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Is it possible to add something in "Historical" that shows your highest rank "ever" achieved? - Not in Beatmaps but in Rankings(World/Overall).

I don't think there is anything else to add to that.
Yes and no. Yes because it's a historical record I want to be automatically saved. No because it tells nothing about the value of your performance compared to others. If there was as many maps as it takes to cover the difficulty spread the entire osu! community can do in sets of 200, then maybe it might be more relevant.

But good to have, nonetheless.
It can be cool, but many 'noobs' can insta #1 a map if it just got out of qualified with HR DT HD FL SS on Easy
I also have quite some #4-10 scores because of such things

Baraatje123 wrote:

It can be cool, but many 'noobs' can insta #1 a map if it just got out of qualified with HR DT HD FL SS on Easy
I also have quite some #4-10 scores because of such things

Venumidas wrote:

Not in Beatmaps but in Rankings(World/Overall).
Anyway how would this go with previous ranking systems? Would it only show your highest rank achieved in ppv2 or in ppv1 and v2 together? And there are people who achieved high ranks in score ranking (the thing before pp), what about them?
Best idea would probably be "highest rank achieved" in every category (ppv2, ppv1, score and overall).
Oh lol
Then I can show off my high ranks in Taiko/Mania/CtB as they're all much lower then before
CtB highest was 2.8k, Taiko was 1.2k, Mania was 3k (idk?)
Looking forward to this :3
Would be kinda cool I guess, but Tshemmp hit upon an important point - your highest ranking in what? If tom makes changes to ppv2 to fix something really broken and it drops you from rank 100 to 10000 (hugely exaggerated example to make a point), will you forever have 100 as your best ever rank, even if you were only there because of an old system? The "correct" answer to that would seem to be 'yes', but if you're going to display top rank from previous more-flawed versions of ppv2, why not also ppv1? But ppv1 ranks were so much different from what ranks are now so is that fair? I guess the answer is to just use any ppv2 rank, regardless of changes, but it feels so wrong. I dunno.
I like this idea. Even if you stop playing you will have some achievement to show off like in other games.
would love to see this happen.
Adder, can you please explain why you oppose to almost every request?
I think this request is a nice feature to have, as ot keeps track of your personal milestones

Adder wrote:

not like its a game changing feature, just a small thing to add to profile page. wouldnt be very hard to add.
I like this for the global/country ranking but not for beatmap related rankings.
I know this is a super old thread, but I would LOVE to see this happen. I recently got back into the game after a few years away, and I remember being in the top 5k, but not specifically where D:

If there was some way to display your peak rank (irrelivent of pp system, or score system (that way for example, Doomsday and WubWoofWolf could display that they were No.1 at one point)) even optionally, it would be amazing!
I'd really like this idea implemented! Perfect idea!
For me, top rank in taiko is #4490.
necroing to implement this :]
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