) - wow this looks rly weird and messy.. try using a bettr slider shape for the bigger slider idk lol..

00:16:593 (2) - CTRL + J flows way better.
00:18:549 (1) - CTRL + H here? Gives a kinda circular flow.
01:04:202 (1,2,3,4,5) - Consider rotating it a bit clock-wise so the transition from the previous slider to the first circle here is more comfortable. The same goes for the next pattern.


Didn’t apply, sorry :c


00:42:517 (2) - Ctrl H this slider boosts a little flow so it'll be cool to play tho.
00:51:973 (1,1,1)- These NC are really unnessesary imo, bcs 00:51:810 (1,1,1,1)- are the one piano sound.
* 01:02:408 (1,1,1)- same situation ^ and etc. I just think they aren't so useful for readability.
01:23:115 (1,1,1,1,1) - ... Especially this part is sooooo misleading // prefer to remove those NC's : 01:23:278 (1,1) -
* 01:48:224 (4)- Add whistle ~

hitsounds are very (too) quiet at the beginning, especially for 00:42:028 - and on, which is a very dense part objects-wise and more intense, yet we can't get much feedback while playing it (increased a bit)
Also the change of hitsounds at 00:52:952 - is way too sudden and contrasts too much with the previous part (can’t find any better samples to replicate the drums i was following :( )
00:17:245 (3,4) - why not make a blanket with those two?
00:52:952 (2) - would look better with a slight angle like the others
01:26:375 (1) - just a suggestion but i think this would look better with the center part bent a bit:
01:55:723 (1) - maybe just a bit too loud, the custom hitsound is fine, but the hitnormal sounds out of place, you should rename soft-hitwhistle6 to soft-hitnormal6, then remove the whistle on this circle
Also maybe edit the hitsound itself to add some reverb/delay for a more impactful sound

00:41:375 (3) - have you thought about NCing this for more readability since rhythm change
00:54:745 (7,8,9,10) - idk if its because its the first one but this angle is super super awkward and weird to play, maybe you could ease the player into this 1/4 pattern a bit more gracefully
i think it'd be better to give a general note about the pentagon streams actually, i think they would play a bunch better if they were just a bit more spaced, right now its so cramped that the cursor movement feels so unsatisfying and awkward when playing them, just my two cents, if you respaced them to be bigger i think it would be a lot more playable/fun
i like the idea + execution of the expanding/constricting spacing, is cool except for the circle streams feel a bit too cramped imo as stated above
01:26:375 (1,1,1) - u cudve made this much mor interesting tbh rather than jstu boring stak play.. at aslt add a break between the notez lo

01:40:071 (2)- Ctrl + H?
01:52:136 (4,1)- Blanket it??
00:10:723 (1,2)- Pattern could look cleaner with a better shape. Example. This way you have proper blankets that look pretty nice. Same goes for the pattern that comes a few measures later.
00:16:593 (2,3)- Here you have two choices to make it look better: Either move it more to the left for a more natural (and more expectable) flow or blanket it properly. The way you placed it makes it more look like a blanket as it's a common pattern in Hard diffs nowadays.
00:40:723 (1)- Since we have are strong beat on this in the music it would make more sense to have it highlighted with more spacing.
00:57:027 (4,5,1)- Making a triangle here with (5) should give you the possibility to blanket (5) and (1).

I would have the AR be lowered to somewhere between 7 and 7.5 as the song is a bit too slow for AR 8
00:30:288 (1,2,3,4)- Have this spaced further than previous combo
01:31:919 (1)- Extend to red tick and silence the audio on the spinner end


00:21:158 (1,2,3,4)- i'd recommend to not let those overlap or make the overlap more obvious, at this point it does not affect gameplay in any way but it'll look way better
00:23:767 (1,2,3,4)- ^
00:31:593 (1,2,3,4)- ^
00:34:202 (1,2,3,4)- ^
00:49:038 (2,1)- overlap

01:37:462 (2)- 01:47:897 (2)- Add whistles on ends ~
Cool diff, i just only disagree for this: 00:21:158 (1,2,3,4) - 00:23:767 (1,2,3,4) - and etc. I think you should use DS just for cleanup gameplay and have no problems.


