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Serious thread this time because the other topics were just random CAPSLOCK with no information at all.

League of Legends is a Free-to-Play PC game based on DotA. Go here for more information:

For those that have never played DotA, HoN, or LoL, the game is essentially an RTS game, but you only control one hero unit with several abilities. Your hero gains levels and abilities over the course of each game you play, and you can buy items to boost your abilities further (these things do not persist to the next game). There is a large number of hero units to choose from, although you need to unlock each hero to play it, unless you want to spend money on the game. The object of the game is the work together with the other players on your team to destroy the enemy team's base.

Player List:

North American Servers
yeahyeahyeahhh - EnderLady
Lybydose - Lybydose
Cyclone - DanDanRevolution
Decay - aLewares
Glass - Disillude
Ephemeral - Ephemeralis
Two - Has
Steven - Стивен
LadySuburu - Kisata
thethorndog - ddthorn
Shinde - ImaCuteLoli

European Servers
Bredbarn - Gabi
Layby - -Xero-
I considered making one too after reading the other thread. My username is Has and I'm level 28. I am pretty bad at the game but the game doesn't think so, since I've been stuck with 9 level 30s since level 25. I mainly play akali, teemo, and sona.
By the way, before anyone new decides to download this, remember that there is a EU and a NA Version.

I play on the EU version, Lvl 30 and my username is Bredbarn ( don't ask :P ).

I main Ezreal and Anivia seeing as i'm a skill shot fan, but recently i've been playing Ashe and Swain (because swain LOLOLOLO FACE ROLL ACE GENOCIDE PENTAKILL)
I'm going to be honest, I hated this game.

It was cool and all, but I can't play hour+ games where you get absolutely nowhere and one team is overpowered while one wasn't.

I loved Annie though. :'D

I might play again some day. [also the interface setup is crap and I can't reach the buddy menu on my netbook ;~;]
Well yea, the game is pretty crap if you don't have any friends/team to play with. I don't even play the game unless someone plays with me lol.
We current have 4 man because our 5th is gone. If you are good (have versed council members or have seen popular names) then give me a PM and we gladly have you has our 5th :).
Well i play on the NA server
my ign is:Стивен
its russian for "Steven"
the champs i use are tristana,teemo,akali,shen,taric and im now getting into galio
name is Ephemeralis on the NA server

i wonder if you can guess who i main

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Can you guess who I play?!?

Hint: It isn't Fiddlesticks. I've played him like once.

Lybydose wrote:

Can you guess who I play?!?

Hint: It isn't Fiddlesticks. I've played him like once.
Garen is pretty easy mode, so Garen.
Garen is so easy to play that the only way to tell if someone's bad at him is watching him build DPS items.
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Two wrote:

Lybydose wrote:

Can you guess who I play?!?

Hint: It isn't Fiddlesticks. I've played him like once.
Garen is pretty easy mode, so Garen.
Only in all random games because it won't stop giving me Garen for some reason.
im more of a HoN player, but i have LoL to play with you osu! people, user name is Djinni on it, i can play ok if anyone need's a filler, just yell at me if im doing something wrong and it doesnt happen again.
I play the one with the Wuju Style. Always mixing up his name.
EU Server: Layby
I'm pretty new, would be great if someone could help me :)
Miss Fortune.
That is all.
MF is getting nerfed heuheuahuehuahe



i am slightly terrified of jax again though, he can max his relentless assault buff once every minute and empower is now a sort of soft nuke which frightens me even more since jax was always a dps over time threat, not a burst threat

he did kinda suck before though.

i like the teemo changes - A LOT. fucking camoflage was useless before because of the long ass set up time. the noxious trap charges thing means you can drop like three traps in three seconds which will let you set up some pretty gnarly traps up very quickly

tyrn got buffed which boggles my mind a little bit, but i will so be buying the new spellcaster champ because she has a 3s stealth buff which is going to make her interesting as fuck to play

and she shoots a laser which has like 2k unit range. and looks like a cheerleader.
in b4 6300IP champ again

but either way I only have 131 left so FUCK.
It's fucking sailor moon.

Okay, she is Garens sister, so basicly they are going to break the game with another OP hero that will probably have 200 bugs or so.
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