Nightmare - Raison d'etre (TV Size)

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Louis Cyphre
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 10 июля 2010 г. at 22:13:46

Artist: Nightmare
Title: Raison d'etre (TV Size)
Source: Claymore
Tags: clare sadKangaroo mikhe
BPM: 123
Filesize: 3911kb
Play Time: 00:59
Difficulties Available:
  1. Clare (5 stars, 216 notes)
  2. Hard (4,63 stars, 120 notes)
  3. Insane (5 stars, 223 notes)
  4. Mik'Easy (2,27 stars, 55 notes)
  5. SadKangaroo (4,37 stars, 78 notes)

Download: Nightmare - Raison d'etre (TV Size)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Opening Claymore. My favourite song. So this must be beautiful and good map :: )

Brutal Thanks to:

Special Brutal Thanks to:
Clare - Insane difficulty
mikhe - easy difficulty
SadKangaroo - normal difficulty

Abyssal difficulty not rankable. Too insane for you guys
Test your skills:

Download: Nightmare - Raison d'etre (TV Size) (Louis Cyphre) [Abyssal].osu

Download: Nightmare - Raison d'etre (TV Size) (Louis Cyphre) [Abyssal].osu
IRC mod

nice map, Star~
(Abyssal diff :twisted:)
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Louis Cyphre
Thanks mikhe~
Мне кажется нужно поставить сетку поудобнее - View-> Grid Level.Думаю сойдёт 2 =)


00:22:733(2,3) - spacing
00:44:440(3,4) - ^


00:05:599(4) - spacing
00:07:184(2,3) - ^
00:07:550(3,4) - ^
00:22:550(2,3) - ^
00:37:001(3,4) - ^
00:40:660(4,5) - ^
00:43:830(3,4) - ^
00:24:318(1,2,3) - сделай слайдеры длинее на 1шкалу.


Есть проблемы с выравниванием , нужна сетка получше.Выше писала.

00:06:513(1,2,3) - размести с одинаковым расстоянием друг от друга.

00:24:318(1,2,3) - можно сделать 2 слайдер громче 1,а 3 громче их обоих ))

[Abyssal - и сказать то нечего.Это пусть просматривают высшие -_-]

Вобщем...Просматри карту и не ленись.КАК СЛЕДУЕТ!реши проблемы с выравниванием,сеткой.

пока звезду не даю...мне она не нравится из-за балагана в ней )

очень уж всё просто так понатыкано =)

удачи ~
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Louis Cyphre
Why the hell call it (TV Sized) when all the other maps calls it (TV Size).
Change to that. (Also read this before you change)

Backgrounds are too big crop/resize it to 1024x768 for the backgrounds and 800x600 for j7t5fykq9t.png

There is almost no hitsounds (Only some at Abyssal) and the volume setting doesn't make it better.
Add more and raise the volume.

All the tags are pointless except for Clare if Clare mapped a difficulty for this.
Remove them.

416 as a offset makes the offset makes the metronome sound much better

You can follow more that just the vocals 100% precise , The map is awful due to that.

Generally it's a good idea to not use 1/4 exept for streams imo.

1/4 in a easy, seriously! 1/4 is not that easy and not recommended for an easy
I guess some follow the vocals but I don't think newbies will know that... There is even some that don't even fit, like these.
00:24:684 (2) - Move 1/4 forward on the time line.
00:25:294 (3) - Make 1/4 longer
00:26:269 (4) - ^

Also short repeating slider is zzZZZzzz and half of the map is that...

This is just Newbie with some part changed and improved a tiny bit.
It's still boring.

Better than Newbie and Normal but still are plagued of the stuff I pointed out in General.

00:32:367 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Why does this have so much smaller spacing, why!
00:54:440 (1,2,3,4,5) - Why does this have so much bigger spacing, why!

It might be just me but I hate those patterns like this 00:04:562 (1,2)

Why only kiai on this one?

The SB at the end is just annoying :<

00:21:635 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - Wth is up with this spacing.

