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Hello everyone!

I got known to the fact that there has been severe bullying and behavior of unacceptable nature roaming around between the BNG for a while right now.
As we all understand, you are not a team. So far, so good. Anyways, it is true that some of your fellow members may not be as experienced as others, might do more errors and maybe might also be more sloppy in their way of doing things.
However, there have been cases where a large scale of group members were partying up to intentionally bash a certain Beatmap Nominator or even set traps for them to humiliate them in public, making fun of them and forcefully remove them from the Beatmap Nominators.

So let me clear this up once and forever:
  1. You are not 12! Don't behave like a blonde, chewing gum chewing diva that laughs on everyone who is not wearing Prada - or in this case, might not be part of your pseudo trash elite group that you declared upon yourself.
  2. Instead of bashing them, teach them! Oh, too much effort? Well, ignore them then. You all started with being noobs in modding, every - single - one - of - you. And how did you improve? Sure, by being bullied from everyone - oh wait.
  3. I will kick every BN from this group who is unable to behave in a proper fashion towards other Beatmap Nominators. This includes mocking people in your very dear Skype conversation, placing traps purposefully on beatmaps to humiliate people or to generally have a very disgusting misconduct. You think, I can't do that? Good luck then.
  4. I have zero tolerance for this disgusting behavior. Z-e-r-o. I hope this is clear now

Oh yes, I know already all people who are involved in this. Every single name is known to me. How to get amnesty?
Post here, humiliate yourself as being one of the idiots running around and thinking they are something better. And APOLOGIZE for what you did. (this includes to explicitely state in what you did in the first place).
If you don't do that, I'll remove you and slap high sliences on you.

Have a nice day.

P.S.: You have 72h (27th April 2015) to do your apology. My harpoon is ready.
I apologize for everything I said about recent maps, BNs and even staff members. I know Loctav is keeping an eye on everyone, everywhere.
I've started to behave more or less well during these past weeks. I admit that I was arrogant, and someone really helped me to change my behaviour, and i love this person. Just one thing i keep in mind, "do not take osu! too seriously", this comes from her.

Just expressing myself, now i can sleep well.
lol prisoner's dilemma

Anais wrote:

lol prisoner's dilemma
you seem to ask for being removed, don't you?
I'd like to apologize to all the people I've said something bad and I didn't notice until later, even if they're BN or not, and I know sometimes I wrote something a bit out of place or something like that. I never insult to someone but anyways I've felt bad sometimes with some people and maybe I said something wrong about someone that I shouldn't, so I admit it. Long time ago I discussed with a BN and a QAT for a reason which I wasn't right after all, etc etc., I don't think there's need to comment details. Personally I think I've changed my mind a bit and my behaviour is a bit better actually, anyways I never had the oportunity to apologize even when I did my best.

If I made you feel bad sometimes and we never talked about that, I'm sorry. This doesn't go to one person only. If I do something wrong, just tell me. I'm really happy to be here and I don't want to make feel bad to anyone, so if I did that to you, whoever is reading this, I'm really sorry, because it wasn't my intention.
I'd like to apologize to to everyone if i said something bad about them, I really didn't mean it to be honest. And if i said something bad about your maps, please forgive for doing that, since i really don't mean, and even though i'm BN that don't mean since BNs are not staff anymore we're all the same. And i really hope we can get along much better and osu is just a game and we shouldn't take more seriously. and I really hope everyone get along much better from now on. And about if i made you're maps DQ or popped for any reasons please forgive me for doing that since, sometimes it's not my choice if i didn't notice the problem in the map, since you know the BNs are also humans and they might make mistakes. So yeah I really hope everyone gets it now.

And, I'm really working hard in the BN, it took me too long to reach here, i'm really happy being here. Just felt like saying this. And I really hope everything goes okay, after this. Since we really don't want this game to ruined by such behavior.
And another thing, I really want to apologize to ByBy_ChAn, if i did or said anything bad to her, you know that wasn't my intention at all, and i didn't mean anything i said. and I'm sorry for my bad behavior to you.

