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Well after all this std stuff why not some CtB ?
you gotta go [Rewrite and Grisaia] before (:
(btw i send it too though your google docs)
60Kds already
hope that we'll be not to hard to you to get a B ><

osu!catch mapset
I don't have the minimal SP but I think it's okay because is not a super famous song and is not standard, thank you!

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
catch: SP is 13
[Rewrite and Grisaia]
thnx >w>
[Rewrite and Grisaia]
Its standard and modding V2, but its a chill song with low difficulty so should still be good to go. (The song isn't interesting though, very chill and low bpm)

Also I still need to watch/play [Rewrite and Grisaia].. maybe someday
Petal Mod V2 I love you

Rewrite and Grisaia
hey ! :) is 13SP (STD)
Thanks ;)
if u cant icon STD maps is ok, NM is also welcomed
[Rewrite and Grisaia]
I am pretty confident in the map quality, apart from the spread.
Im mainly looking for an opinion on how close or far I am from a bubble.

STD here!
I know u can't bubble, but can I get an opinion as a past BN?

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
hello is this queue still alive

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
Topic Starter
(the queue was open since like 2 months ago so I did this in case someone's about to bump it back so yea)
will this reopen one day ? :c
Check his userpage for requests lol
Topic Starter
Open, check this post and the first page for rules and things.
If you have requested through my userpage before, you can post here again.

The queue will close at the end of the year. I will bump the thread every once in a while if it falls to second page.


Edit: Please don't expect to get my mod in a few days

I won't mod everything. And with all these requests, I only took a look on like 10 or so maps.
The queue will close at the end of the year so I'm pretty much taking my time
hi nm request
have requested from your userpage form before, but i'm confident it's much better than the last time now (like the "potential from the song" i think)
so thanks for the consideration
wow am I first?oh maybe not
hope you can take a look at this map, it is a cute anime song, already has 5 hype and a few mods
I think I haven't posted in this queue before
thx _(xз」∠)_
Hi Electooozzzzzshhhhh ! =w=)/
BN Check Request

maybe this violates the rule because hybrid includes 3 modes and without osu! catch, but I will try to request here, maybe you are interested
Artist - Title : ChouCho - Happy Fate
Duration : 1:43
Link :
Thankyou ! =w=)b hope you interested although this violates the rule T^T

severino going to ban list lol
rip lil peep

Was requested but probably after Nov 24 so I'll post it here
It has 5 hype but there is a minor timing issue
Kinda feel bad for requesting a map again even though I already have one in your userpage queue, but thanks for taking the time to try and look at everyones maps

Thanks again!
Heya, some mods would really be appreciated c:
Artist/Title: Satou Hitomi, Masuda Junichi / Hakutai City
4 Diffs up to 3.75*, 1:30~ drain

hello there
i would like having a nm on this map, i think you will like it c

it may be bubbled soon by a another bn
thanks for considering
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