00:09:745 (4,1)- surprised you didn't stack this as well it would look better i m o
00:21:158 (1,2,3,4) - this spacing is like the uncanny valley of spacing, i think it looks really weird + off because they're barely touching, i'd space them like 0.05 - 0.1x more so they're fully apart and less icky
00:23:767 (1,2,3,4) - same
00:31:593 (1,2,3,4) - this is a bit better because its a different spacing, but its weird that its a different spacing lol i think you should make this one lesser and the first example listed more
01:09:093 (4,2) - y not move 4 back and then stack 2 slider end on 01:08:115 (1) - slider end and then compensate with the pattern it'd be cleaner i m o
01:18:549 (1,2)- me too thanks
01:19:038 (2,4)- literally same
01:40:723 (3,4,1)- sick triangle
00:10:071 (4)- 1.3 1.4 wot te fuk

00:16:593 (2,3)- That jumps is imo too hard to Normal :/
00:38:115- ^
00:40:071 (3,4,1)- Fix DS
01:00:288 (1,2)- Improve blanket
01:13:984 (1,4)- Overlap

• 00:06:158 (2,3,4,5)- Making a triangle here looks better and more structured. Also (5) is slightly overlapping with (2).
00:06:158 (2,1) - If you accepted the suggestion above you should be able to stack them. Dunno if you need to adjust the slidershape then, might work tho.
00:08:115 (1,2)- Having a slidertail and circle stacked should be avoided in a Normal diff because newer players need to see the approach circle properly. And since it's never used in any Normal ever it might be confusing too.
00:09:419 (3,4,1)- Jumps usually aren't a thing in Normals except it's done consistently and only with a slightly DS. Since it's not the case here I'd suggest to just rearrange them with 1,0x DS as usually
00:16:593 (2,3)- Again an unfitting jump that should be avoided..
00:19:528 (2) - Stack that shouldn't be there as I explained above. Probably don't need to pick everything out since I explained it clearly, I suppose.
00:41:375 (2)- Using two repeats is already questionable because it's anti-meta, but having more than that especially with this SV is a bad idea because there is not enough time to react to more than one repeat that is common in Normal diffs.

00:21:158 (1,2,3,4)- I would have this pattern (and the one after it) evenly spaced as it is normal and patterns such as 00:26:375 (1,2,3,4)are evenly spaced which might make it confusing for players at this diff

00:21:158 (1,2,3,4)- i understand your intention, but you shouldn't use more than one DS in Normal diffs
This is to help beginners understand the time - distance relation in object placement and to help them read the map more easily
00:42:028- you should make this beat clickable to emphasize it, a 1/2 pause is largely acceptable for a Normal diff, so no worries about that
01:13:984 (1,4)- overlap
01:18:549- like earlier
01:37:788 (2,3) - i wouldn't recommend stacking non successive circles, as it is often confusing for beginners

00:21:810 (3,4) - 00:24:419 (3,4) - You should use DS in Normal diff too, because it might be misleading for begginers.
01:13:984 (1,4)- Unnessesary and ugly overlap, please fix this.
01:23:441 (5,6)- For normal diff, these notes are overspaced tbh.
01:37:788 (2)- 01:48:224 (2)- Add whistles ~
00:06:810 (3)- NC for consistency
00:09:419 (3,4,1)- wat happened to the distance snap??? ? ?? you can't break DS in normal
00:12:028 (1)- DS
00:17:245 (3)- WH this isnt just ds this is like a fukin nintendo 3ds xl
00:19:854 (3)- getting a little touchy with DS
00:21:158 (1,2,3,4) - a a aa a
okay so your distance snap has to be consistent to my knowledge for normal, so i'm just gonna stop here, you need to respace the diff accordingly, did not list all examples but listed a couple so that you'd be able to fix

01:55:723 (1) - lo wud stak wit the moon lik detz Xd Haha Lol XD

01:54:745 (6,1) - highly recomend staking cuz tht way it givs the feeling of no emphasiz/energy in song betwen the 2 notez lo nahi thnk its fine that way lo Xd

and for normal i applied all of ur suggestions in some way or another


00:44:636 (1,2) - Bad flow disagree, i like the way it moves
00:49:854 (1) - Ctrl + J? looks ugly if i do
01:05:506 (1,2,3) - Too hard imo i think it's fine
01:15:941 (1,2,3) - Too hard changed to something else but it's still the same difficulty, again i think it's fine


00:21:158 (1,2,3,4) - The same thing I mentioned in the Normal diff applies here. If you changed the spacing for having more variety then it's better to change the pattern. I don't think it's that bad personally, especially with spacing this little
00:45:288 (2) - Should rather be placed on the previous red tick and extended to the downbeat again so the sliderhead here also has something audible. i followed the piano which was on the white tick


01:12:680 (1,1,1) - I think these should be evenly spaced it corresponds to changes in volume
01:31:756 (1) - Like previous diff extend to red tick and silence hitsound i like the effect it has when i move to red tick, gives it a slow feeling
00:52:952 - I would lower the volume of this timing point to something like 40% i put it there for emphasis


applied pretty much everything you said, thank you!


