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Hobbes2 a couple hitsound mistakes (wrong volume for a line and a few objects with missing hitsounds cause copying from a diff which didn't map them)

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circles not snapped to the isolated vocals right before the kiai, timing proposed to fix it

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concerns about mp3 and some rhythm / hitsound things

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Snapping inconsistency between Rain and Overdose difficulty.

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song with redline spam that isn't close to being correctly timed, and squirrelpascals also posted about timing

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main concern, questionable snapping and rhythm choice on insane and extra also the set could be polished more

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Yuii- easy could be buffed or deleted since it ignores the song

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wrong/inconsistent snapping + minor things

x (ranked already)
GranDSenpai I brought up overmapped rhythms in mod and it hasn't been addressed.

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I am here to report this because it has a reason:

The mapper didn't agree the mp3 change suggestion, and the aduio quality seems uncomfortable to listen.

x invalid
combo colors and some hitsound things, ranks pretty soon (or so I thought)

Hobbes2 silences red tick slidertails which doesn't really make sense

fieryrage metadata seems to be wrong, also im pretty sure 00:27:627 (2) - this is 1/6 snap rather than 1/4 in top diff

fieryrage offset is like -12 ms late, also nao pointed out an issue with the sound of the custom hitclap hitsound

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fieryrage weird ending time for irohas diff, ends when the song is still playing and is contrary to other diff's end times

x it's fine
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