[confirmed] mania 8k (7k + 1) special key usability

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Problem Details:
osu mania special key(scratch) doesnt work well
a delay between the scratch if use double scratch key setting

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
video 1 use one key

use double key

osu! version: 20151128.2
This is on our radar. I'm working on better joystick support, and this issue is part of that.
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Blaizer wrote:

This is on our radar. I'm working on better joystick support, and this issue is part of that.
hope it can work well soon ....(
While you're on it, I've heard that when you set special style (Right) in options it tends to reset to special style (Left) after rebooting the game. I don't use right scratch so I can't confirm it tho.
Bumping, the issue still exists, I've been able to replicate it with inteliser

though I have no video of it, it's still easy to replicate
Problem Details:

when you press one special key and then another so that they are both being held, the second press does not register
this makes it near to impossible to play some maps where you need to use 2 fingers to play the "scratch" or the special key lane
as you can see in the video i made, the key presses don't work if you have your other special key pressed.

please fix this :( make 7k+1 more fun

Video or screenshot showing the problem: ...

osu! version: b20170103.2 (Stable)
Will this issue get addressed one day?
There are currently unplayable ranked 8K beatmaps if you use a keyboard, like Yukizukiyo.

If required, I can provide an example of how the special key should work.

Please address this issue, it's been forever
Yeah alternating both 8k special keys for non-jackable special lane streams doesn't work as intended. Right now you need to completely release the first special key in order for the second to register which just makes this the same as jacking.

It should be working just like taiko or standard dual maps and it's not.

There are currently ranked charts employing these patterns that can't be played as intended because of this bug. It's game breaking and has apparently been reported for 3 years now, please fix.
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