So yeah, I'm really sorry for everything bad i did or said, you know that totally wasn't my intention.
I want to drop something too, I'd like to apologize if I said or I made something that was insulting/wrong to you, wasn't my intention also sorry if because me you got a DQ/Pop, you know I'm still human and sometimes I forgot things that are important, another reason for what I want to apologize is because a few days ago I discussed with a BN about a not valid pop reason and my attitude wasn't good because I got mad but after all it was resolved and now the map is on the qualified category, I'll be more careful the next time and I promise it will not happen again so I hope you forgive me.
To be honest, I don't know what is going here and there, but I find this place really nice to apologize to ByBy_Chan, since I somehow teased her before with some sarcastic words. I already stopped that times ago and I admitted that I acted like a child, but I was too shy to apologize before. Sorry, ByBy_Chan, for my bad behavior to you.
And I'd like to apologize to everyone who got somehow affected by my bad posts. I feel really ashamed for my behavior, because I hate any kinds of conflicts and I don't know how could I act like this. These posts were pretty harsh, and I admit that. I don't want to look like some agressive person, and I don't want to see anyone being disappointed in me, I promise my behavior won't be that bad anymore, because I want to be good part of this community, not something like part of dark side of community. Sorry, everyone.
I'd like to apologize for all people, community and maps. When I told all people if maps is bad or I disrespect your style, I just wanna your maps be more safe with RC and guidelines because I don't wanna see your map get DQ or popbubble some reason. If you map get popbubble or DQ by my icons, I really sorry, I trying everthing possible if I can, but your guys can always ask me I will happy to help and I will see everthing if I can, If I can't I'm sorry just the risky made me worry and pleasse forget me if I'm not helpfull.

I'm sorry.
I'd like to apologize to everyone for my mistakes before becoming a BN ;w; I was a dumb then and my brain was very crazy because I'm very worried about exams /w\ Everyone make mistakes but I made a lot of mistakes before becoming a BN because I was very excited to be BN but a QAT said to me to stop making mistakes so I did it and I hope I will not mistakes again ;w; Also forgot to say something: I'm really sorry that you got DQs/pop because I'm considered as a lazy person but also I'm busy but I try all my best to be a good BN /w\

Sorry to everyone ;_; I'm so sorry
I don't know what happened to BNs, but hope everything will be fine soon.
I really don't think I have done anything bad to anyone (including the BNs and the Staff), but if I have did anything offensive to anyone then I can deeply apologize everyone for that. In fact, after I was removed from staff, I already apologize to Loctav and the other staff members (and Lanturn for giving him an impact score of 3 for this mapset and I even apologize to the mapper, CodeS, as well) for fucking up many times and therefore I just learn from it and move on. That 4 month punishment alone had already taught me something. I didn't return to BAT/BN just to frame other BNs and humiliate them them in public. I mean seriously who is inhuman enough to do such a thing? There are obliviously soulless people out there, but I'm definitely not one of them. My purpose in returning to BAT/BN is to learn from my past mistakes and to redeem myself (and improve) and to show you that I can perform better in the future. I have already got kicked out twice and I really don't want this to be my 3rd, so I say it again: I apologize to everyone I may have offended without even realizing it. I want to make that clear to everyone.

and please, you all know that I'm a nice BN, right? ;w;

EDIT: Fixed some grammar, add a bit more words/sentences, and added some bold text.
I'd like to apologize to some Korean BNs, especially HabiHolic, about my misunderstanding and careless words. Even if she did some mistakes, I shouldn't have insulted her for any reason. As it has written like we should apologize about what we did, I'd like to mention what i misdid. Actually, I was in chat with some korean BNs, talking about how badly habiholic dealing with BN work(likewise, giving a map bubble without checking it carefully, etc.). And in that progress, I said something insulting about her and, furthermore, we were supposed to make the map she gave a bubble being unbubbled so that she would get some impact score which can even lead her to be dismissed, and this is actually what we wanted(getting rid of skill-less BN). However, now I know what I did in this case is literally inappropriate action to be done, particularly as a BN.

