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It won't be optimal on every jungler. Like you necessarily wouldn't want to build it on junglers like Amumu, Maokai, and Elise.

Vulf wrote:

Item will be really good on more auto attack reliant junglers like Nocturne, Jax, Yi, Trynd, or Kayle, and Shaco even.
Definitely not Nocturne. Elder lizard helps with mana sustain, has generally better stats, offers better early clear, as in, you can almost non-stop clear your jungle camps while visiting to do quick pressure ganks between ults in an absolutely ideal situation.

I wouldn't trade all that for a questionable late game-ish item on a champion I don't really want to reach late game in general.

Slightly scared at Shyvana here though, since she's the epitome of "farm heavy objective/team fight focused jungles" for me.
It's actually really fucking good on nocturne. I've been playing him on PBE and the new madreds path significantly improves his early clear time. Only problem is his pre-6 ganks suffer some.

Thing is feral flare isn't really a late game item. It's just scales into it well if you play with it correctly. You can get the item around the 8 - 10 minute mark (depends on kills and counter jungling) for 1650 gold with base stats comparable to BoRK. This item is hardly a laughing matter.

Another thing I want to point out is you get stacks with machete, madreds and wriggles so you don't even have to upgrade to wriggles until you get the stacks for the transform. Yes feral flare has the same transfrom mechanic arcangel and manamune does.

If anything you can build it as a situational item. I wouldn't really want to build this item on most things when I know I'm going to have a hard early game.

This game <3 That pentakill <3
A team was formed to address the recent issues in EUW. The team included platform engineers, live producer, network engineer and me.

The problem:

All of a sudden the majority of the frontend systems that the players connect to, timed out and dropped players from the platform causing a Login queue. There are other side effects such as game starts slowing down significantly.

Why does this problem occur?

One or more of nodes in the memory caching cluster encounter a “out of memory” error for their java heap. This for some reason freezes up the whole cluster for a couple of minutes causing a cascading failure.

The “nitty-gritty” details:

The front end servers, backend services and databases communicate through an intermediary memory caching layer. This is a fairly standard design. What makes us unique is that we are probably the only shop that runs more than normal number nodes in that cluster design. The node that goes out of memory for some reason was shoring up a ton of data instead of sending it over the network.

We have an automated process that restarts the nodes that run out of memory. We have been doing it for a while without an issue, however in the past few days, the restart of a node fails to happen cleanly and it ends up joining the cluster in a bad state that causes it request a ton of data causing further issues.

The steps of nodes leaving and joining the cluster is a fairly normal operation, so why was it causing issues?

We reached out to the vendor of the memory caching software. It turns out we are running into a bug that might be fixed in the newer version. We have few leads on what is causing this bug and we are verifying them.

In the mean time we are doing the following.

1) Disabling the auto restart of nodes that run out of memory to prevent this.
2) Load testing the newer version of the software.
3) Separating End of Game Stats into a separate queue to enable players to get back into game faster.


1) “Add more servers Rito don't be stingy!”
Add more servers can/will probably exacerbate the problem. We added servers on March 6th in anticipation of the growth of EUW while Amsterdam is getting ready. There is a theory that the new systems might actually contribute to the problem and we might consider shutting them down as they were added to handle future growth for the month of March.

2) Why is this taking so long?
It does take a while to analyze heap dumps and stack traces and tie that to the appropriate root cause especially when the software is provided by a 3rd party and not something written in house.

3) If you are the shop running the largest number of nodes of this caching software is that good or bad?
Its neither good or bad. It just works, what it probably means is that we need to revisit some of the configuration values for the system. We have run loadtests before going live with some configurations. This problem in particular seems to have a hard fail somewhere in the boundary of 48-72 hours with an occasional blip in between.

4) If the node is not able to send data over the network then the network is bad!
We looked into this. The network engineers and the expert from the company that provides the memory caching layer confirmed that. Since the systems of the cluster are on the same network, they are no routing problems for the nodes in this cluster.”

5) But why does ONLY EUW suffer?
We have seen this problem show up in Vietnam, NA and in Latin America. However the frequency is higher in Vietnam and EUW.

Edit: Working on the issue that is happening right now.
Sigh .....
I've always had the feeling that if it was any other gaming company (like valve for example) an issue like this would have been fixed long ago.

Vulf wrote:

I've always had the feeling that if it was any other gaming company had (like valve for example) an issue like this would have been fixed long ago.
Same for me like i understand you can have some issues but tbh it is like almost every day for like what from beta ? ... they say they are doing there best ect , i think it is time to finaly see some improvement
It wasn't as bad back then at least when I started playing. Just got progressively worse like mid season 2.

Server issues aside (shit happens) Riot gets away with a lot of stuff simply because they can. They are so far on top of other games in their genre it isn't even funny anymore. Fact of the matter is until some other game rises up I wouldn't expect to see any drastic improvements. Riot as a company now is definitely a shadow of their former self from 3 years ago. I really want the old Riot back. :(

Meanwhile. A gold Olaf looks so cool.
Zhonya's glass is an amazing item which I've built in plenty of my Vayne and Zed won games.

Also I still disagree with Feral thingie on Nocturne, just can't put it into words atm, I need some sleep.

TKiller wrote:

Zhonya's glass is an amazing item which I've built in plenty of my Vayne and Zed won games.
I wanted to buy rabadon deathcap, but Olaf has no AP scales.
I'm kinda surprised it's not being picked up more as a defensive item on things. That 2.5 seconds of immunity when a bruiser dives you would probably end up getting them killed. LOL

I've even built it on some junglers and top laners too.

God that W change makes Naut's early game so much easier

Mr Color wrote:

God that W change makes Naut's early game so much easier
Dat tear on cait tho xD
Kanye West
Dat GHOST on cait tho.
My match history actually makes me seem halfway decent, except the farm.

But I'm a normal-only scrub ;c

TKiller wrote:

Zhonya's glass is an amazing item
yes, except for the fact THAT I ALWAYS FORGET I HAVE ZHONYA

It's really gonna take me time to get used to LoL, also, arctic ops varus is a very great skin

waaai Twin Shadows Statikk Shiv for maximum move speed
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