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Camellia - overcomplexification

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 6:33:07 PM

Artist: Camellia
Title: overcomplexification
Source: jubeat prop
BPM: 190
Filesize: 6824kb
Play Time: 01:51
Difficulties Available:
  1. Arutsuki's Expert (5.9 stars, 629 notes)
  2. Extreme (5.41 stars, 186 notes)
  3. Pandemonium (6.23 stars, 578 notes)
  4. yaspo's Normal (2.33 stars, 187 notes)

Download: Camellia - overcomplexification
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
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DISCLAIMER: This map is best played with custom hitsounds enabled. They're not special or funky but I've gotten complaints from people who played it with hitsounds off.


Great map. Hope it gets ranked!
gl with it!

21:50 Irreversible: lets see
21:51 Irreversible: 00:12:578 (4,5,6) - bad symmetry pattern, doesn't follow the outstanding beat in the music at all, would go for something less symmetric or equally spaced
21:52 Irreversible: 00:12:419 (3,4,5,6) - and also, you put these into a pattern but a new pattern should definitely start 00:12:578 - according to the music
21:53 Irreversible: 00:13:051 (1) - the distance to the next slider isn't that fortunate imo, because you need to quickly move to the right then to the left, but imo only one direction should be given.. i would move it closer , like .. it's just idk i don't hear this double movement
21:53 Tess: Oh I didn't nc
21:53 Tess: Alright, fixing
21:53 Irreversible: 00:14:630 (3) - wouldn't go to the same direction as 00:14:472 (1,2) - these two, because the song is outstanding as well here. maybe try curved ones, or simply ones that go into another direction
21:54 Irreversible: i can imagine something like be fitting
21:54 Irreversible: 00:20:630 (1) - i would blanket as there is a nice possibility to do so. the overlap is rather awkward to me
21:54 Tess: 00:12:578 (1,2,3) - fixed
21:55 Irreversible: 00:22:841 (1) - spacing should be higher as there is a heave ton in the music
21:55 Irreversible: 00:22:209 (1,2,3,4,1) - somehow i'm not fond of that at all but i don't know how to fix it at the moment
21:55 Irreversible: but i know i map these way different xD
21:55 Tess: 00:13:051 (1) - fixed
21:56 Irreversible: 00:24:420 (1,2) - swap NC, new beat starts at 2
21:56 Tess: 00:14:630 (3,4) - fixed
21:57 Irreversible: 00:25:841 (1) - the effect would appear better if it was as close as the suggestion before: it will also make it more readable, because the player can guess : "oh, low spacing after, must be a gimmick here"
21:57 Tess: 00:20:630 (1) - overlap is intentional, I'm keeping it
21:58 Irreversible: 00:21:578 - end kiai time, 00:26:630 - end kiai time 00:28:525 - start kiai time 00:31:051 - end kiai time
21:58 Irreversible: because honestly, i'm not feeling the current kiais
21:58 Irreversible: i think the one i just pointed out really needs one as it goes wtf there
21:58 Irreversible: the flashes on the others are sufficient
21:58 Irreversible: it like, accentuates the one i pointed out way better and it needs that to shine
21:58 Tess: 00:22:841 (1,2,3,4) - fixed
21:59 Tess: 00:22:209 (1,2,3,4,1) - keeping this
21:59 Tess: 00:25:841 (1) - fixed
22:00 Irreversible: 00:28:525 (1,2,3,4,5) - idk why but this pattern comes into my mind (it will also help with kiai emphasis because it's a harder pattern)
22:00 Irreversible: 1 goes to 2, and 3 4 5 is like the same direction but with a triplet
22:01 Irreversible: it's shown on the screen i hope
22:01 Tess: Fixed kiais
22:01 Tess: I removed kiai there
22:01 Tess: @last suggestion
22:01 Irreversible: but
22:01 Irreversible: it should be there
22:01 Irreversible: o,o
22:02 Irreversible: 00:28:525 - until 00:30:972 - should imo be kiai
22:02 Tess: I don't really feel it there