Ok, I can't stand modding this map anymore.... way to much I dislike with it.... (Why did I mod this in the first place)
1) your 3 BGs are 1228x768, better to find a 1024 x 768 instead.

start a hitobject at blut tick is not suitable for a newbie to play, try to start a hitobject only at red and white tick in this diff.
00:24:318 (1,2,3,4) increase the volume of these notes (what is the meaning of hitting some slience note?)
00:32:245 (1) start at 00:32:367
00:37:245 (3,4) new combo?

the volume is too loud?
00:11:147 (1) add soft-finish on the start and the end of this slider?
00:18:464 useless timing section? or you forgot to make changes?
00:24:318 (1,2,3) increase the volume..?
00:35:538 (2) add clap on every 2 white tick ,start from this note? (e.g. 00:35:538 (2,2) - 00:37:489 (4),00:38:464 and on and on and on..) (you may apply this hitsound pattern on other diff)
00:39:440 if you use the "clap suggestion, add a note with clap here.
00:42:367 (6) add finish Only
00:48:221 (4,5) spacing? (jump is not suitable in [Normal])
00:49:318 (1) finish?

the volume is too loud?
00:05:294 (3,4) spacing?
00:22:611 (6) don't stack with (5) and start 00:22:855 (7) at 00:22:733 ? (it is easy to confuse players as the music is similar but the pattern is different)
00:33:342 (5,6) spacing?
00:38:952 (8) move to 00:38:830?
00:42:367 (5) change clap to finish?
00:48:474 (5) add 1 more back?
00:49:074 (6) move to 00:49:196?

1) This is the only diff without using countdown, try to unify it?
2) yes, this is insane, so I can see many notes hard to read (e.g. 00:06:513 (1,2,3,4,5,6) ) may be it is interesting, but I don't like them.
00:19:684 (2,3,4) - spacing?
00:21:635 (2,3,4) - ^
00:27:733 the volume change is a little bit small, it is hard to let players feel this changes.
00:38:952 (8) - move it to 00:38:830
00:40:660 (6,7,8) - spacing?
00:48:952 add a note here?
00:49:196 (11) start at 00:49:196

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Louis Cyphre
my diff~
I love Claymore~
I love Clare~

Download: normal-hitclap.rar

Download: Nightmare - Raison d'etre (TV Sized) (Louis Cyphre) [Clare].osu

Xgor wrote:

Why the hell call it (TV Sized) when all the other maps calls it (TV Size).
Change to that. (Also read this before you change)
Topic Starter
Louis Cyphre
Difficulty Uploaded. Thanks Clare :: )
you are just ignoring the TV Sized problem because you don't wanna fix or 'cause me and Xgor didn't star your map? '-'
Topic Starter
Louis Cyphre
Oh. I didn't read his post. Because i didn't ask him to mod.
I'll remove "d" from title don't worry. I don't need star from you guys. May be you really don't like this map.
sorry for being a pain in the ass X3
Well,I am too lazy to mod,so here you are~

Download: stuff.rar

Don't miss any file inside,please.

I have no idea what's the difficulty is it,probably hard,but well,name it whatever you want,just don't forget to add me to tags,and difficulty title must contain my nick,so,keep it up in mind.

Good luck =o
I have the diff man :D, Mik'Easy :3
and.. this map is for ranked, not for approval not? xD (i remember that you said for approval lol)

Download: Nightmare - Raison d'etre (TV Sized) (Louis Cyphre) [Mik'Easy].osu
Topic Starter
Louis Cyphre
For ranked. It's TV-sized version.
After that Full version will be submitted for approval.
I wanna get this ranked, not approved :3
Thanks for difficulty mikhe and SadKangaroo. I'll add them. :)

Change (Tv Sized) to (Tv Size)
Use this tutorial to change the title or artist:

No mistake i think

00:03:343 (1) - Better a slider like this...
00:22:733 (3) - Final it in 00:23:830 (white tick)

00:48:464 (4,5) - Please, less distance between both sliders (1 or 2 grid i think O_o)

So confusing @_@, but maybe this fact is because i'm an osu standard noob xD
No mistake i think

00:04:562 (1) - Delete this
00:23:586 (1,2) - Too close??
00:58:952 (6,7) - Fix spacing between both notes, too far.

I have already starred xD (kd~ :3)
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