What is the worst gaming community (in your opinion)?

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Definitely the Dota 2 community - they hate russians, noobs and pretty much anyone who isn't like them. That's why I don't use mic - If I did, I'd surely be insulted for couple of things...

TES community is pretty chill...just stay out of Morrowind fanbase if you don't share their beliefs! Oh and download NMM and make a Nexus account - you'll need it! Don't ask me why, but if you see the vanilla versions too buggy/ugly/boring, JUST DO IT! Also don't forget to get all the DLCs - there are very well made (maybe except for the horse armor in Oblivion)

osu! community is one of the better ones - like a big family :)
make it stop tier
1. Gmod
2. TF2
why do I play this game
3. Dark Souls
4. CS:GO (1.jailbreak 2.surf 3.Comp)
mild AIDS
5. Call of Duty
6. League of Legends
7. Dota2
The ARMA or osu! community are probably the best out there.
stopped playing Gmod, TF2, and Call of duty cause everybody on those games are so young it makes me want to have sex with them and they don't know shit about DANK MEMES

Nayru-chan00 wrote:

Definitely the Dota 2 community - they hate russians, noobs and pretty much anyone who isn't like them.
Dota2 community hates russians and peruvians cause they play on NA servers and get like 200 fucking ping. Fuck russians. Fuck peruvians. :|

yea wrote:

I personally would have to say CSGO has the worst community. They take it waaayyy too seriously. Why would you spend $100-1000+ on a few extra pixels on a virtual gun?.
How does people spending money on skins make it worse? lol
Neku Okazaki
Peenoise community. Trust me, this is the truth.

Nesoi wrote:

is there even a gaming community that is remotely good?
let me compare 2 games (2 mmorpg's): metin2 (used to play that. generic asian mmorpg). dark age of camelot (currently playing. can't really compare it to anything).
metin2: people will make girl characters and try to scam the 8 year old kids to give them their stuff while pretending they are their new girlfriend (this is actually true. and not a single case at that. i even knew someone in rl who always scammed others). actually about 80% of the games population are scammers (or at least used to be).
dark age of camelot: if i wanted to, for example, transfer everything that i ever earned at this game, i would trust any of them 100% to transfer it to other characters. actually often did this with pretty valuable things, worked out every single time. everyone is nice and if you ask them they'll help. guildies would do tons of work for free to help you out even if you never even spent time with them before lol

mulraf wrote:

actually about 80% of the games population are scammers (or at least used to be).
it is not like that anymore
Minecraft and roblox because of those fucking toddlers
League has the single worst community in any video game, in my experience.
There are quite a few I can say that I don't even wanna look at. But I would have to say that League of Legends or CS takes the cake for the worst.
League of legends is by far the worst, If you play a game you have at least 2/3 toxic players in your team,
I am imagining Geometry Dash and Call of Duty fighting for the crown.

Call of Duty for it's young playerbase consisting of reproducting cancer cells that prey on the near-extinct chromosomes species. '16+' (I think that's the age restriction) looks like they don't see people not abiding to this..

Geometry Dash for it's fragile community that just one single soft insult or anything causes such an upheaval that people think of suicide. Take this as Geometry Dash in a nutshell: People taking a mobile game too seriously and starts calling people losers or hackers in which the targeted bystander makes a fuss and cries about such a mere thing and uploads pictures of cuts on his hands, or even worse in the eyes of them: quitting. I myself play Geometry Dash (not much anymore) and I find this seriously funny to watch.
Realm of the Mad God's Community is bad.
Wei Wuxian
League of Legends, period.
World of tanks is quite bad imo. Especialy the Asian server. Except for the Australian however, love those peoples.
Lessee... I have a tie between Counter-Strike and DotA 2 (I ESPECIALLY dislike the Russian-speaking part of it. I know, sounds weird coming from a Russian, but that's my opinion)... I'll go with Counter-Strike's community. DotA 2 is close second.
Minecraft in Vietnam
Tons of immature kids around the age of 8 - 13 (I am 14 lol)
Server are too similiar with each other like what they mostly have is Faction - Towny server with some note under:
- Friendly staff
- Ez op stuff

Meanwhile, donate is too overkill, most server in the world have p2w issue, but 80% servers in Vietnam will give you an OP Diamond sword enough for 1 hit Full enchanted diamond set player kill (Sharpness 100)
Guess what, Server owners even trying to ddos each other servers.

Some of those server recruiting staff have some silly requirements like this
- Need to donate money to the owner for the sake of VPS money

I cant stand with the community like that, so i never plan to going too deep into the community
After yesterday's experience I came back to confirm that the worst community of all is still CSGOFUCKYOURSELF
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