00:00:289 (1,2,1) - Idk why, but sounds so cool, if you add finishes on these notes to emphasis that sound, nice. the whistle sound is pretty long so no


00:06:810 (3,2) - stack em? uh wat
00:36:810 (1,2,3,4) - did you use create polygon circles for this? i swear it looks off but i might be trippin ur trippin
00:09:419 (3) - NC your choice i choose no
00:17:245 (3) - def NC actually no
deetz spinner recovery time
Xilver join in mapping :)

up floor is pro

00:20:995 (1) - i thikn ths nc is unnecesary and makez it look lik th ncing is overused her e.. also this and th slidr befor r both 1/4 so idj jstu make them both the same combo anywy..
00:09:093 (4,6) - id move this more left for the sake of blanket cuz CONSSITENcy wit blanketz Xd
01:55:723 (1) - put it on the moon Xd
01:10:723 (1,2,3,4,5,6) -
the rhythm pattern makes no sense here
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Small irc with Smoothie yummy!

12:24 Smoothie World: hello
12:24 ezek: omg, a smoothie, can I drink you?! :O
12:25 Smoothie World: o/o
12:25 Smoothie World: can u do me a favor
12:25 ezek: what would that be? :o
12:26 *Smoothie World is listening to [ ginkiha - nightfall]
12:26 Smoothie World: can you mod just my diff
12:26 Smoothie World: its quite short and hes really close to bubbling :P
12:27 ezek: let's see~
12:32 ezek: 00:00:941 (2) - what about doing a similar shape to the previous slider for visual appearence? like [ this]
12:33 Smoothie World: true
12:33 Smoothie World: c:
12:34 ezek: 00:11:375 (2) - I could say the same here, like [ this] ?
12:35 ezek: 00:16:593 (3,4) - You can still polish this blanket
12:35 Smoothie World: oki
12:36 Smoothie World: o ok ;w; im the worst at blankets lol
12:38 ezek: 00:38:767 (2) - move this note down so it doesn't overlap with the previous slider, maybe~
12:38 Smoothie World: its for spacing issues :P
12:38 Smoothie World: eh
12:39 Smoothie World: fixed lol
12:39 ezek: oki
12:39 ezek: 01:14:636 (1,2,3,4) - cool reverse flow e.e
12:40 Smoothie World: c:
12:41 ezek: 01:38:767 (5) - What about adding NC here to emphasize the pause on the song? (and keeping NC on 01:39:419 (1) - )
12:43 Smoothie World: ooh not there but its inconsistent
12:43 Smoothie World: 01:38:115 - added here
12:43 ezek: ok~
12:44 ezek: if you're adding every downbeat then you forgot here too 01:45:941 (3) -
12:45 ezek: 01:48:549 (4) - and here
12:48 Smoothie World: fixed
12:48 ezek: Also seems like the BPM is doubled
12:49 ezek: tell the set owner, is urankable to have doubled BPM
12:49 Smoothie World: ill leave that to Xilver :p
12:49 ezek: that's all~
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Changed BPM to 92 as ezek mentioned, and tweaked slider velocities accordingly. Thank you!

I have plans to buff Normal diff a bit and to change a few more things about Skyloft, and hopefully then we should be good with asking for icons :P


M4M for u q


hummm...i think soft-hitwhistle need swap this added, thank you!

Here are some Beautiful voice .maybe u can use it. replaced the whistle and the high pitched sound for 01:23:808 - with the sound from here, thanks!

add new redline

00:21:176 - 184
00:42:028 - 184
01:02:938 - 184
01:34:202 - 184

why? the entire song can be timed correctly using only one timing point.


00:00:289 - unrankble line sample unified

00:30:288 (1) - Don't you think it's strange here? about red line . mabey u need 445 check up i think i understand but the drum sound follows the timing nicely so at least it lands on something audible, right?

00:25:071 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - modified for this? The distance of each slide bar is 45° i like what you did but i personally like the 120 degree rotates, i did make the curve more emphasized on these to make it look nicer, though.