Actually I already said her that I feel sorry about my mistakes, yet, probably it wasn't enough at all. I'd like to apologize her once again and other korean BNs about my past childish attitudes. I make sure I do not make a same mistake next time, And if I find someone doing his or her BN duty wrongly, as you wrote, I may give him/her a proper advice next time, which could improve them as a BN)

Sorry for the troubles caused.
I'd like to say sorry for my all mistakes i have made in my BN life. To be honest when i want to check bubbled maps, usually i do see who bubbled and see the map first, when i find issues on them, i usually just keep silent and just find other safer maps. I realized that i should at least say it to bubbler or on forum to prevent DQ happens. I'd like to apologize too when indonesian channel said something related bad word to BNs or other people, i just kept silent again because i was afraid to told to everyone (well this one happened long time ago)

Once again i apologize for all and mistakes what i didnt say because i cant remember all my mistakes
Before starting, I'd like to personally appreciate Loctav and other several staff members for their generousity.
  1. Tolerance 1 for setting a nuke icon on an important notice.
  2. Tolerance 2 for setting a bubble icon after being approved mistakenly from CDFA.
  3. Tolerance 3 for conducting a self qualify while remaining me in the BN.

Pretty surprised to realize that I'm still in the BNG, and to realize once again that BN is nothing more than a normal osu! user. I apologize for my several misbehaviours.

Now back to the real; why did such silly conducts happened from me or other group members? Superficially the reason might be because BNG is just a group with several users and is not a team as Loctav pointed out. People feel less relationship between group members and get to lose positive impression each other. Just neutral minded. Then what has leaded to that negative feeling resulting in bullying or humilating? Here comes the ultimate reason which is once again the lack of responsibility.

Until the early 2014, modders struggled a lot to become a part of a BAT, the staff of osu!. osu! is an amazing game because if one has an ability, rather playing, mapping, or modding, they can be the #1 of osu!, get their beatmap ranked, or even become an osu! staff. I'd like to claim that aspects of the past osu! were the true community driven game. Even Loctav has started from a normal user and managed to join one of the highest position of osu!; Staff Manager.

However starting the division of BAT / QAT at the mid 2014, the notion of osu! staff excluded BAT, making modders even harder to enter the staff. Still the red username color in the forum remained, but that has got replaced to a yellow Nominator icon at the early 2015. It functions nicely to distinct them with normal users without nomination power, but had a great impact to the group members to make them feel their work not being highly credited by the game than the QATs. Having the chance towards the osu! staff deprived, taking away what BNs had lead to a great depress.

This case of the bullying stuff will be highly related with the fact that practically it is hard to get somewhere higher than a BN. No matter how hard a modder has struggled to become a BAT at the past, most of them end up as a BN along with unskilled modders. Get in the shoes of an experienced modder to get their efforts compensated totally the same with new modders. Quite selfish you might say, but feeling skeptical towards the time you have spent in this game will be the average reaction.

At the past, the BAT itself would have been the biggest reward for the position, but the current BN has no rewards nor motivations to make want to contribute hardly except for their conscience. Funny thing considering their major job being exactly the same. Though BN is in an important position to nominate beatmaps, some of their job gets denied by the QATs making them feel as BN is nothing. What our staff manager claims us is the same, "BN is NOTHING more than a normal user". Wrong. We are "SOMETHING but a normal user". I've got no idea why the staff manger is managing us BNs who are officially claimed as non-staffs. Instead of trying to take control of BNs, please do try to accept us as a SOMETHING in osu!, and lead us BNs to take the right track on their own. As long as you treat us as a NOTHING, we'll get an autosuggestion that we are really a NOTHING, and will lead BNs to act as a NOTHING while having 0 responsibility towards the game.

