Porter Robinson - Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 6:15:50 PM

Artist: Porter Robinson
Title: Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)
Tags: synthpop dream pop dance static noise bird tess hootowlstar
BPM: 90
Filesize: 8918kb
Play Time: 06:05
Difficulties Available:
  1. Radiance (4.17 stars, 768 notes)

Download: Porter Robinson - Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

was originally a collab between me, lust, and static noise bird, then it was a collab between me, static noise bird, tess, and hootowlstar, then we replaced tess with asphyxia, then jaitonat, now finally leader takes lust's position

we'll see how this goes

as of 3/15/15, has a totally sick storyboard

22:00 Maeglwn: can I get a replacement for jaitonat on this collab for like the 4th time
22:00 Maeglwn: like I've gone through 17 different people at this point
22:00 Jaitonat: 90bpm songs in a nutshell
22:00 cheesiest: hi maeglwn
22:01 Leader: what map?
22:01 *Maeglwn is listening to [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/648533 Porter Robinson - Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)]
22:01 Leader: if you want me to join lol, if song is fin-
22:01 Leader: porter robinson ok
22:01 Maeglwn: are you okay with that?
22:01 Leader: I can do that
22:02 Maeglwn: part is around 2 minutes to around 3:30
22:02 Maeglwn: where the break is
22:02 Maeglwn: if you're not feeling up to it after trying it tell me before like 2 days later
22:02 Leader: Can you please tell me that on a forum pm
22:02 Maeglwn: ugh
22:02 Maeglwn: does this mean it's going to take a while
22:02 Leader: nono
22:03 Leader: I'll start tomorrow and probably finish it in two days :P
22:03 Maeglwn: okay
22:03 Jaitonat: that wasn't so hard, right maeg? :^)
22:04 Maeglwn: firetruck you jaito
22:05 Akali: http://puu.sh/gl6WA/6106f3c010.jpg rip pentagon
22:06 cheesiest: rip
22:06 Maeglwn: thanks for the insight akali
22:06 pkk: F
22:06 Akali: np
22:06 Akali: 04:24:905 (4) - it's here
22:06 Jaitonat: rip
22:06 Akali: kd pls
22:06 Maeglwn: post it on the topic
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