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osu! Taiko World Cup 2015 - Discussion Thread

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Good games to everyone! (Especially France. Always a pleasure playing with you guys)

Hope to see you in the RO16!

Niko-nyan wrote:

gg Chile
well played, good luck!
Just a suggestion for match schedulers, I know this is hard to come up with a proper schedule with so many matches and you did a great job. But next time could you please let a bigger gap between the last match of the night for a team and its first match in the morning ? I mean we finished at midnight yesterday, and we have to play in an hour, which means we have less than 10h gap for sleeping and stuff. I'm awake but I look like a zombie
An after party with Germany
Hell yeah!
I'll pay! But I'd like milk
This DarkStoorM fellow seems pretty cool 8-)
ggwp Ukraine and Poland, was really fun

Luna wrote:

This DarkStoorM fellow seems pretty cool 8-)
ggwp Ukraine and Poland, was really fun

Also, thanks everyone. Group stage was a bit too hard for me, now I can't even imagine the RO16.
But I had fun, that matters the most. Well played everyone, and see you around next week!
Ro16 map pool looks so good

can I marry it
This should be the mappool if i did not made any mistakes.
Have fun with it. If there are problems, just report them to me.

Good luck to every participant for the Round of 16! (:

Mappool Group Stage Information

The amount of times maps in GS stage has been used.
Colours representing their respected mods.

2 EastNewSound - Lucid Dream (Natteke) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
27 ryo (supercell) - ODDS&ENDS (Short Ver.) (mintong89) [Taiko Oni]
27 Nomizu Iori - Black + White (TV Size) (Makyu) [0gre's Oni]
21 cranky - R176 (taka1235) [Pangko]
19 Ryu* - Mind Mapping (kors k mix) (Jerry) [m1ng's Oni]
16 Dj Mashiro - Prismatic Lollipops (victorica_db) [Kagami's Oni]
15 Basic Element - Touch You Right Now (Kiiwa) [Kana's Taiko Oni]
13 Hige Driver join. SELEN - Dadadadadadadadadada (qoot8123) [Oni]
11 paraoka feat. yusuke - center piercing (sakuzyo bootleg) (RLC) [714's Taiko Oni]
11 sasakure.UK (feat.Hatsune Miku) - SeventH-HeaveN [Love's Inner Oni]
10 kors k feat.Yoshikawa Sunao - 7 Colors (sionKotori) [Naryuga's Taiko Oni]
10 Hashimoto Miyuki - Yume miru mama ni Koi wo shite (S i R i R u) [31's Taiko]
10 Riryka - Hashiru Sekai to Bokura no Mirai (short version) (Charlotte) [Oni]
10 senya - Yozakura ni Kimi o Kakushite (Dainesl) [Oni]
9 Ellie Goulding - Burn (Nashmun) [Oni]
9 MuryokuP - Catastrophe (meiikyuu) [Haruka's Oni]
5 Nekomata Master+ - squall (wa_) [TK'S Oni]
5 ave;new feat. Sakura Saori - True My Heart (Suzuka Asahina) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
4 Shihori - Day Breaker (Frostmourne) [Ono's Taiko Oni]

RO 16 Mappool can be found in the wiki!
Topic Starter
Mappool and Schedule are on the wiki now! Mappack will be added (as soon as Marcin is done with bathing his astral body). Match results have been added. Link to Group Statistics has been added under LINKS section.
Well, hello Poland.

Can we have the full bracket though ?
Topic Starter
Bracket is in the makings.
Dear France,

I'm not prepared, please be gentle.
Dear timezones / earth

I wish earth was flat, and sun would evenly shine onto every place on earth at the same time,

Best regards,

will Quarterfinals map showcase be right after Indonesia - South Korea match or a bit later?
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Bracket is added
I'm a bit late but I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful experience I had.
Lots of fun, great and kind players, awesome staff!

Good luck to the people in the ro16!
Hmmm... I wonder if there could be some kind of a new category in the mappool like Extra, where you put one custom hard map, and to make it more fair - available only from semi-finals(?)

That probably makes no sense, but... hmmm.
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