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All top 25 countries with the most players of osu! have at least one official language supported, and 39 of the top 50 countries. That equals over 3.7 milion active users! Thank you, /r/osugame.

Muzikludo means "Music Game" in Esperanto.

The Muzikludo skin is my first attempt at making a skin that appeals both to novices and to experts. The clean, subtly-glossy, almost-flat texture and design is sure to be both functional and aesthetic. The customization options given out-of-the-box will accommodate players of many different playstyles and aesthetic preferences. This skin aims to reflect the philosophy behind Esperanto—simple, yet functional and beautiful.

The Muzikludo skin supports all 4 game modes. As of V1.5, Muzikludo is absurdly multilingual, supporting 22 languages.

The design of this skin was based on my own Just osu! 2015 skin. I added some new elements and refined the existing, so that the skin would look simple and concise.

Font-wise, this skin uses various weights of Tungsten for the main text and Calibre Light for some supplementary text. Fallbacks include Rodin NTLG and Noto Sans CJK JP for Japanese; Open Sans for Vietnamese and Russian; DSN PatPong and Cloud for Thai; Noto Sans CJK SC and TC for Chinese; Baekmuk Headline and Malgun Gothic for Korean; and Bebas Neue for Russian.
Color-wise, the primary color, which I like to call "arĝentkoloro", goes from #F8FAFC to #E4E9EF; the secondary color, which I like to call "ŝtalbluo", goes from #C8E6EF to #8CC6DC. Both can be outlined in #5A6478.

Here at Muzikludo headquarters (by which I mean inside my brain), we value customizability more than anything else. The skin is aimed to make every player content with the skin with its pre-packaged options, but even if they are not, they will find the elements of this skin good for combining with other pro skins.

Muzikludo has several customization options. The most conspicuous of all is hitcircle and hitcircleoverlay. In addition to the default hitcircle, which you can make opaque or transparent, you can use the "donut" hitcircle that shows hitcircles below from its window in the center, or you can use the ever-so-famous Kamui hitcircle.

There are two options for the approach circle: broken and continuous. The broken approach circle will help some people recognize individual approach circles better in some designs. There are also three options for the reverse arrow: simple, emphasized, and semicircle (added in v1.4).

There are three alternative styles for the numbers in hitcircles, aside from the default Tungsten: Tungsten Light, Calibre Light, or just replace them with dots. The follow point has four styles, including an option to disable it altogether.

Muzikludo also has some spiffy custom hitsounds. In addition to the popularly used Kamui hitsounds, Muzikludo has a set of EDM style hitsounds and a set of chiptune hitsounds made on Famitracker. And don't worry, Muzikludo does not have any of those decadent loli voices throwing you off-guard!

In Version 1.1, an alternate, more dot-shaped cursor was added to the skin. The slider ball was changed to fit the rest of the skin better, but the "record" slider ball is still available as an option.

In Version 1.2, the Taiko mode was skinned. Two options for the circles are available: traditional circular ones, and novel rectangular ones. Each comes with a set of feedback icons, in the osu!Standard or Taiko no Tatsujin color scheme.

In Version 1.4, the default hit circle was remade from scratch.

In Version 1.5, the cursors were remade as more languages were added.

Version 1.5, .osk
Version 1.4, .osk · Version 1.3, .osk · Version 1.2, .osk · Version 1.1, .osk · Version 1.0, .osk
Remember to customize it!

Version 1.5, 2016-05-08
NOVAĴO Added even more languages! (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese)
NOVAĴO Added new cursor
NOVAĴO Skinned Catch the Beat
RIPARO Default hit circle replaced
RIPARO Fixed menu-random
PLIBONIGO Various fixes

Version 1.4, 2016-03-27
NOVAĴO Added menu buttons
NOVAĴO Added a lot of languages! (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)
NOVAĴO Added iconified version
NOVAĴO Added new semicircle reverse arrow
NOVAĴO Added "welcome" text
NOVAĴO Added icons for folders
RIPARO Changed "Miss" to "Misses" in ranking screen
RIPARO Translated "Congratulations!" text in ranking screen
PLIBONIGO Slightly tweaked Ranking Graph Size
PLIBONIGO Moved the "Back" button a little bit down so it fits in the bottom bar
PLIBONIGO Changed display font for Japanese translation
PLIBONIGO Remade default hit circle

Version 1.3, 2016-03-08
NOVAĴO Mania skinned
NOVAĴO Star Particle changed to be slightly less distracting
RIPARO Fixed some Esperanto mistranslations, thanks to Ashmya on Reddit!

Version 1.2, 2016-03-01
NOVAĴO Taiko skinned
RIPARO Fixed issue of button sides not smoothly transitioning into button center

Version 1.1, 2016-02-26
PLIBONIGO Changed default slider ball
PLIBONIGO Removed slider end
PLIBONIGO Smoothed out cursor trail
NOVAĴO New cursor option
NOVAĴO Added Esperanto translation (Tradukita en Esperanton)
NOVAĴO Added Japanese translation(日本語対応)
RIPARO Fixed issue of missing @1x mod icons

Version 1.0, 2016-02-25
NOVAĴO First release of skin for osu!Standard
Really good skin! :D
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Version 1.1 released!
I think the link is broken, can you check if it works for you when you click on it ?
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SonicxBoom wrote:

I think the link is broken, can you check if it works for you when you click on it ?
Works fine for me.
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SonicxBoom wrote:

I think the link is broken, can you check if it works for you when you click on it ?
Can you check if you can download V1.3?
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Updated to v1.4. SO! MANY! LANGUAGES!
nice ;D
Nice skin ! 8-) gonna use it for long period ;)
This is very well made! I managed to complete my first 3.3 star map with this skin, and I haven't even customized the skin yet! The broken approach circles are especially nice and useful! :P Great job!
The folder icons don't quite work correctly. The folder the icons point to is C:\Program Files\osu!\Skins\Muzikludo\Icons, but osu! installs to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\osu!. Not only that, but the filename is Muzikludo_1.5.osk, meaning it's copied to Skins\Muzikludo_1.5 instead. Try replacing the icon paths in desktop.ini with a relative path, like ..\..\Icons\whatever.ico
EDIT: Also, Translations\(Iconified)\play-unranked@2x.png is incorrect.
EDIT 2: Also, the scorebar for the iconified version should probably have no text under it.
I love the way it looks you did a good job ;)
The text in the mod icons should be different colors so they can be more easily read when they're stacked on top of each other (shown near the top right of the results screen).
this is frickin amazing
Do I even need to reply to this thread?

You know, silver S rank can also be achieved with the Flashlight mod, so the text under the silver S rank icon probably shouldn't say "NO MISSES + HIDDEN"
-[H i K a R i]-
Very nice, this post does not seem to be on the skin. Well done.
good skin and comfortable to use... :D
but there is a little bit overlapping elements in my language (Bahasa Indonesia)
Sir Fluff
This is such a good skin. I love the chiptune hitsounds, and the broken approach circles make it so much easier to tell when multiple notes are on top of each other. Thank you for making this!
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