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We all know this graph that displays the performance bar's percentage over time. I've been thinking about something to add there, such as more curves to display more information. So I got a list of all the curves we could see there, but I also propose to be able to toggle each curve in the options (cause not everybody have the same concerns and to not have 3847 curves displayed at the same time).

So here are my ideas :
  1. Accuracy
  2. Instant Accuracy : could be either the distance from this cursor from the center or the mean accuracy during the last n hits or n seconds)
  3. Score : would be calculated by CurrentScore / MaxScore * 100, not the play's max score
  4. Combo : same as score

If you have any other ideas, tell me so I add them to this list.

There should also be some caption telling which curve tells what stat.
In the end it should look something like this

What do you think about that?
Wow. Looking forward for this! I support this idea! (+1 invisible star -- sorry. :D )
Actually there's already a request for combo to be included in that graph (with stars too!): t/136393. Wanna post there and expand the ideas instead of having a new topic (which divides stars)?

Btw I don't see any use for Scores. Accuracy or Hit Error (don't need both) would be a nice to have though...
I find Score being pretty interesting when you consider playing mania. Concerning Hit Error, it allows you to know where you've been having a bad accuracy on the map.
Since Im having the same idea, supp0rt~
All of this, on my Score Screen now pls. I was playing Etternia a while back and that hit error graph was so incredibly useful.
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