I've got enough mercy. I would happiliy get my position of nothing removed and get another myriad silence or even a ban provided that I'm related to that terrible misconduct.
As the admin to the BN group mentioned in Loctav's post, I apologize for not being able to sufficiently moderate the discussions, and thus lead to the excessive bullying that took place (why you leave Lust ;_;). From now on I will look over the group more frequently and warn people that initiate bad discussions.

On a side note, if you are a BN and want to join the BN Skype circlejerk group, feel free to send me your Skype username and I will have you added.
Seems like something happened and I kinda missed it. Anyways, I'd like to apologize, too.

Sorry for anything agressive/offensive being said or done. I've been trying my best to act as a BN member should even though sometimes I was wrong. I am terribly sorry if I offended or hurt you in any way, it was not my intention. Please, find some mercy to understand me and forget the things from the past.

Let's forget the past and move on. With no any offenses. :)
I know most of us didn't believe that ByBy can make it into the BNG and made some fun over her and her posts. I've done that several times in skype conv, too, i admit it. However it looks like she improved a lot since then and i respect her if she heard rumors about that attitude towards her and didnt bully out in public. I am sorry for being a part of this again.
Sorry to Habi as well, about saying that all her bubbles can be popped, that was rude from my side, sorry. Hope we can still become good comrades and help eachother when a questionable stuff pops up :<
I never bullied anyone (I really dislike bullies) And I was never intentionally mean to anyone. (I hope.)
But I do sometimes have the tendency to make sarcastic remarks or accidentally say something inappropriate that I didn't really mean.

I'm sorry if I had ever upset another fellow BN and please know that that was never my intensions.
And, I also want to say sorry to ByBy_ChAn. If there's a BN that I might have emotionally hurt with words, it would probably be her.
I know she was pretty new to modding in general and couldn't stop myself from questioning her every move. I'm sorry, ByBy-chii~

I didn't know that BN's were actually being bullied like that :o
I really don't want to see behaviour like that in Osu. It just doesn't belong.
Hopefully this issue will be properly cleared up soon.
Well, I'd like to apologize too. Especially the ones who are close to me, I've been a little guilty for teasing some of my friends about their mappings and so. And almost being rude to people. I'm sorry for what I've said.

At some time, when users requesting me mods a bit quickly, i forced myself to do it and made few rude comments on the mods. I didn't even calm down for my aggressive behavior. I'm very sorry for this behavior of mine, especially to mappers out there that i have modded their maps unpleasantly. I will not make that happen again next time.

Also, i wanted to say sorry to the QATs, for being a dump "defender" of the mapping process when a map being disqualified. This happened here, but not just there. I was too stupid to listen to them, even that i haven't TRIED. All those "It's my style to make it", "I like it at this way", "It's fine, i don't think it's a problem", or anything else related, it ENDS here. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

It's been a month i'm trying to be an active BN, trying to give mods in a good way. When i joined the BN, I've learned so many things. Helping the community to grow better, and not overbearing. And yes, it's just a game, not some rocking game of hurricane criticism. I want to meet new people, be nice to them, become friends, and also help everyone with their maps. I'm really sorry for the negative activity in the middle of the process.

I was a bit negligent in #modhelp at some time, i was bored on something, or wanting to talk with someone, or just just passing by. I've almost talked nonsense and some rubbish things over that channel, especially to someone's map. I'm feeling regretful when people also are staring at it, I'm sorry for those ridiculousness.

About everything I've done as a BN. I apologize for making so many mistakes, even a small minor mistake, i made to everyone. Humans do mistakes, so as we do too. Nobody is better than anyone btw, we're all the same.

And finally, i hope you offer me forgiveness. Becoming a BN was worth it, and i will try my all-out best to keep everything fine and appropriate to the osu!community. Let's, now, work as colleagues...
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