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Beomsan wrote:

I watching Plastic Memories... rip isla
nice fucking spoiler

enjoy/enju's ass should be fired because of gd delaying

Minakami Yuki wrote:

enjoy/enju's ass should be fired because of gd delaying

Minakami Yuki wrote:

enjoy/enju's ass should be fired because of gd delaying
good luck with this set :)

Minakami Yuki wrote:

enjoy/enju's ass should be fired because of gd delaying

captin1 wrote:

the salt is just as disgusting

if you don't have anything worthwhile to say, don't bother saying anything
No salt here, m8

Just frowning @ the community :^)
What would I have to be salty about? I don't even map
Nice hard GD! Really fun to play!

Minakami Yuki wrote:

enjoy/enju's ass should be fired because of gd delaying
The music is good and the beatmap is nice, I hope she'll be ranked :)
26 SP only 1 mod

Hvick is the new Skystar
Just some cosmetic properties ^^


00:03:505 (4) - I think, the middle of slider should be on x:404 y:140 and the end of slider - on x:448 y:188
00:53:294 (6) - it would be cool if there will be some sexy long slider, which will end on 00:53:959
02:20:066 (6) - very-very strange moment o_o try to start first slider from another point, like this (sorry for small resolution, at the moment I'm using laptop and can't use pc)
02:42:661 (6) -

Not helpful, I guess :D

Good luck!
Hope this map revived, gl hvick.
Nice song mapset! Bubbled!

總體音量偏低啊 覺得70%-80%好一些啊(00:10:953 (1) 這開始用70% Kiai 80%)

00:13:990 (5) - finish好聽一些 然後00:14:180 (1) 開頭用whistle

mapset不會看了 sad


  1. 00:09:383 (2) - 尾部沒有Snap好,但是因為 00:10:194 - 有紅線所以我想到的只有那樣了 (Maybe keep if you gonna remove that red line)
  1. 00:22:535 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - stack的話有些怪,那樣可以嗎? 一來就少些違和, 二來能打到背景的小提琴以作加重
  2. 在 00:27:661 - 至 00:39:813 - 降低音量
  3. 00:36:016 (1) - 那樣的形狀令 00:35:636 (6) - 的頭不能包好了
  4. 01:49:307 (4,2) - 包歪了一點兒
  5. 02:33:358 (6,1) - 同上
  6. 04:07:345 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - 我說過了, 可以這樣:

The #1 player doing a beatmap. Hype coming!
its revived now! yay! Lets keep it that way! Now for the mod! _(:3_JL)_

00:06:748 (1,2) - blanket. please make it better
00:07:761 (1,2,3) - maybe use same DS? theres really no emphasis on this part so I don't see a reason to use increasing DS
00:23:674 (2,3) - might be just me, but I think the cymbal hitsounds are overdone. I wouldn't recommend this.
00:36:016 (1) - I think a normal curve slider should be enough. The slider as is looks weird. Also using a regular curve would bring blanket opportunities.
00:37:535 (1,2) - try to blanket? (if intentional, ignore)
00:40:383 (3,1) - would prefer to use same DS since no emphasis to indicate the extended jump. ctrl g maybe?
00:45:889 - you should map this. its a powerful beat.
00:46:459 (6,7) - blanket maybe? if intentional, make it so that the two object don't look like theyre supposed to blanket.
00:48:547 (6,7,1) - better to make distance from 7 to 1 larger than 6 to 7 because in object 7 to 1 there is emphasis, which isn't the case with 6 to 7.
01:06:490 (4) - overmap?
01:38:294 (6) - is the whistle hitsound intentional?
01:49:687 (5,6,1) - move this group to x222:y264. reason? so that entry from 1 to 2 looks neater.
01:58:801 (3,4) - intentional?
02:11:332 (1) - ctrl+g to support circular flow with 02:11:712 (2,3,4) -
02:23:104 (1) - end slider on red tick. as of now, the slider is ending on a non-existent beat, making it sound weird. I recommend shortening it.
02:26:997 (4) - overmap?
02:25:953 (1,2,3) - I recommend this
and for the stream:
02:33:358 (6,1) - might wanna blanket this properly bro
02:38:674 (1) - while this also works, try to do ctrl +g. maybe it works better for you? I say this because there is little emphasis in this part. rather the emphasis is on 02:39:054 (2) - instead of 1.

these two are mods that is supposed to help support the flow of this part: 03:51:016 (1,2,3,4,5) -
03:51:396 (2) - ctrl g
03:51:775 (3) - ctrl g

03:58:326 (2,3) - place them abit lower. like x299 y86. looks better?

its a good diff overall. just some weird blankets and patterning is all. Good luck for rank :D
if you feel like you want to study how people play your diff, heres my replay if youre interested:
rank when
Just Miracle-
Qualified please :D
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