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Hollow Wings
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Megurine Luka
:o modded on QQ

too long to upload the log.

Thanks HW =3=
Rixia Mao

jyc-Binggan wrote:

am I pro?
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Megurine Luka

Rixia Mao wrote:

jyc-Binggan wrote:

am I pro?
Thx, lkx.
Anyways congratz
Hey this map is cool but I really think you should have offset the second half of these notes 01:21:523 (1,2,1,2) - in the extra in a way that makes them more visible.
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Megurine Luka

Lach wrote:

Hey this map is cool but I really think you should have offset the second half of these notes 01:21:523 (1,2,1,2) - in the extra in a way that makes them more visible.
No, thanks. :3
Nice song and map indeed
i miss u, binggan
rip ends
y u no rayark games tag qwq

Gratz lol
我操 大哥啊
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Megurine Luka

Amamiya Yuko wrote:

我操 大哥啊
我操 星爷啊

Thanks all <3
Rixia Mao

lkx best BN confirmed
gratz, binggan
我操大哥 开不开slit iii和slit ooo啊
priti's ultra is good ;w;
Greetings, your map has to be taken away from the Qualified section.

  1. The offset is too early, +15 would work.


  1. Huge bunch of snapping issues across all the difficulties:
  2. 00:31:341 - Another, follow 1/6 on Extra.
  3. 00:32:068 - 1/6 snapping if +15 ms for offset; Extra, Hard
  4. 00:34:250 - Hard:
  5. 00:42:250 - Extra, Another, Hyper:
  6. 00:43:704 - Hyper, Hard, Standard:
  7. 01:18:795 - Hyper, Hard:
  8. Pictures are mostly taken from Extra, follow Extra's snapping as majority of the snapping is fine except those mentioned above.
  1. 00:32:613 - 00:38:795 - We wonder why these are empty. It's so hard to read the polarity.
  2. 01:21:523 (1,2,1,2) - You should get rid of the complete overlap of (1,1) as the first 01:21:523 (1) - doesn't disappear completely before the next 01:22:068 (1) - appears. Amend this gimmick to something like 00:40:068 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - .
  3. 01:25:159 (1,2,3) - The spacing here is quite confusing as well, as it's so similar.

  1. 00:33:704 - We wonder why this is empty, the synthesizer is strong here.
  2. 01:44:250 (4,1,2,3) - The transition is quite bad, something less choppy could improve the case with such solid rhythm support in the current background music, like filling in 01:44:432 - and 01:44:523 - with circles.

  1. Some usages of spacing are not appropriate, especially anti-jumps. A little more care are necessary to nerf the readability issues, e.g.:
    00:05:523 (2) -
    00:46:250 (8) -
    01:12:068 (1,2,3) - Consistent spacing is highly recommended as the current placement looks so untidy and unreadable.
    01:13:886 (5) -
  2. Moreover, the kiai is supposed to be the most intense part of the song. Hilariously, there aren't many jumps in the kiai but before the kiai, 01:02:613 - . Some more works are probably needed to handle the density issue (i.e. reverse the spacing density of kiai and that before the kiai):
    01:03:704 (6,7) -
    01:10:613 (3,4,5,6) -
    01:17:613 (3) -

  1. 00:21:159 (2,3,1) - Spacing looks really distorted, we don't expect they are of the same rhythm gap.

  1. 00:39:341 (1,2,3,1) - What's going on for this spacing, particularly 00:40:432 (3) - ? Just no, it's 1/1 rhythm afterwards.
  2. 01:03:341 (2,3) - 01:04:795 (4,1) - Why jumps?
  3. 01:46:523 (2,3) - We have problem understanding these, even higher diffs don't do blue tick rhythms here.
  4. 01:38:250 (2,1) - Stacking circles at the back of sliders aren't recommended.
  5. 01:47:704 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - Different types of stacks are used within a short period of time. Is that necessary? We think not as they are too confusing.
On behalf of the Team, I urge BNs taking good care of the map and good luck.

Rixia Mao

wait does that me i can shoot a star now?

take my star!!!1111
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