00:27:680 - add circle. why ignore this voice? because the idea of the map was to gradually add instruments as the song goes on, for this part i was only focusing on piano/flute synth

01:55:723 (1) - I think it should be down volume . mabey 15% good reduced


00:42:028 (1,1) - revise 1/2 reverse slider you mean change it back to what it was? i got quite some backlash from having it there so i changed it :(

00:44:636 (1,2) - 00:47:244 (1,2) - ↑ same on these

01:06:810 (3,4,5,6) - check aimod√ aimod says there are no problems :o


I think the gap between NM and HD is too big. 2.1-3.44 gap too bad .mabey u need revise hard cs. cs-0.3 or -0.5 i'm going to buff normal to about 2.6, hopefully it will fix it c:

00:57:272 - add note or 00:57:027 (4) - revise 2 1/4slider i kinda like how it is right now consistency wise :c

00:59:881 - ↑ same for this, i did fix a rather ugly overlap i had there, though.

01:03:386 (2,3,4) - fixed DS fixed, thanks!

Chalwa wrote:

00:08:115 (1,2) - Blanket improve no because of DS and it's barely noticeable at all
00:15:288 (3) - Ctrl + J looks better imo it's balanced with the slider in the same combo
00:32:245 (2) - Ctrl + H?? no cuz i don't want to
00:51:484 (2,1) - You can blanket it, but you must move 00:51:158 (1) a bit right i don't want to blanket it tho
00:57:354 (2,1) - Blanket improve
01:18:549 (1,2) - Why not blanket?? that is not even remotely close to being blanketed

Alheak wrote:

[deetz ez]
  1. 00:13:332 (1) - why is it drums
  2. 00:23:767 (1) - bend it the other way? idk better time than any to learn slider leniency!
  3. 00:28:984 (1) - same my slider curve meme tho
  4. 00:36:810 (1,1) - stacking non successive objects in easy may be confusing for beginners so prolly not a good idea meh i don't think this is a problem here but i'll see what i can do

Kalibe wrote:

deetz Easy -

* I rather to change OD and HP to 2 no, it's kind of a harder easy anyways
* Widescreen off can't make me!!!
* 00:15:941 (1) - Add whistle on head, because you also did it with 00:13:332 (1) - it's lower
* 01:42:028 (1,2) - I just prefer to make blanket with these, like these 00:08:115 (1,2) - distance snap
* 01:49:854 (1) - Try ctrl J and move on 284|160, plays cooler a bit for me. no thanks, i like this
* 01:53:767 (1) - Hmm.. How about removing this note 01:55:723 (1) - and add a reverse arrow to this 01:53:767 (1) - ? you missed the point of that circle :0

Kaifin wrote:


  1. tag conflicts lolxd
  2. 00:40:723 (1,2,3,4) - i think this is a little much for easy, 4 circles? you could do two 1/1s or maybe a 1/1 and 2 circles? i think would be a lot better for Easy eh it's just 1/1
  3. 00:44:636 (1,2) - idk if you can fix this without fukin the triangle but lo l the slider fades away quickly enough :d
  4. 00:57:354 (2,1) - everything is daijoubu
  5. 01:01:593 (1,1) - do you think this overlap will be too confusing for Easy player? i hope not!
  6. 01:15:941 (1,2,1) - sik triangle the triangle is actually fine its just hte visual distance

    nice diff but imo with overlaps and amount of circles, its almost a normal lol just food for thought
remod sinc u asked


  1. 00:05:506 (1,3) - ya
  2. 00:08:115 (1) - maybe stack on 00:05:832 (2) for a cleaner structure? not necessary but i think it'd be nice, you could also make 00:08:115 (1,3,4) - an actual line if you did this
  3. 00:11:375 (2,1) - nazi move it a touch to the left its not perfectly straight (unless my eyes are deceiving me)
  4. 00:16:593 (3,4) - ME IRL holy you should move 3 away from 4 anyways or vice versa not just because the blanket is fuckd but because its closer to the note than my tumours are to ending my miserable fuking life
  5. 00:18:223 (5) - maybe its just the angle, but damn is that some high spacing for the intensity of the note in relation to every other note in this section
  6. 00:30:288 (1,1) - literal nazi
  7. 00:39:419 (1) - it wuld be nice if this was a little more to the right imo, would make it look a lot better with how it relates to 00:38:115 (1) (you know what im sayin hopefully)
  8. 01:00:778 (3,4,5,1) - i know it might be hard but if you could make these notes not touch it would look 10x nicer imo
  9. 01:17:734 (3,3) - ded
  10. 01:40:071 (3,4) - crawlin in my skin
  11. 01:55:723 (1) - stellar meme

it was ok
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Updates on the map:

  1. Normal was buffed and renamed to Advanced.
  2. deetz' Easy was renamed to Normal.
  3. Did some polishing on the spread to be more balanced: 1.85 < 2.70 < 3.44 < 4.54 < 5.21
  4. Remapped some parts of Skyloft in the kiai and before the kiai to increase playfield use and replicate rhythm better
  5. Changed drum-hitfinish5 and soft-hitwhistle4 on the kiai to more fitting sounds (thanks to 09kami)

Waiting on a response from Smoothie World to a mod on his Insane.

