Poll 30: What mouse-pad surface material do you prefer?

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What mouse-pad surface material do you prefer?

Fine (smoother) fabric
Coarser fabric
Hard plastic (smooth)
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For us mouse players, the surface we play on can drastically change our performance. Setting aside those of use who choose the cold wooden desk as our poison, we would like to know what kind of material you prefer to have your mouse-pads made out of! Even if you're a tablet player, please inform us of your preferences, as something special may be coming you way soon.

If you have a different material that you prefer, please let us know in the thread. In that regard, the possibilities are certainly plenty!
Its nice that they they are taking us mouse players more into consideration =)
i have the big razer mousepad i think its the goliath its about 14 -15 inches by 12 .. which i like ... i played some competive fps like maybe 10 years ago with a ridgid one ... that would be 2nd choice ... if i remember well its the control edition .. like its a bit checkered idk if thats the right word ... ol-edition
If you plan to make any mousepads, could you try to make an XXL one? ore a 900x300 one pls <3 bigger is better :D
fine fabric of course, with thickness ranged from 2-4 mm :D
I do prefer the cold wood desk, but if I had to pick a mouse mat it would have to be as fine as possible. I'm quite sensitive to the feel of the mouse moving, the tiniest bit of fluff stops me from concentrating on the map! :P
Araragi Karen
for other games like fps games i prefer a fine cloth mousepad, but for Osu i have been using a rigid plastic mousepad and it's been working great for me! I would say either option is pretty great as long as quality materials are used to make them
I don't know what material this is but i use a "zowie g-sr" and am VERY happy with it. previously i used a razer goliathus which was also neat but slightly worse imho.

mousepads are really, really important for mouse play. from my experience it's even far more important than a good mouse (which actually didn't make to big of a difference for me). for addicted / experienced osu! mouse players, it is, in my opinion, especially important to have a very solid longevity. you definitely notice when your mousepad is worn out. and unlike keyboards or mice this doesn't happen in a decade or a few years of playing osu, but can happen within a few months or even weeks if you maybe are used to playing with a low mouse sensitivity and drag your mouse over the whole mousepad very fast all day.

normal mousepads aren't made for rubbing to this extent (unlike other natural things). if osu were to make a mousepad and make it just as good (and large) as for example the zowie g-sr but more durable i'd instantly buy it *cough*

all in all most important things imho:
- durable
- low/no friction
- large surface
i use the arm of my couch. probably why i have pitiful aim ;-)
since my mouse has low dpi, i consider a surface that can accelerate my mouse and doesn't make it slip.
I picked up a random anime mouse pad while I was in akiba that is just a thin slab of plastic and I have been quite happy. Much better than the cloth type for this game.
I think this isn't a good question.
The surface material of your mousepad affects the tracking performance of your mouse.
Depending on the sensortype you use("optical" vs laser, they only differ in wavelength of light afaik) one type of surface is superior compared to the other.
You want a hard surface with no depth for lasermice and a surface with depth for optimal mice. Due to that, this poll looks kind of meh as there are objective reasons why people should prefer one material over the other depending on their mouse.
I use cardboard. Yes, Cardboard. Just some randomly taken from the school things is WAY better than the newspaper I've been using before. Which are also WAY better than the mouse pad we have.


cardboard >>> newspaper (the ones with thin paper like the one you get in china) >>> mousepad from 2007

Well, I heard from one friend, that he uses an extremely smooth cardboard and also from others, that smooth cardboards are good. however I prepeare my cardboard with a technique, making one side smooth, the other side rough with patterns.
I personally prefer rough with pattern.

Well, my opinion.
When you say smooth plastic do you mean glossy plastic or like the slightly sandpapery feel of regular hard mats?

I'm using a corsair hard mat and it's great, exceptionally low friction.
I had good experience with textured hard plastic with the Logitech G440 but it really wears down easily. Went back to cloth with the Steelseries QcK.
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