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can muted players join tourny client matches?
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Don't think so.
My friend tested the client and got something like this :

What makes the osu!client got kinda stacked up like that?
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Too low screen height. Change the "Height" property in the tournament.cfg file so that Height + 200 = your screen resolution

PatrickArrow wrote:

can muted players join tourny client matches?

smoogipooo wrote:

Don't think so.
Need to confirm that a muted player CAN join a MP tourney match but it isnt show in the client (This happened when -Stratos was silenced last weekend for 2 hours because of lag caused by Venezuelan internet)

ps: -Statos was inside the match when it was silenced.
They cant play anyways Walter.
Hey, can you guys make that we can set in-game tourney client option in tournament.cfg?

its kind of annoying because when everytime we reboot client, our setting get reset and we have to set option all each screen again.

if we can set option for in-game option, it will be convenient and we don't have to waste of time everytime for set option.

p.s. also i tried osu.user.cfg for in-game tourney setting, but it was not apply on client.
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What options would you like to be set in the tournament.cfg specifically?

smoogipooo wrote:

What options would you like to be set in the tournament.cfg specifically?
background dim, turn on storyboard and background video.
with the client font, if i make the room like this ~~~ ( 팀이름1 ) vs ( 팀이름2 ) than client print korean fonts to "Batang" fonts,

and this is literally inapposite for design perspective ( )

so could you guys add option custom character font to tourney client for player name and team name?
Can I change the skin of spectating in osu!tourney? The tracks for mania are too narrow
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@inkuxuan: Yes you can but you'll need to change the skin named "User" in the Skins folder.

smoogipooo wrote:

@inkuxuan: Yes you can but you'll need to change the skin named "User" in the Skins folder.
@smoogipooo That helped thanks!! :)
Having issues starting after switching to Windows 10 with TeamSize = 4. The client starts up 7 windows and appears to be fine, but when the 8th loads, the 8 clients freeze and go into a restart loop with the following errors:

I tested this on other TeamSize values, and for values 1 and 2, the client operates fine. For value 3, the client operates fine in the main menu, but starts the crashing loop when I attempt to spectate a game.

System Specs:
Driver Version: NVIDIA 368.39

TeamSize = 4
privateserver =
acronym =
BufferTotalTime = 3000
BufferDangerTime = 1000
BufferTimeoutTime = 20000
background =
ClientNameSize = 90
Height = 720
RankingChatDelay = 15000
StartupDelay = 0
fps = 60

For the record, the file is not "blocked", is being run as administrator, etc. Multiple driver reinstallations have been attempted, and this worked on windows 7 x64.
Two issues I found during my last session using tourney client on Saturday. I never saw either of these happen until this weekend, and my last time using the client was 2 weeks earlier, so something likely changed in that time period.

1 - I noticed several times that player positions in the lobby weren't updating until Bancho passed new information such as the map being changed or the song starting. Players were swapping in and out of slots in our tournament and they wouldn't update in the client until the song started.

2 - This specific map seemed to cause a memory leak and drove each osu! client's CPU usage up to about 20%, which means with 6 game windows active it managed to completely freeze my computer. The leak started as soon as I connected to the multiplayer match where this map was picked, and didn't go away immediately when the host changed the map until I restarted the tourney client.

I'm guessing it may have been something weird with the map because I had never seen this happen with any other map. It happened on the visualizations on the main menu, not the actual map being played, and possibly just because there is something glitchy at the start of the song. I can look into it more when I get home and see if I can find any more information.

EDIT: I'm back home and did some testing. I was able to download this map through tourney client but I was unable to download this one or this one mentioned above. (Interestingly, Purity Red was not downloaded or in a Failed folder even though I had the map in the client, albeit glitched, on Saturday.) I looked through all of the logfiles and not a single request was logged for trying to download the map, even though there was a request to download another one.

It also occurred to me that I had osu!supporter 2 weeks ago when it was working normally, and this was the first time I have used the tourney client without having supporter, so that could also be a possible cause.

Here are the logfiles from one session that included trying to download Purity Red two separate times, with a successful download of Ascension to Heaven inbetween.
anyway i can test the tournament client for a private game between a few friends?
another bug i found, i'll just leave this here

Is it possible to enable combo colours in the tournament client? I've already tried
  1. Reinstalling
  2. Editing the osu!.User.cfg file to disable ignore beatmap skins.
  3. Disabling ignore beatmap skin in regular osu bootup, not a tourney client bootup.

Not sure if the functionality is nonexistent, as it can only be done by manually disabling ignore beatmap skin from every tourney client instance on every startup. Basically any tournament match has beatmap skin turned off, so the default colours are present.
I have a problem with the client.
When i try open the client, appears a box with the message "The client could not connect. Check you internet connection" but my internet is working normally
What i have to do?
You must be an osu! supporter to be able to run osu! Tourney ?
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