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I am gathering data for my osu!Skills project for an upcoming Memory skill and I need your help.
I'll be very grateful if you could post maps that have very nice FL scores so I can base the ratings on them.
It will be even more helpful if you could order the results by difficulty of getting said FL scores.
Wouldn't it easier to calculate reading first than use a formula that takes into account distance between notes, length, and bpm?
I wouldn't call this a very nice score but it's a start

I'd rate this as ~entry-level memorization(assuming that we really talk about memorization and not about FL on Easy-Diffs) regarding FL-FCs as there are basically no spots(=1 at 01:27:520 (1) - ) where you can't see the next note via followpoints but you have to memorize the rhythmicpatterns. The map strictly follows DS or stacks notes but with a higher spacing compared to Easy/Normal Diffs. On top of it the map is relatively short and low-bpm so you have to endure the maximum FL-difficulty only for a relatively short time and the first half of the map(till the first break) is pretty much a joke.
That being said the patterns are really non-trivial rhythmwise(lots of blue polarity, doubles) so it can't be taken lightly either.
I can recommend the map for people who try to get into FL as there are a lot of small patterns you can use to relax for a second for example the break at 00:45:726 - the repeatslider at 00:51:110 (3) that also reminds you of the upcoming triple+other repeatsliders). The map is possible to FL-FC with plain retrying/endurance and without a bigger plan but it will take some hours.
The most difficult part is to keep up the accuracy on the final part from 01:30:597 on as OD7 is no joke at this low bpm and the stacked 1/4 along with the almost blind jumps and to not mess up on the spaces in the stacks. I used to have significantly worse acc on this(97.xx%) but I somehow managed to fix it at some point.

FL-FC doesn't require much memorization, FL-FC with good accuracy needs a lot more.

too bad timestampconversion doesnt work here
Well, I know this is bit off topic.
Will low AR with HD (or EZHD in general) plays going to be accounted to the memory & reading skill? Or possibly one of them skills?
rrtyui on Function Phantom - Neuronecia
Maps with very nice FL scores: >>> rrtyui >>> -GN >>> Mesita (HD+FL) >>> Mesita (HD+FL) >>> BluOxy (HD+FL)

There are a lot more, but I'm gonna leave only these here for now. Also, I don't play much FL myself, so I can't order them by difficulty. I guess rrtyui's score is the best one out of those, then -GN, then... I'm not sure about the rest.:( I hope this helps a bit.
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sottovoce wrote:

rrtyui on Function Phantom - Neuronecia
Objectively the best answer.
rrtyui neuronecia is good but theres also this
Ekoro sets some pretty nice FL scores IIRC
Not just some but alot actually.
Some metric for memorization you could use is considering the size of the sightradius at the given time and the size of the approach circle of the next circle to determine the difficulty to aim and to memorize:
The approachcircle has around 3 times the diameter upon first appearance(actually slightly larger) compared to the actual hitcircle and the distance from approachcircle to hitcircle shrinks with a linear behaviour meaning that taking CS, AR and jumpdistance between to hitcircles into account it means that you can calculate whether you can see how far you have to jump(based on the approachcircle or hitcircle) or if you have to memorize how far you have to jump(which is when the approachcircle is outside of the current sightradius).
That should give an idea of which circles you have to memorize and which you don't, also depends a lot on how much time you have available for the jump, big jumps on tight time windows have to be perfectly memorized while it's very easy to hit every jump that has a followpoint on the map you linked me tonight.

Outside of these jumprelated things you should include big bonus-points for any kind of jumps to NCs, especially tight ones(no followpoints=100% memorization based) and small bonus-points for (fast) 1/4 patterns right after a jump to a note where the hitcircle wasn't visible.

Ofc you also have to take into account that the first 100/200 combo aren't as difficult so you'd have to calculate the difficulty based on when the FL-difficulty kicks in at full strength compared to this starting phase.

looking at ExGon's #1 list for std also yields a lot of results for FL

@Rilene: EZHD doesn't compare to FL at all, that's short-time memorization and much more possible especially since the new sliderfade can tell you much more precisely when you have to tap, it almost works as an approachcircle on HD.