22:02 Irreversible: but the density of the beats are way harder
22:02 Irreversible: and it's WAY more special there
22:02 Irreversible: it's like a point you coulod really benefit of making kiai because
22:02 Irreversible: it clearly should be distuingiuished from the other parts
22:02 Tess: okay i'll add it from the start where you suggested to uh
22:03 Tess: 00:30:736 (1) - stop it here
22:03 Tess: then start it at the slider after again
22:03 Irreversible: ah, yeah really nice idea
22:04 Irreversible: 00:29:157 (1,2,1,1,2,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4) - i doon't really like this idk why tho.. it looks quite unspectacular for this part (idk why i'm focussing so much on it tho) but i feel like the strong beats could be empahsized better
22:04 Irreversible: 00:29:157 (1,2,1,2) - and i'm sure you're able to bring out something way more cool and BOOM than this
22:04 Irreversible: no offense but i belif in u
22:04 Tess: okay, what's your suggestion
22:04 Irreversible: ill
22:04 Irreversible: come to that again later
22:04 Tess: Alrighty
22:05 Irreversible: 00:32:314 (1,2,3,4) - idk but all these 4 circle - parts kind of
22:05 Irreversible: seem weird?
22:05 Irreversible: because
22:05 Irreversible: im confused
22:05 Irreversible: x_x
22:05 Tess: I honestly don't know what to do there
22:05 Irreversible: like
22:05 Irreversible: i don't feel the same spcing
22:06 Irreversible: 00:36:104 (1) - NC + more SV
22:06 Irreversible: 00:36:736 (2,3,4,1) - thats pretty confusing imo, would increase spacing between 2 and 3
22:07 Irreversible: 00:41:157 (1) - gj on that part until break
22:08 Tess: 00:36:893 (3,4,1,2) - did something
22:08 Irreversible: 01:26:314 (1,1) - so proud of mah gurl
22:09 Irreversible: 01:28:762 (1,2) - move these to 488 192
22:09 Irreversible: need more psacing
22:09 Irreversible: 01:46:841 (3) - 440 128 to emphasize the end more?
22:10 Tess: 01:28:762 (1,2) - fixed
22:11 Tess: 01:46:841 (3) - whaat
22:11 Tess: it's because
22:11 Tess: the ending is calm
22:11 Tess: like
22:11 Tess: the music right after this is super calm
22:11 Irreversible: it is but
22:11 Irreversible: the boom
22:11 Irreversible: is impactfu
22:11 Tess: So I wanted to still give the hectic -> calm feeling without mapping the part after
22:11 Tess: Also
22:11 Irreversible: ok maybe 420 192
22:11 Tess: The triples are super heavy
22:11 Tess: I'll put it at uhh
22:11 Irreversible: i think the calm part
22:11 Irreversible: comes with itself
22:11 Irreversible: because it's the end
22:11 Irreversible: XD
22:12 Tess: WEll
22:12 Tess: On top of what I just said
22:12 Tess: The triples put lots of up-down pressure
22:12 Tess: So that note will feel super heavy
22:12 Tess: Because keep in mind the player had no rest up to there
22:12 Tess: so uhh
22:12 Tess: 01:45:893 (2) - i stacked it beneath this
22:12 Tess: to make the jump a bit larger
22:13 Irreversible: 01:45:578 (1) - stack it on here rather
22:13 Tess: Alrighty
22:14 Irreversible: ok update
22:14 Irreversible: i hope you didn't get the impression taht i dont like the map now xD
22:14 Tess: Not at all
22:14 Irreversible: i actually think it's again one of the best ones you made
22:14 Tess: Haha thank you so much
22:14 Irreversible: 00:28:525 (1) - but this
22:14 Irreversible: needs to be like
22:14 Tess: I got lots of good feedback for this
22:14 Tess: updating
22:14 Irreversible: way
22:14 Irreversible: more wtf
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Thanks guys!
This map is so good man, get it ranked ! :D
Go Tess, you have my complete support <3
honestly think this is the best map i've ever played

gl for whatever you want to do with it

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I should probably finish the set I guess ;;
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here u go
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