@Kaifin: Let me know when you have another diff ready and I'll mod back for you.

EDIT: Changed Skyloft a bit more, should be cleaner looking I think
Hakurei Yoru
Topic Starter

Hakurei Yoru wrote:

thank you!! means a lot coming from a mapper like you c:
M4M from your queue if you like :D
Hope you're fine if I only mod the easier diffs, that's as far as I can mod >.<

[deetz' Normal]
Maybe a bit higher AR?
00:02:245 (2,3,4) - Imo this looks weird and could flow better, maybe Ctrl + G (3) and adjust (4) accordingly like this
00:08:115 (2,3) - Nazi blanket fix pls
00:13:984 (5) - I think it looks better if moved to 322, 199 (Head is in more of a triangle with 00:11:375 (2,4) )
00:23:767 (4,5) - I think something like this looks better
00:30:288 (6) - I think it's better if this is lower
00:32:245 (2) - Make it overlap with (1)?
00:45:941 (4) - So first I think this can be moved up by a bit. But I think this can be curved a bit more up or down
00:59:636 (3) - Something minimal, but I think (2) can be copied, rotated by 15° and be used instead of (3) (The difference is minimal:
01:47:245 (4,5) - I like it more if (4) would be at 114, 25 and (5) at 176, 212
01:47:897 (5,6,1) - The overlap is barely visible while playing but doesn't look good nevertheless imo

Felt like this diff could work a bit more on flow, but maybe it's just my style :D

00:01:593 (1) - I feel like this NC is unnecessary but it might be intentional (Same with 00:04:201 (1) - )
00:05:506 (1) - Why not stacked perfectly?
00:05:506 (1,2,1,2) - What about something like this?
00:18:223 (5,1,2,3) - Same as in Normal, the overlap is barely visible while playing but doesn't look good imo
00:22:462 - I feel like this beat is strong. This should be mapped imo with a HC even if that was intentional
00:25:071 - ^
00:27:680 - ^
00:30:288 - Same here but a slider is better because the beat here is kinda connected with the beat here 00:30:615
00:40:071 (3,4,1,2) - Kinda don't like the look of this constellation
01:02:734 (6) - I think it's best if stacked with (5)
01:12:517 (2,3,4,5,1) - Plays weird imo
01:49:528 (3,1) - Why is there no blanket here? Would fit
01:53:767 (3,4,5,6) - Could look better

00:05:506 (1,2) - Can be adjusted to stack (2) with (5)
00:06:810 (3,4,1) - Blanket looks nice, but the overlap troubles me a bit...
00:31:593 (1,2,3,4) - Why not the same spacing as here: 00:30:288 (1,2,3,4) - etc.?
01:51:158 (3) - You use skystar wave sliders? Ok then ^^ (Just a comment)

Really nice diff

Gotta say, I liked Smoothie World's Insane (even if I can't play it) and the Hard a lot. Hope this is enough for an M4M posted on the queue. GL ranking this!


  1. 00:20:669 (1,1) - in here what about make this like: to make 00:21:158 - clickeable(?
  2. 00:50:832 (4) - stack this slider with 00:51:810 (1) - to evoid that overlap
  3. 01:17:571 (3,5) - move a bit to the left so (5) can make a blank with 01:18:386 (7) - and (3) will flow better imo


  1. 00:03:875 (2,1,2,3) - make these a triangle and stack 00:03:875 (2,1) -
  2. 01:02:571 (5,6,1,2) - this can be confusing, sugesstion:
  3. 01:41:375 (4,5,1,2,3) - this part can be more symetrical, to evoid some overlaps, like: 01:40:723 (3,1) - 01:41:375 (4,3) -
  4. 01:49:528 (3,1) - blanket(?
short mod sorry ;w;
i hope i could help with something, gl!! :)

Xilver wrote:

handsome wrote:

01:10:723 (1,2,3,4,5,6) -
the rhythm pattern makes no sense here
giving handsome kd because we talked about improving Skyloft over discord, this was just one of many things he mentioned and I applied most of what he said (he's just a meme and won't post the whole thing Xd)
need logs or else don't give kd lol
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Ascendance wrote:

need logs or else don't give kd lol
i see, didn't know that. feel free to deny then, should have been more careful.
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