^obviously worlds of a difference, i could potentially FC this with EZHD in the near future(im down to 29 misses on a more recent play) while I don't even stand a chance(to pass) with FL.
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This is already done actually : )
except for some reason I forgot to decrease approach circle size when time gets closer to object time

Kert wrote:

This is already done actually : )
except for some reason I forgot to decrease approach circle size when time gets closer to object time
More advanced would be if you can see the approachcircle of the note after the next one when jumping to the next one as this can be used very effectively for shorttime-memorization.
Some of my scores with my estimates on how high the memory rating should be: ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy(Relaxing) +DTHRFL #1 ~320 Child Bound - EVO(Child) +HDDTFL #1 ~250 MowtenDoo - El Bombito(Experto) +HDHRFL #1 ~570 Nightcore - Hymn(Hardcore Rave!!!) +FL #3 ~510

Some other scores and my estimates on how high the memory rating should be:
rrtyui - Function Phantom - Neuronecia(Ethereal) +FL #6 ~1290
Ekoro - DragonForce - Revolution Deathsquad(Legend) +EZFL #18 ~1130
-GN - Kitsune^2 - He Has No Mittens(BD's Mittens) +FL #1 ~1020
-GN - Evoluutiomies - Suklaapallit(Mukun Suklaapallit) +HDDTHRFL #1 ~1010
Ekoro - DJ Sharpnel - StrangeProgram(Lesjuh's TAG) +EZFL #2 ~990
Mesita - DJ Fresh - Gold Dust(Insane) +HDFL #1 ~990
Mesita - Sound Horizon - Raijin no Migiude(Insane) +HDFL #1 ~970
-GN - Oriental ST8 - Shoreline(Redesign Style) +HDDTFL #1 ~950
Ekoro - beatMARIO - Night of Knights(TAG4) +EZFL #3 ~900
takeki3gou - ave;new feat. Sakura Saori - Piste SMILE Non-stop!!(Insane) +HDHRFL #1 ~890
Bikko - capsule - JUMPER(Insane) +HDHRFL #1 ~890
Exgon - Drop - Granat(Extra) +HDFL #2 ~860
Keigoclear - xi - Ascension to Heaven(Death) +HDHRFL #2 ~830

Since not many people play FL these days, I boosted up the numbers a bit to accurately represent how memory works, or else everybody would be at 50 memory, with 50 people at 500 memory. I'm not a flashlight god but I do like flashlight from time to time.
Also, memory doesn't only apply to FL, it can also apply to high ar, hidden and even nomod, but that is too hard to calculate.

My advice on calculating memory:
Calculate FL scores based on the score for each note, and add up all the notes to produce a sum which is the score for that song, or you can find another way to calculate
For each note, the score is note multiplier*other multipliers

Note multiplier is 1 for a hit circle, 2±1 for a slider and 0 for a spinner
For slider calculation, take the slider length(in time) and slider length(in space) and also slider speed into consideration

To get other multipliers, use A*B*C*D*E*F where A is the circle size multiplier, B is the agility multiplier, C is the accuracy multiplier, D is the visibility of the circle, E is the speed multiplier and F is the symmetry multiplier. A,B,C and E should be calculated for every note, while D and F are only applicable in certain situations. For D, if the note's approach circle is not visible within the flashlight boundary, or if the note is not visible within the flashlight boundary when HD is used, this should be a value that is greater than 1. For F, if four consecutive notes have an axis of symmetry, or if three notes form a regular triangle, F<1 for all of the notes that can be put into this category.
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Reset- wrote:

rrtyui neuronecia
the thread should have ended here, the most impressive thing is that he actually read it instead of just autismally memorizing it like FL HD players do
not sure if scores are the only thing you want, but mesita has a ton of great fl plays even though he doesn't play anymore
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xxjesus1412fanx wrote:

Reset- wrote:

rrtyui neuronecia
the thread should have ended here, the most impressive thing is that he actually read it instead of just autismally memorizing it like FL HD players do
It's only impressive if you favor sightreading over memorization
Vuelo Eluko
i believe it's impressive either way, but if you mean to say more impressive then yeah that's pretty subjective i can't argue that
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